Friday, June 14, 2013

melodic black/death: Windfaerer (U.S.): “Solar”

Windfaerer (U.S.): “Solar”
Fans of modern, melodic, fast black/death metal, have I got a treat for you! They are called Windfaerer and they will win you over with one listen.
After you hear this, you’ll be asking who the heck are they and why hadn’t you heard them before. First things first, they play generally fast/uptempo, tight, professional-sounding black metal, with songs that make an impression quickly, so the listener doesn’t have to listen 27 times to understand. Now that you know that, to the point. Here are two things about Windfaerer that I think are identity makers for them.
The guitar work. Above all else, the talent heard on the guitar makes the album. For example, “The Morning Star” displays such a quick-hitting, big riff at the beginning, so that this song closes the album with a bang time.
Besides the good riffs, the soloing is worthy of your attention. Some of those notes are, in fact, ear candy. It has occurred to me that maybe those fluid notes are not even guitar, but I do not have enough information or knowledge to tell you. Maybe you, dear reader, should listen to the soloing in “A Glimpse of Light” and see what you think?!!
(Maybe the band can answer on the internet when they see my world-important review, posted everywhere, and read by a total of 7 people during any given year.)
Secondly, Windfaerer has a violin player and this adds an ear-friendly, different dimension to their metal. It’s a distinguishing mark of Windfaerer, and one that makes the music even more listenable and enjoyable.

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