Tuesday, March 31, 2020

review: Stallion

Slaves of Time
High Roller Records
February 28th, 2020
The Stallion rockers are so obsessed with classic-style speed metal, big riffs, shredding and screaming banshee vocals that you have to be quite cynical not to catch on to the headbanging songs. Listen once and you will be infected immediately with their speed metal virus. One main strength of the album is the German group’s dedication to making rocking songs no matter what. Anyway, what is speed metal? Well, you know how some Judas Priest albums begin with a fast song? This band takes that idea as its official declaration to this world and the next.
Fans of traditional heavy metal with high singing and uptempo tunes will find a refuge here. Of course, there is a 1980s vibe and it’s no accident, it’s their mission. The album has one power ballad, a softie called “Die with Me.” About the half mark the song picks up steam, and ends up rocking, even though you did need the lighter at the beginning. I guess you have to put the lighter away when the headbanging begins. At any rate, get your hair spray out, prepare those leg warmers and spandex tights for sexy time aerobics headbanging. Classic speed metal has mutated and is on the loose again.
Slaves Of Time by Stallion