Friday, June 28, 2013

horror gothic "extreme" metal: Cadaveria (Italy): "Horror Metal - Undead Edition"

Cadaveria (Italy): "Horror Metal - Undead Edition"
Pay attention to the music, and not the gimmicks. The gimmicks have their commercial purposes, and that's that. However, Cadaveria is no joke at all.
Cadaveria the band is no new-jack-in-town from the metal scene in Italy. In fact, Cadaveria (the person, the vocalist) was in black metallers Opera IX from 1992 to 2001. After that, Cadaveria, with fellow ex Opera IX drummer Flegias (Mr. M. Santos), formed Cadaveria the band in 2001 and this is the most recent album from 2012.
The sound is professional, modern and on the high end of production values, for this type of music. The main things to hear are guitars, drums and vocals. There might be, here and there, some symphonic or other elements, but that's not the key matter. The guitar sound is pretty chunky, with riffs that are thrashy, blackmetal-ish, dissonant-ish in places and sometimes cold-and-dry-ish at other moments. As you can see, there is no particular guitar genre going on.
No matter, though. It's pretty strong stuff. Not too complex, more on the direct-impact range. Some shredding takes place, some melody is found, but not too much. Mostly it's just heavy and groovy.
The vocalist, she does the black metal intonation, and a lower growl, too, as well as traditional singing (not too high and not too melodic), kind of subtle gothic-ish style.
At any rate, recently, it seems, I have been talking about traditional metal and also dooom bands from Italy. Cadaveria is an established name, but more on the "extreme" metal side of things.
This is recommended for listeners who, of course, are into Opera IX history and into the projects of Cadaveria the person. If you have not heard of Opera IX nor Cadaveria the band before, but you like "black metal with a good production," you might like the band's sound and songs. It's not melodic and catchy, but more, like I said, groove-oriented.
It's professional stuff.

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