Saturday, June 22, 2013

post-genre massively heavy post-whatever metal: Inter Arma (U.S.): "Sky Burial"

post-genre massively heavy post-whatever metal: Inter Arma (U.S.): "Sky Burial"
More than 1 hour and 9 minutes.
It is indispensable to have patience. Lots of patience.
And then a bit more patience, with Inter Arma.
They begin this long journey with a black metal song called "The Survival Fires." In this song the band already shows the epic-brain-freeze the listener will experience, but the black metal makes it much more easily understood.
Not only that, there are many, many positives about Inter Arma. They have a great sound. It sounds human, and not robotic, no clicky drums and all that stuff.
Here's the kicker: Inter Arma will destroy anybody's rules about what genre goes with what style, and whatnot.
Before I give you a headache with the description of the sound, I want to tell you also that Inter Arma probably will become a big deal in the future and you will not be able to avoid them, unless they break up. People who get to liking this band will become zealots because this is so ambitious.
OK, now to the sound: If you listen to the complete album, you will hear: black metal, doom, shoegaze, drone, funeral doom, folk, space rock, sludge, death metal, grind, punk, crust, post-hardcore, post-metal, amongst other things.
Unless you hear the complete title, Inter Arma might sound like a compilation of different bands.
But that's why they have long songs, you see?
They need the room to transition from one segment to another.
Is this their masterpiece?!
I would say so, and would think that they never, ever will top this, but somehow they sound capable of anything... anything!
Again, this is for you only if you are a patient and adventurous music listener. This thing will take weeks to sink in. Very interesting and impressive.

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