Monday, June 17, 2013

young whippersnappers be crazy: Hybrid: "Angst"

young whippersnappers be crazy: Hybrid: "Angst"
Here's the situation: Hybrid is crazy. One moment they are hollering, getting the grind on, and then, without warning, they do breakdowns, or maybe a spacey moment, or just get down and proggy or play circus monkey music.
They don't give a flip!
They do what they want.
This is post-whatever-metal metal.
If you see Hybrid walking down your street, do not approach them. Please call animal control. Let the professionals handle this.
You will get hurt if you try to contain them by yourself.
Please call 1-800-crazy-mofos and they will notify what to do in case of an emergency.
Speaking of emergencies, please someone give me a hanky or a cotton ball for my ears. As you can see they are bleeding profusely.
Damn you, Hybrid. Damn you!! I hate you!!
Someone get me a tissue now, this blood won't stop running. Dammit!!
Ah, forget it, I'm going to the hospital now. My ears won't stop bleeding.
I gotta go. I rap at you later.

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