Sunday, June 2, 2013

traditional heavy metal: Omega Reign: "Arise"

Omega Reign (U.S.): “Arise”
Omega Reign. I’m glad that I did not judge this book by its cover, because the cover is one of the worst I have seen so far this year. It looks like drawings that I did back in 1985, when I doodled on my notebooks in school, doing Judas Priest and Iron Maiden logos and stuff.
Then you hear the music, and as it turns out, Omega Reign will appeal to:
--Big fans of traditional heavy metal, those do not care if a band is famous or not, to like it. --Fans of the style of old heavy metal like most of the bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
--Fans of the non-thrash 80s U.S. bands like Savatage, Omen, Armored Saint, bands that loved classic British heavy metal and they stuck to their style, regardless of the thrash trend.
Omega Reign is good, catchy, rocking heavy metal band (not happy power metal). Of course, they do not sound like a rich, big-money, fancy-schmancy-pants production band, but hopefully the sound quality will improve next time.
At the same time, if you love, love, love traditional, true-as-steel, headbanging heavy metal and you love to support lesser-known bands, the sort of working-person’s-heavy-metal bands, then Omega Reign deserves to be heard by you.
Pretty good wailer, good riffs, good solos, good hooks, pretty catchy songs, and the comfortable feeling that Omega Reign knows the fundamentals of heavy metal.

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