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free EP of black metal from Argentina: CAPGRASS

Capgrass (Argentina) black metal
This EP sounds very good, and sounds perfect for when you want black metal. They way they play those riffs, they sound positively unhappy and cold. The shrieking sounds great, too. Listen today!

free album of black metal Brudywr (Russia) black metal

Brudywr (Russia) black metal
It just so happens that the drummer from Heresiarkhes, has a one-person black metal project that has some eight albums and some five EPs! The first album is from 2010 and some years he has released two albums. For instance, in 2014 he released two albums, and this one right here, “Melancholia,” is a 43-minute, nine-track album. Brudywr is a bit more symphonic black metal. I tell you one thing, though: from the beginning it is quite clear that the album is good. The shrieking-snarl sounds great, the melodies sare melancholic/sad, the music is uptempo, the grimness is inevitable. The black metal audience must investigate who is Brudywr. Good album!

free black metal Heresiarkhes

Heresiarkhes (Russia) black metal
“Unholy Heresies” is the name of this 25-minute, five-song demo. Overall, this is traditional black metal, of grimness. The band is not a one-speed band, and can go fast or slow down, depending on the context of the song. If you want to hear a new band and you like black metal, this is worth looking into.

free metal: Freedomination (Finland) heavy/thrash metal

Freedomination (Finland) heavy/thrash metal This 3-song, 18-minute EP shows a good ability to write a song that you can understand quickly, if you like traditional heavy metal and thrash. The band is closer to heavy metal than thrash, but they use some thrashy riffs. The use of big-chorus, fists-in-the-air, sing-along songs demonstrates that they want the songs to connect with the listener quickly. The singer has a cool midrange voice that just about anyone will like. It’s just good singing, and with no funny/strange traits; good shredding/soloing, too. Very nice EP, indeed. Bang your head.

the fantasy metal of WIND ROSE

Wind Rose (Italy): Wardens of the West Wind (Scarlet Records)
Rhapsody (both of them!) and Blind Guardian better watch out because there is a monster that is lurking behind them, it is a new monster, awaiting the right time to usurp the throne, and this new monster means business. Fanatics into epic-majestic heavy metal are about to get it right in the face: Wind Rose!
Wind Rose’s album sounds like a metal opera, in the sense that it is meant to be big: perfect for movies like Lord of the Rings: metal music to conquer the hearts of the summer festivals all over Europe. Whether it is Oktoberfest or not, Wind Rose makes the metal to celebrate the fantasy of the past and the myths. The background choruses sound like it is a thousand men singing film score metal, the mission of Wind Rose: solid production, big-time fantasy metal.
Those videos that you see of thousands and thousands of Germans singing along to power metal songs at festivals is the crowds that Wind Rose seeks to favor. Will Germany notice this band? Then, the rest of Europe, and then Japan and maybe Brazil will follow. If the words epic, battle, fantasy metal mean something important to you, then I recommend giving your attention to this band. I think you will agree that this album is very good for this particular style of metal music.
WIND ROSE - 'Rebel And Free' Official Video

the primal death metal of EXOTO

Exoto (Belgium): Beyond the Depths of Hate (Vic Records)
Vic Records recently has been releasing some interesting death metal bands that have been ignored by the metal press. Exoto is a death metal band from Belgium that was reactivated in 2013. Exoto’s origins are from the late 80s, and the band recorded demos in 1990, 1991 and 1992, which were followed by an album in 1994 and another album in 1995. They seem to have broken up sometime after that second album.
This album here is called “Beyond the Depths of Hate” and Exoto has re-recorded the old songs from the 90s. Overall, Exoto plays primal classic-style death metal that comes from the old and early days of the genre, a sound that speaks directly to those that recognize the feel and sound of the old times. It is in the sound and song arrangements that you can hear the difference of this band, which sounds more mature, confident and experienced, traits that come from having been around the block a time or two.
This album provides such a good introduction, or a new introduction of Exoto, to the death metal audience. Never having heard Exoto before, nor even remembering ever seeing the name in print anywhere, I was curious about how these songs would sound. At times, it seems like late 80s death metal, such as bands from Florida, is found in these songs, but one could just as easily point out that classic death metal from Holland is a good point of reference, too. Whatever the specifics of the case may be, one thing is for sure: Exoto has returned to complete unfinished business from the 90s, and they sound ready-made for the crowds that support death metal, the old and original way. Exoto is for you if you are into old Death, Obituary, Massacre, Master, Sinister, Pestilence, Pentacle, so on and so forth. Or, if you like a band like Gravehill, you should find lots to like about Exoto, too.
The band is calling this recording a “farewell album,” so maybe this is it for real this time. No more Exoto after this?
Exoto - Beyond the Depths of Hate

