Monday, March 28, 2011

Nuclear Beast (Hungary), Siknis (Finland)

Nuclear Beast (Hungary): Promo 09
On the cover a giant monster, denim-jacket, baseball cap-flipped, torn jeans and high-tops shoes wearing thrasher/skater monster vomiting on little people running away from him.
When you hear this band, it is possible you will want to run away. One of the songs is called, “Drink, Fuck, Kill, Satan!” just by the title tells you what level of thinking is going on. It’s the band sort of admitting that their music stays at the loud and obscene area. It’s bunch of drunk people, messing around in the garage, having fun.
Whether it’s fun for other people, that’s not so clear. It’s difficult to figure out what’s going, besides just a “thrash!” garage sound. Anyway, it’s a rehearsal-style recording more than anything.

Siknis (Finland): Twisted Mind
and a name like this, you can imagine that these people are not right in the head for these three songs (total time of less than twelve minutes).
Just listen to “IQ Less than Zero” for proof.
This is midpaced and it’s not total nonstop blasting, rather they emphasize their songwriting: these three songs do not move at a frantic pace, but a rather midpaced for the “brutality.” The vocals sound like a couple of people screaming and growling at the same time. The growling is pretty low, often accompanied by a higher, shriek vocal style. This approach works for the band and gives them a bit of identity in that respect.
So, it might be a surprise to find out that they have some guitar work that suggest some melodic moments: here and there, you can certainly hear that the guitar work goes for more than just the chugging heaviness: while “melodic”
might give the wrong impression here, but they have created songs with some hooks or ear-friendly moments.
And this makes for a bit of a different combination. And that’s Siknis. This demo is no fancy-schmanzy recording, but you can hear what they are all about.