Saturday, May 31, 2014

check out the EP by Brazilian death/thrash SINAYA

The EP is called "Obscure Raids" and it's four songs. Follow the link below to hear the EP. Sinaya is old school thrash/death.
1. The Ressurection 02:06 instrumental
2. Pure Hate 03:08
3. Obscure Raids 03:30
4. Legion of Demons 04:40
TOTAL TIME 13:24 contact:

AMON AMARTH to return to North America this fall with Sabaton and Skeletonwitch

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

this band called Battleroar speaks the language of heavy metal

Battleroar: Blood of Legends (Cruz del Sur Music)
Everything in the epic power heavy metal of doom lines up in excellence for the master plan: expertise in the department of songwriting; much care to guitar playing, singing and melodies; high quality of the music.
Battleroar strategizes to rock and to achieve melancholy. The guitar work shows effort to deliver shredding, hard-hitting riffs, melodic hooks and energies that the metalhead easily recognizes as her or his own: the band speaks fluently the language of metal. The band communicates the tradition of metal and cuts across the time and space between early, classic metal and the modernity of current traditional heavy metal. From the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the melancholy of traditional doom, the grit of traditional heavy metal, with a nod to more intense forms of metal, like thrash, this is the realm of Battleroar.
One interesting detail: Battleroar has a substantial use of the violin. The results are effective: “Valkyries above Us,” for instance, reaches for symphonic doom and melody. I am not qualified to detail the work of violinist Alex Papadiamantis, but the violin contribution to this album seems essential, given the features, moods and layers added through said instrument. I cannot tell you how much is computer/program/samples sounds and how much is played by Mr. Papadiamantis, but it appears that the violin is indispensable here.
The singing of Mr. Gerrit Mutz, he of Sacred Steel renown, seamlessly weaves in and out of various moods, coherently bringing to bear the wherewithal at his disposal: the metal-headbanging singing, the voices of the doomed melancholic souls and intensity of a semi-death metal growl, the grit and the melody, the glory and doom. The epic/power/heavy/melancholic/melodic/doom of Battleroar sounds very, very different from the in-your-face-heavy-metal-forever-and-ever-leather-and-spikes-and-bang-your-head style of Sacred Steel. The singing is also substantially distinct, which is a big credit to Mr. Mutz for putting so much care and personality into Battleroar. I feel like Mutz is giving it his best, and like he really means it, as does the band.
To end: highly recommended for those into traditional heavy metal looking for shredding, melody and quality, as well as a bit of a unique take on epic metal with power and doom elements.

the low-life scumbucket crud death metal of Gravehill

Gravehill: Death Curse (Dark Descent Records)
The way that I like to think of crud death metallers Gravehill is a bunch of old California thrashers who grew up on Metallica, Exodus and Slayer and all those bands, but with the heaviness and vocals of death metal. I hear a whole lot of scumbag Paul Baloff-era Exodus in the music of Gravehill. It is also possible that I am a wingnut, but my ears are telling me that the album “Bonded by Blood” is in the DNA of this band, or at least, in the fundamentals of this new album “Death Curse.”
First of all, the low-life vocalist Mike Abominator channels the spirit of fellow scumbucket Paul Baloff in several ways: screwloose and a bit too much like a real-life deviant-psycho. He sounds as if he’s just about to eat the microphone or has already eaten the microphone and is gurgling the mic in his throat. What does this man have in his throat? A frog? Broken glass? He growls from the belly and it sounds like it.
There is a lot of old heavy metal and thrash in those guitar solos. The tone is death metal, the first impression is death metal, the vibe is death metal, but the result is a death metal that is very ear-friendly, thrashy, classic-style. The dirtbags of Gravehill sound like those old slimeball bands that sounded like death, thrash and black all rolled into one in the 80s. Mainly, if you like old, classic metal in the death/thrash/black range, whether Bay Area/California thrash, German and Brazilian chaotic thrash/death, this should appeal to you in the psycho Gravehill way. This is too loud for the crowd, and I almost can’t stand it myself, but all my snakes in the kitchen like it so much, oh, well, let Gravehill show you the metal they got, make your day and eat your own shirt for these low, low-life scruds.

goth rockers in Spanish ROMANTHICA "Muriel" video oficial



UNISONIC 'For The Kingdom' Official Lyric Video - Song & EP 'For The Kin...