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new NECROWRETCH - The Bells Of Evil Schism (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

TOXIC HOLOCAUST - "Acid Fuzz" (Official Music Video)


"The American Power Metal-band TRAUMA should be known to quite a few Heavy Metal-enthusiasts out there through their contribution to the “Metal Massacre”-sampler and the release of their 1984 debut album “Scratch And Scream”. By the way, the late, great Cliff Burton played bass on their first demo recording... Now, after three decades, the band from California have decided to give it another go! TRAUMA has returned to deliver more face-melting Heavy Metal unto the hungry masses! Ladies and gentlemen, we from Pure Steel are proud to present you “Rapture And Wrath”, their first album in thirty years!"

black metal from El Salvador: GENOCIDIUM - Unleash the Hate

free album: EMPEROR OF MYSELF (Greece)

Emperor Of Myself
melodic death/gothic metal
full album free/name your price

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the metal of Shadowbane (Germany): Facing the Fallout (Pure Steel Records)

Shadowbane (Germany): Facing the Fallout (Pure Steel Records)
Shadowbane’s perfectionist equilibrium of metal should make it ideal for the band to hit the road with thrashers Overkill or Destruction, power metallers Helloween or Dragonforce, and heavy metallers Iced Earth or Primal Fear because Shadowbane consolidates the uptempo speed/melodies of power metal, the upfront riffs/shredding of thrash and the singing of heavy metal.
Shadowbane has taken out the weak elements of all three genres, and put in strength and more strength. Get rid of the punk/unprofessional vocals of thrash; throw out the happy/poppy melodies of power metal; take out the ballads and slow songs of heavy metal. Instead, make the songs for headbanging, do great soloing and give them the punch of thrash and make it Shadowbane.
They must have thought about what makes a strong album and pinpointed all the nonsense that ruins metal albums: bands writing ballads, bands doing silly experimentation, bands doing filler songs that clearly are inferior to the strong songs. It’s like Shadowbane has listened to lots of albums and has noticed that there some “classic” albums with songs that are of lower quality and decided to eliminate the weak links, and keep the rocking, the shredding, the singing, the headbanging tunes. This is Shadowbane. Remember the name.
SHADOWBANE - Under Bleeding Skies (Official Music Video)

the heavy metal of Dark Forest (U.K.): The Awakening (Cruz del Sur Music)

Dark Forest (U.K.): The Awakening (Cruz del Sur Music)
When a traditional heavy metal band has put as much effort into making a quality album as Dark Forest has done with “The Awakening,” as much work into achieving a harmony between the guitar melodies and the vocal lines, it seems only fair that more followers of the genre hear it.
Dark Forest is traditional-melodic heavy metal from the U.K. They have three EPs and three albums, taking into account this 2014 album. The band started around 2002 and the first demo is from 2004.
Their music reveals that these veterans are confident to open the album with the midpaced title track that highlights melodies, instead of speed. Dark Forest plays fast in some places, as when they approach near-thrash speeds in certain spots on the album. Overall, however, while certainly often uptempo, the band stays on a pace that the listener can understand with one listen. Dark Forest is going for all the marbles; they don’t want you to have to listen 27 times in order to get with their program. You want heavy metal, you’ve got it.
The magic of Dark Forest is no secret at all: hard work, more hard work and experience. Listening to the album, it seems like the band has spent lots of time thinking about how to construct the songs, how to layer melodies and harmonies that the discerning listener will detect and appreciate. In fact, Dark Forest emphasizes guitar work as much as the vocal lines, a singing style that prefers ear-friendly melody over glass-shattering high yelling. The voice is a softer style that can appeal to more people than just heavy metal fanatics. In addition, the bass work is audible because, as you can imagine, for a band that is proud of its metal heritage, Steve Harris is going to be present in some way. Go ahead and listen to Dark Forest, and tell them that Metal Bulletin Zine sent you.
Dark Forest - The Awakening

upcoming DVD: DragonForce - Three Hammers (Official Video)

