Monday, June 24, 2013

"glorious" symphonic power metal: Damnation Angels (U.K.): "Bringer of Light"

Damnation Angels (U.K.): "Bringer of Light"
High, melodic singing.
Orchestration, movie-soundtrack panoramic sounds.
Melodic guitar, and play-on galloping riffs.
Clear, lush production.
Catchy songs.
After the intro, the album kicks off with the ten-minute "The Longest Day of My Life," a major, look-at-us,-world-we-have-arrived-and-we-are-pretenders-to-the-power-metal-throne declaration of purpose.
If a person likes symphonic power metal, I wonder how they resist such grandeur of glory.
The idea here is that people who hate power metal would have stopped reading this review once they saw the first five lines of this review. That was their signal to move on.
Anyway, some listeners have observed that Damnation Angels is actually "baby Kamelot."
Is that so bad?
If a person feels comfortable with the catchiness of power metal, and its happy, poppy songs, then Damnation Angels will be worthwhile to look into.
The question is not so much are they "original," because that would take us off topic. This is power metal, and there is a tradition of power metal. I think a more interesting question is, "Is Damnation Angels a band with good songs?"
The answer is yes.
Sure, they sound young, and they have their strengths, as well as points that they will no doubt sharpen in the future.
Happy, bouncy, poppy power metal.
I'm looking forward to see what kind of run-for-their-money Damnation Angels can present in 5-10 years to the big names of power metal.
In the meantime, here's a band playing power metal and doing it well. They may not be famous or legendary, but don't think this is a garage band trying to figure things out. This band has figured out what they do, and are very serious about it.
If you want to hear a new power metal with a good energy about them and promising music, then this is a good place to do that.
Get ready to sing along!

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