Friday, June 28, 2013

children of Krisiun, Hate Eternal and groove: Grimus (U.S.): "Omnicide"

Grimus (U.S.): "Omnicide"
Grimus administers a severely violent attack upon their instruments. About as subtle as a bunch of dinosaurs in a candy store, Grimus blasts in the most "brutal" way they know possible, throwing down the heaviest, low-guttural blasting death metal they know how to do.
They love Krisiun, Hate Eternal and all the super fast blazing death metal. They probably think Hate Eternal is "ok," but not "brutal" enough because, you know, these kids are in competition to destroy everything before them.
Nothing is ever "brutal" enough and in a few years they probably will think this album was only "ok," as they reach new level of mastery and "broooooootaliteeeeee."
They have a bit of a groove/breakdown, just a bit, though, because too much of that will slow them down, which they never want to do.
Somewhere, in the small bars of New Jersey, where this band build its abilities, there are kids who have moshed the heck out of these songs and this band.
Now, they are self-releasing this album because that's how they roll. Can't find a company that's interested? Forget it, just do it yourself! Do it yourself, indeed.

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