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metal from Colombia: Warthrash / Decline Of Living

for the power metal fanatics: Nocturna (U.K.): Lucidity EP

Nocturna (U.K.): Lucidity EP
Symphonic, super melodic, and catchy power metal as Nocturna plays it spares no effort to create choruses that will capture the attention of the supporters of sing-along, upbeat power metal. Catchy, to the point of straight-up poppy melodies, Nocturna will appeal quickly to people that appreciate this genre; the band has all the elements required: good singing, good songs, uptempo rocking, melodies, shredding and the sound of modern power metal. Although a new entry into the genre, with this EP the band has now put themselves in the conversation of up-and-coming bands that play power metal.
These four songs illustrate a professional attitude by a band ready for more exposure. Look into this band if you are into happy/positive Stratovarius and melodic power metal in general. Again, this EP is no demo, but a solid recording by a band that is hungry. On the last song, “Cast Assured,” the band shows a more experimental side, with some screamed vocals, and proggier elements. This song shows a contrast with the other songs, so the band is willing to explore a bit outside of power metal, too.
Nocturna’s debut EP called “Lucidity” will be released on February 17, 2015.
Nocturna - Revelations (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2014)

old grind is new grind: Putrid Offal (France): Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin Records)

Putrid Offal (France): Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin Records)
If today you go back and listen to Putrid Offal’s 1991 demo “Unformed” you will hear heaviness on par with the extremes from that time: growling and chaos in the instrumentation. That’s what Putrid Offal did from 1990 to 1995.
Now, Putrid Offal has re-recorded those old songs for this album. This is faster, heavier and more grind than the old stuff already was. Essentially, this is a re-introduction of Putrid Offal now going for the most extreme sounds, landing the racket firmly in blasting death metal/grind territory. No melody, no long songs, this recording lasts under 30 minutes, and functions on one mode: as fast as possible. Sometimes the music is so fast, that it might sound a bit “industrial,” and it appears that the drumming is programmed. Putrid Offal has re-recorded the old songs with the intention of making them faster, more extreme and it seems like they have achieved that. For those into goregrind, deathgrind and death metal, Putrid Offal would have something new/old to offer.
Kaotoxin Records says that the release includes both this new album along with the old songs, which is a nice gesture because Putrid Offal is not such a well-known name for some people, and that way they can hear the old songs, too.
PUTRID OFFAL "Purulent Cold"

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interview with Brain Damage (ex Vendetta) from Germany

