Friday, June 28, 2013

groove-thrash: Destroyers of All (Portugal): "Into the Fire"

Destroyers of All (Portugal): "Into the Fire"
I am not able to post a picture of the band right now, but here's a little a bit about them.
Destroyers of All is potty-mouth, macho-man, vulgar-street-jerk groove-thrash, like lots of Pantera and thrash, with growling. This is an EP by this unsigned/independent band. I would say that Destroyers of All loves 90s metal, from groove Pantera/Sepultura to Machine Head, and a general angry-man attitude.
Not too much melody, instead it is pinch harmonics and groove. Sometimes it sounds like they might like rap-rock, too, but I am not sure. That's what I hear in the song "M4," like the vocalist is borderline-rapping, but that could be just an accident.
This band is also sort of mish-mash of different styles, but everything is inside the structure of groove-thrash. A bit of singing, here and there, and some melodic/growl notes also appear.
But the bottom line: it is all about groove-metal, 90s style!
My ears are telling me this.

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