Friday, June 14, 2013

guitar hero time! Sophicide (Germany): "Perdition of the Sublime"

Sophicide (Germany): "Perdition of the Sublime"
The technical death metal by Sophicide has plenty of seriously good moments. The guitar work displays a lot of care and ability.
Plenty of good riffs and solos. Actually, the music sounds like guitar-hero solo project, where the noodling and shredding is the centerpiece of the music.
Because that, in fact, is the case. The guitar-guitar-guitar mode is the main attraction, and it is darn good attraction.
The drums in this case sound too plastic, for me. It is fast, blasting stuff and sounds "perfect" and "modern," but I would have preferred a nastier sound, maybe not so polished. The blazing speed is great, no problem, there. Get down and nasty, and not so clinical.
I find that the main matter that I would like Sophicide to work on is this:
Make it sound less of a "one-man-and-his-guitar-heroics" album, and work more on the overall impact of the songs. I sometimes get the sense that the soloing is too detached from the rest of the rocking that's taking place.
Bring in the guitar soloing into the rocking, make it sound not so isolated from the rest of the headbanging segments.
If you love guitar heroics--in comparison to some of us who do have not much of an ear for guitar heroes--you will find Sophicide a great change of pace, indeed.
Sophicide is NOT, NOT, NOT chugga-chugga death metal, of course.
Be sure to give it a chance because you might hear things that I have not, and you might just discover a gem.

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