Brain Damage (ex-Vendetta)
This is Metal Bulletin Zine’s interview with heavy metal/thrash band Brain Damage from Germany. Below is this zine’s original review of Brain Damage’s album. The review explains a bit about the band, and after the review is the new interview, which Micky (vocals/guitars) answered just a few days ago!
Brain Damage (Germany): Born to Lose … Live to Win
Brain Damage is the brainchild of former vocalist/ guitarist of 80s thrashers Vendetta (Germany) (on Noise Records) Michael “Micky” Werner. While Vendetta did not reach the level of success of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction, the two albums “Go and Live … Stay and Die” (1987) and “Brain Damage” (1988) are albums that I listen to on a regular basis, and hold in high regard, and would recommend to anyone into 80s thrash. Vendetta is still active today, but without the main figures of Micky and Daxx (also vocals/guitars), and with only the bass player from the old days, Heiner, today’s Vendetta is a different band in sound and vibe, as reviews have pointed out already in the past.
In my opinion, this band here Brain Damage carries on very well the values of old Vendetta: thrash that does not forsake melody; social criticism; the Vendetta songwriting vibe; and the familiar vocals. I have been listening to the album a lot and find a good quality recording with memorable songs. Actually, I find the album to be very good. I did not know what to expect, as I don’t know what Micky has been doing. Metal Archives does not list a bunch of activity between 1990, when he left Vendetta, and 2014, when the album was released. It does appear that Brain Damage is something that Micky had been working on for years on his own, and he plays everything on the album, except for the drums. The band started out as a solo project, the band is unsigned and the album is self-produced. I was able to find the album on Amazon and got it there, as it is very reasonably priced.
I’m certainly glad that I got the album. Brain Damage is relatively varied between thrash and a bit more melodic metal, and it shows a serious effort to have good guitar work. This better not be the last thing we hear from Brain Damage! Those into traditional heavy metal and thrash should give this album a chance. It’s about 40 minutes, eight songs; quality, not quantity; no filler. Contact:
How are things going for Brain Damage now, Micky? Were you pleasantly surprised or were you disappointed with people's reaction to Brain Damage?
I actually sort out my ideas for the songs of the forthcoming album. During the last few years I made so many song-ideas, they would be enough for a double-cd, but first I have to analyse them. The reactions to “Born to lose...” have been entirely positive. It seems, we still know how it works ;)
You did a lot of work for Brain Damage before it became a band. Were you not interested in having a full band? Or, did you have too many responsibilities of family and work to have a band?
2003-2006 I did a second education for the job of a “media-creator” (maybe you would just say “producer”) for audio and video. During this time I had a band-project, called “Suicide Nation”, but it already died after the first live-show. Then I established a little sound-studio and produced live-videos to earn money for my family of five. My children are 9, 17 and 18 years of age. But I always had in mind to found a new line-up again, - a real band, either able to play live-shows. 2012 the time was ripe. Surely it would have been great playing together with Daxx again, but he's not able to do this because of health problems.
Are there offers for Brain Damage to play shows in Germany and Europe? Are you interested in working with a record company?
In April 2015 we play in Dettelbach/Würzburg at the “Franconia Metal Festival”, together with Sodom, Korpiklaan, Dew Scented, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, The Flesh Trading Company and others. The second of May we play in Andernach/Koblenz on the “A Chance For Metal Festival” (with Edge Of Thorns, Desaster, Dragonsfire etc.). Apart from that we concentrate on recording the new album and start to play live again in fall. If we can't get a deal with a record company, we plan to establish a label on our own. With the media “Internet” you have a real chance to distribute your product by yourself.
How would you describe the lyrics for Brain Damage in comparison with 80s Vendetta? Is it correct that you are still not a big friend of capitalism and politicians? You have written about anarchy. Is it frustrating to find that things do not seem to change?
I think the lyrics of today are more critical and direct, no wonder, if you look around! We live in a so-called Social State, but they exploit the common man, while the greed for money of the bigwigs has no end. Anarchy surely was a well-meant concept, but I think it won't work. There's too many different opinions in the population, so it's hard for any system to function without probs. With “Anarchy” we exaggerate a little bit just to criticize and polarize and either bait the reader. Politicians are the puppets of the economy. Economical interest is the reason for so many wars. Innocent people die because of an endless greed for money of the politicians and their masters.
Changing the topic a bit here. Can you explain how you first started out in music?
