Sunday, June 2, 2013

the grind has arrived: Mumakil: "Flies Will Starve"

There is never, ever a bad day for all-out grind! Mumakil proves that what the millions (and millions!), and millions (and millions!) of grind fans need is something fast. Fast is headed your way right here!
24 songs in about 36 minutes, and only one song reaches the 2-minute mark. Yes!
Mumakil is the type of band that you put on, and get your hearing wrecked in a whirlwind of blasting and growling, and then they are gone. Done. Yes!
Great, that’s the efficient way. Don’t waste my time, just get to the grind, play the grind, play fast, really fast, scream, yell, growl and grunt and lose your mind. I love it. Never too much blasting.
Can you smell what Mumakil is cooking?! It’s a spicy dish of no-nonsense grind, served on a hot plate of sarcasm and anger, with a tall glass of talk-smack lyrics. With a thick, modern production, not a garage-style sound.
If you like to-the-point, old-style, drill-and-blast, nothing-but-grind grind, then invite Mumakil to your house. Mowing the lawn? Doing homework? Washing dishes? Working out? Sitting around bored? Listen to Mumakil and everything will be better. You need grind? You need Mumakil. Not for schmucks.

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