Thursday, June 20, 2013

blasting, brutal death metal: Enemy Reign (U.S.): "Tormented to Oblivion"

blasting, brutal death metal: Enemy Reign (U.S.): "Tormented to Oblivion"
In 2012 Enemy Reign self-released "Between Hell and Oblivion," so this title right here, "Tormented to Oblivion," is not the new album. Instead, it is a compilation, "remixed and remastered" versions of: the unreleased "Diametrically Opposed" EP and some songs from the 2012 album.
Most readers here probably do not have the 2012 album anyway, so this title does serve as a good introduction to Enemy Reign.
Enemy Reign has in this compilation 15 tracks of death metal, in a relatively blast-blast-blast manner. The band has decided that what they do best is blazing, pedal-to-the-metal, intense death metal.
They function on basically one mode: attack. Only after repeated listens does the blazing-blurring speed begin to show subtle differences between songs.
Overall, Enemy Reign represents meat-and-potatoes death metal, where it would be ridiculous to expect the music to slow down or display melody or anything that lessens the direct impact.
Recommended for those into independent, DIY death metal bands that are not "big names," and that are at the point where speed, blasting and total death metal is what they are about.
The songs blend into each other and I personally do not remember melodies, only songs that overwhelm with intensity. It's unfancy, unpolished, untrendy and direct, pretty monotonous, ferocious death metal.

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