1980 I played bass and vocals in my first band “Rank Xerox”. We only played cover-versions (Ramones, Motörhead, Neil Young, Judas etc.). In 1983 I met the drummer Samson, and we founded Vendetta. At this time our influences were Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Scorpions, Deep Purple and so on. Especially in the first years of my guitar playing time, Scorpions was the biggest influence for me. Scorpions was and maybe still is the greatest German metal band. Later on, when Daxx entered the band, he brought influences like Metallica and Slayer. He also was a Venom-Fan, but I didn't like them so much. In my opinion they just tried to top the loudness and dirtiness of Motörhead, but they simply couldn't.
Vendetta was on Noise Records. Do you have some good memories from those days? You probably have some bad ones, too. By the way, did you know the other bands on the label, like Kreator and Scanner?
Noise was a company known worldwide, and we actually were proud to have a contract with them. The recording time of our first two albums was a beautiful experience. We spent several weeks in Berlin, the divided city and a burning point in history. Our only food had been Döner Kebab and Pizza, which we had right at the wall. The famous “Checkpoint Charly” was our neighbourhood for this time. With “Tankard” we had a lot of fun, when we shared the tour-bus for a few days. Daxx and Gerre (the leadsinger of Tankard) were drinking vodka like it's going out of style ;) Gerre couldn't start the show next night, without having visited the doctor! With “Helloween” we actually had our first big show, which was great!
You were in Vendetta from 1984 to 1990. What happened that you decided to leave?
Daxx left Vendetta his first time in 1990 for private reasons. Andre Klein took over his place for a year. But after that we had to realize that Daxx, as the main songwriter, simply couldn't be replaced. So Samson and Heiner founded the groove-metal-combo P.O.K.E. (Product Of Keen Energy) together with Daxx. In 1995 Vendetta's reunion occurred. We tried to develop a new style: a fusion of groove and thrash, and we recorded a 3-track-demo-cd with the songs Shine/La Pura Vida/Drowned. But I was the first to realize that this way of fusion-metal was the wrong one. This wasn't Vendetta any more, so I quit. The following 4 years were just for my family.
Do you regret leaving Vendetta and giving up the name of the band? Was it not strange for you and Daxx to leave the band that you were the songwriters and leaders for? No, I don't. Sure, it would be much easier with the famous name, I can't deny that. But having a new name, I'm able to do new things; nobody is actually waiting for the “Real Vendetta Sound”, you know.
(Daxx) That's the prob that the new Vendettas have. Everybody wants the Old-School-Typical-Vendetta-Sound, and they just can't deliver. At first it was kinda strange to see other persons playing our songs, having our name, but we both decided to leave, and so it is the right of the “left behinds” (Heiner and Lubber) to keep the band alive.
Daxx seems to have returned to Vendetta from 2002 to 2005. But you, Micky, did not. Can you explain this? Did you talk with Daxx about this?
(Micky) Daxx was at Vendetta again from 1995-2005. After I had left, we had no contact for years. Everybody did his own thing. Since 2008 we actually have close contact again and I'm happy about that.
(Daxx) After Micky had left, all the work of the group was on me: song-writing, teaching the band the new songs, leading the practise every week etc. etc. End of 2004 I had kinda burn-out-syndrome, so I had to quit. The plan was that I'll return, but I decided that it's better for me and my health not to come back. Now I'm composing songs and write lyrics for others (Brain Damage/Paradox/Vendetta) and that's good for me.
Do you consider Daxx as a brother? Both of your voices complemented each so well and it seems you almost had one mind when it came to songwriting.
For sure we are brothers! I'm really happy about having musical contact with Daxx again. On the “Born to lose...” album there's one song, we wrote together (Shooter), and one song, Daxx (his real name's Achim Hömerlein) wrote for us. This song's called “Terrorizer”. And we actually have planed to record one or maybe two songs from Daxx on the forthcoming album.
What else can you tell us about Brain Damage for 2015? By the way, after you made the 2014 album, have you heard from old friends?
At the time I sort out all the ideas, I collected over the last few years. Two songs are already finished; they just have to be recorded without any faults ;) They are called “War Crime” and “Walk On The Ridge”. The 3rd one has not a title yet, but Daxx is writing the lyrics right at the moment. One thing is still clear: the new album will be more varied and experimental as the 1st. When the recordings are done, we try to get some live-shows. All our friends and acquaintances have been talking very well about our début. Most of 'em told me, they see it as the continuation of the old Vendetta sound. Seems logical to me, because there's two former Vendetta-songwriters working on it ;)
Thanks for answering the questions. It's good to have you back!
(Micky & Daxx) Thank you very much! Thanx for the interview and for your appreciation! Bye bye :)
Brain Damage - Born to to win
Vendetta - War
vendetta on the road
Brain Damage plays "On the road" from Vendetta

