Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bay Area thrash: Potential Threat SF: "Civilization under Threat"

Potential Threat SF: "Civilization under Threat"
Bay Area thrash devotees will be happy to get their hands on this one!
Just when you thought you knew everything about all 80s Bay Area thrash bands, here comes Potential Threat to mess you up.
Do they sound like a Bay Area thrash band?
Do they ever!
The sounds of late 80s thrash is the domain of Potential Threat: Metallica, Testament, Forbidden, Exodus, Heathen....oh, you know: the gang-shouted vocals, the sharp riffing, the headbanging/moshing rhythms, with a bit of guitar melody.
The vocals are within the Chuck Billy-James Hetfield realm of midrange talk-sing-shout.
Anyway, Potential Threat sounds like a band very proud of their style and the tradition from which they originate.
According to Metal Archives, Potential Threat made two demos, in 1988 and 1990, and disappeared until 2002.
Ever since then, they seem to be active.
I would say that this album sounds like "mature thrash" of the late 80s. The song titles and lyrics are a bit like reading the newspaper or the tv news.
If I could tell you about the one thing about Potential Threat, is that they represent Bay Area thrash well. This is traditional thrash.
When you are tired of bands messing around with about 20 styles in a song, or tired of bands with cookie-monster vocals, and you want thrash, just thrash to bang your head, I recommend Potential Threat, especially for the total thrash maniacs who cannot get enough of the galloping riffing.

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