Sunday, June 16, 2013

melodic black metal: Cnoc An Tursa (Scotland): "The Giants of Auld"

Cnoc An Tursa (Scotland): “The Giants of Auld”
The clean production of Cnoc An Tursa‘s fast, tight melodic black metal enhances the listening experience by allowing the symphonic and guitar elements to stand out.
In this instance, the songwriting itself goes beyond any genre. Case in point, “Ettrick Forest in November” shows tremolo picking, heavy metal catchiness, and symphonic components in effective unity. The mellower tracks like “Culloden Moor” or the faster ones such as “The Lion of Scotland” all reveal the commonality of emphasis on songwriting.
The audience into “Viking/folk/black”-ish metal will find Cnoc An Tursa to be a fun, strong experience. Plus, you are sure to enjoy learning about Scotland, its history, nature and mythical heroes. Very competent recording!

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