Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ugly and dirty heavy metal: Witches Mark (U.S.): "Witching Metal Ritual"

ugly and dirty heavy metal: Witches Mark: "Witching Metal Ritual"
Witches Mark rants and raves about being a metal band, with lyrics about metal and the word metal all over their lyrics.
They also have a song called "We Die," so they also state biological facts.
Witches Mark's heavy metal probably could be described as "angry biker bar street metal." Rough around the edges and angry at the world, this heavy metal is not the "happy and upbeat" kind, but rather the woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed heavy metal.
It is definitely "traditional heavy metal," though, don't mistake it for something else.
At the same time, this angry metal is as tough as thrash, with a singer-screamer with a major attitude problem. Sometimes the singer sounds like someone that can sing for real, as there is plenty of singing, but it is laced with a fiery temper, often on the verge of screaming like a maniac on a permanent basis.
The overall sound shows that they listen to thrash, death and black metal, but someone (or someones) is driving the sound to keep it along the lines of furious, beer, street metal.
Just in case it is not clear by now, this is NOT power metal, and there are no love songs or anything like that. All the macho metal clich├ęs are present and they are politically incorrect. It's not subtle, either.
Recommended for those into, perhaps, old Manowar, and other tough-guy metal that celebrates beer, fighting, beer, picking a fight, alcoholism, bullying-abusing people, beating people up and laughing about it, being a drunk, guns, maybe like a Fox News metal band or Rush Limbaugh metal band.
Well, apparently they are from Texas. Some might say that this is "moron's metal," or "beer metal," or "80s metal" or "macho metal."
You can call it all that, and there's probably a bit of truth in there, somewhere.
The band is very proud of it, too, for sure.

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