free EP of melodic death EVERDYING (U.S.)
1-man melodic blackened death.The journey ahead EP out now
it's FREE

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back to the future: Exhumed (U.S.): Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998-2015 (Relapse Records)

Exhumed (U.S.): Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998-2015 (Relapse Records)
“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
On the surface Exhumed appears to be a joke band, like Gwar, leading some people to think it is all a gimmick, with little effort dedicated to instrumentation, as if Exhumed is a bunch of old con men trying to avoid having a day job by tricking “the kids” with horror movie tomfoolery.
Recently, there was a video of Exhumed as a musical guest at a television comedy show. The man that hosts said show literally runs around throwing himself at and crashing into furniture, walls and people, like a crazed professional wrestler, or a child after eating lots of candy. Anyway, that particular episode ended with Exhumed onstage performing one of their many famous hits, with The Supremes doing backup vocals. The Supremes, you understand?
Nevertheless, there is a lot more to Exhumed than just horror and gore imagery.
Do you know what Exhumed is? Exhumed is experienced, skilled death metal with catchy riffs, shredding and melodies.
“Gore Metal” is Exhumed’s 1998 debut album. Now here is a new, re-recorded version of “Gore Metal” with a better, clearer sound. The band cannot hide the fact that they know how to write fast songs and make them very good. Exhumed is skilled at writing melodies, yes, melodies, great riffs and songs. This new version also includes the old album so you can compare and contrast. Nostalgia aside, it is more than evident that the new album is more professional, so much that while the 1998 album sounds a like good death metal album, compared with the new version, the 1998 album has underdeveloped ideas, sounds a bit more rushed, while now Exhumed is very comfortable, skilled and knowledgeable so now they are free to do just about whatever they want in a song and still make it sound like Exhumed. For instance, there is a whole lot of melody and shredding, and one wonders whether anyone will even notice how much traditional heavy metal there is in Exhumed. Think what you will about the gimmicks, but the music is undeniable.
Exhumed - Necromaniac (2015 Redux)

melodic metal mastery: Stargazery (Finland): Stars Aligned (Pure Legend Records)

Stargazery (Finland): Stars Aligned (Pure Legend Records)
In the world of adult contemporary melodic metal things do not get much better than Stargazery because the band is so masterful at traditional, melodic heavy metal that the album will hit the mark after exactly this many listens: one. Huge choruses, gigantic classic-style metal riffs, and every song is meant to be a “greatest hit.” The album sounds like a “greatest hits” compilation, but this is a “normal” Stargazery album. The band’s second one, actually; the debut “Eye on the Sky” is from 2011.
If you form a traditional metal band it helps if you find a person that sings really well, and Stargazery’s Mr. Jari Tiura has that singing voice that propels the songs. It’s a pleasant, smooth voice that the traditional metal listener can immediately recognize and welcome. Then, of course, the question depends on the songs themselves in order to find out if Stargazery has what it takes. Fortunately, the songs represent a great study in the history of metal. Power metal, heavy metal, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and classic rock join together in Stargazery for a major conglomeration of melody and memorability in the style of classic Stratovarius and Edguy/Avantasia. More specifically, Stargazery is melodic metal with a keys/symphonic background, some shredding/virtuoso soloing, and a fundamental, polished AOR sensibility in the songwriting. At times, the listener might get the impression that Stargazery is a melodic metal version of classic, 80s, big-hit-era Journey.
Stargazery seems hell bent on making the type of album that once you hear it, you might get stuck listening to this album over and over. “Great success. High five!”
Stargazery - Voodoo Lyric Video (OFFICIAL)

new: melodic metal from Finland: Stargazery - Bring Me The Night

new: melodic metal from Finland: STARGAZERY - "Dim The Halo" (PURE LEGEND RECORDS)

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power metal from Seatte: LAST BASTION

Alright, Helloween aficionados, this is Last Bastion from Seattle, U.S. This is power metal for the glory of the kingdom of metal.
"Dragons and castles, you know, the issues that really matter in your life"--Kai Hansen.
Believe it!!

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released today new album: WIND ROSE - 'Rebel And Free' Official Video

Intracranial Parasite brutal DM from Indonesia


melodic heavy metal: ELDRITCH (Italy) - 'Alone Again' official video

from the album "Tasting the Tears" (2014)

Gravenloch: metal from the state of Washington, U.S.

Gravenloch says that they are from Snohomish County, in the state of Washington. Metal Archives says that band started in 2002. The first demo is from 2007. The debut album is from 2009. Their most recent album is from 2013 and it is called “To the Doom of All,” which you can stream on Bandcamp. The good news about Gravenloch is that their music is no-nonsense traditional, old-style death/thrash metal. They have a song called “This Is Metal” and another one called “Of Darkest Dreams,” so you what to expect: headbanging, growling metal. This is the “Snohomish County Music” that metal people will like.

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