Thursday, June 6, 2013

a review of Vorum: Poisoned Void

Vorum (Finland): “Poisoned Void”
It is one thing to play chugging guitar and growl and call that death metal. It’s a complete other perspective-craftsmanship involved in the creation of the type of obscurantist death metal played by Vorum. Archaic or ancient death metal functions at a whole other level. For one thing, Vorum’s music cuts across three genres: dark thrash, blasphemous death metal and black metal. The key thing is how Vorum puts it all together. There’s lots of tremolo segments, but the guitar tone is heavy, so it sounds like a massive black metal guitar, and the solos are about the shredding. The vocals are semi-intelligible, but it is a growl-snarl that takes the sound into the realms of “dark and evil death metal.”
Vorum is so good that the music is a perfect illustration of why death and black metal have the same origin, were once one thing, and are, in Vorum, one again.
Just as a side note, I’ll tell you about some “little” things that I find excellent. I find the guitar solos to be very enjoyable and are, for me, a highlight of the band’s overall sound. They really add personality to these songs.
The drumming. I like the sounds of the cymbal work, and the hard-hitting (non-plasticky) sound. The way the double bass, cymbals and snare join together, it’s a pleasure to listen to, over and over again. Quite a creative style of drumming, that will have your ears entertained. It’s true in my case, anyway.
Very good. Recommended for the selective listeners into obscurantist/ancient death metal.

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