Monday, June 24, 2013

awesome no has genre for: Agrimonia (Sweden): "Rites of Separation"

awesome has no genre for: Agrimonia (Sweden): "Rites of Separation"
You know when you hear Agrimonia that, of course, somebody in this band likes metal, but you will also notice that they are trying to sound different: Agrimonia may at times sound like post-black metal, but there are other threads running through their sound. It is the sound of post-genre metal, and these musicians really don't want to sound like a genre in particular. Isn't possible that Agrimonia represents the result of experienced musicians tired of the boxed-in thinking in metal that they see around them?
While it is true that the vocals are black/death-ish, the riffs somewhat black/doom/sludge and the drumming is a loose-go-with-the-flow punk-ish hard-hitting vibing, the songs are different from what one would imagine, sort of left-field, rocking metal.
I do hear a lot of metal in this music, but in my mind, it is a scattered/non-genre-specific metal, and there are also other elements of possibly other styles that some people in the band like. That "other" element is things that I am not qualified to talk about, probably, because I listen to metal, and don't keep up with the world of post-rock, post-alternative, post-punk and all those worlds. I just don't know what's going on there.
I will tell you this, because this is the best that I can do today, on this Monday.
Agrimonia sounds very experienced, very knowledgeable and capable. Clearly, they could play full-on black metal if they wanted, they could play doom, they could play melodic growl metal and they could play rowdy growl punk music, if they wanted.
But they do not want to fit any of those molds.
Therefore, give this a listen, but only if you are searching for bands that want to be different, heavy, yes, and metal, yes (to me, anyway), but simply different.
In the process, Agrimonia is actually forming a new genre or subgenre, I would say. In that sense, it strikes me that Agrimonia shares some similar aesthetics to Inter Arma (which was reviewed here a few days ago), in their search of heaviness beyond metal genres.

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