Sunday, June 2, 2013

growl thrash: Dew-Scented (Germany): "Insurgent"

Dew-Scented (Germany): “Insurgent”
The 2012 album “Icarus” by the growl-thrash veterans Dew-Scented was a strong and serious effort, one that makes them stand out from old, traditional thrash, from fun/party thrash and from retro/young thrash. “Icarus” takes thrash to a very good place, and it’s type of album that death and black metal fans would appreciate, if they heard it, given that it is intense/hard-hitting, big-riff, blasting thrash.
This album right here, “Insurgent” is a compilation of live songs and new, as well as old (but recent) bonus songs. Of course, Dew-Scented is not letting up any time soon. Naturally, this is more a collector’s album, for the Dew-Scented loyalists, and serves the modern need to have your music in people’s faces all the time, otherwise they forget about you. This keeps the band’s name in circulation, while they keep playing shows, and working on their next studio album. For Dew-Scented freaks only.

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