Check out DREAM WARRIOR - 80s obsessed metal from Honduras

Check out DREAM WARRIOR - 80s obsessed metal from Honduras

Monday, May 26, 2014

WALK THROUGH THE FIRE by Restrayned (Lyric Video) (+playlist)

Tygers of Pan Tang. 'Keeping Me Alive' (from 'Ambush'). Promo Video crea...

new video from the Aussie protesters Voyager - Hyperventilating (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Check out the new video from the Aussie progsters
Perth's progressive sons Voyager are getting ready to unleash their forthcoming album V next month, and they've given us the worldwide premiere of new single Hyperventilating. Flirting with djent and electronics, there's a lot going on in under five minutes, but it still leans toward the euphoric end of prog-metal – minus the widdly widdly solo.

Toxic Holocaust / MUNICIPALWASTE split EP free download for one day only from their label Tankcrimes

Toxic Holocaust / MUNICIPALWASTE split EP free download for one day only from their label Tankcrimes

Warbringer - Towers of the Serpent (final) - Live Le Trabendo - Paris 2014

ACCEPT Announce San Diego, Las Vegas and New York City Dates

ACCEPT Announce San Diego, Las Vegas and New York City Dates! Only US Shows in 2014!

Death/Pestilence/Asphyx-worshipping death metal RUDE streaming album

Death/Pestilence/Asphyx-worshipping death metal RUDE streaming album Streaming en exclusiva del álbum completo de RUDE “Soul Recall”

Insomnium tour Europe

INSOMNIUM Shadows of the Dying Sun Over Europe 2014 tour announced! 18 shows in 9 countries, with support from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and Stam1na. Pre-sales start Friday May 30th - you don't want to miss this show! Please share this and get your friends on board too:) See ya soon!

Exclusive Song Stream: Darkest Era – “Trapped in the Hourglass”

Exclusive Song Stream: Darkest Era – “Trapped in the Hourglass”

Humut Tabal- "The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm"

Humut Tabal- "The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm"

Exclusive Song Stream from French Thrashers Zoldier Noiz: “Random Justice”

Exclusive Song Stream from French Thrashers Zoldier Noiz: “Random Justice”

DEEP IN HATE: ''Altar Of Lies'' Video Posted (Kaotoxin Records)

DEEP IN HATE: ''Altar Of Lies'' Video Posted (Kaotoxin Records)

FREE Download: DEEP IN HATE's "New Republic"

FREE Download: DEEP IN HATE's "New Republic"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Havok on tour in U.S.
Fort Collins 6/5
Denver 6/6
Colo Springs 6/7
Grand Junction 6/8
Salt Lake City 6/9
Boise 6/10
Portland 6/11
Seattle 6/12

Demonic Resurrection (India) headlining Eradication Festival UK

The band says: "So we're going to be headlining the Eradication Festival this year on Saturday 12th July at Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff, UK."

FREE downloads of melodic heavy metal from Spain: KILMARA

KILMARA is a melodic heavy metal from Spain. Check out their songs and download them. See the links below. Check out Kilmara if you like heavy metal with melodic vocals and shredding.
El Yang Demo 2002
Demasiado Viejo Demo 2004
The Deceit Demo 2005
Hunting Dreams Full-length 2007
Don't Fear the Wolf Full-length 2010
Love Songs and Other Nightmares Full-length 2014
Javi Morillo Drums (2003-present)
Kike Torres Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2003-present)
Jony Portillo Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2003-present)
Christian Kohl Vocals (lead) (2003-present)
Raúl Rumem Bass (2012-present)

video from Destrage

Check out the new @Destrage video for "Destroy Create Transform Sublimate"

news about CORONER

This Thurday, May 29! Come out to the Bonebreaker Ball Winterthur mit CORONER, Death Mechanism, Lotrify und Comaniac! Coroner to debut their new Drummer, Mr. Diego Rappachietti!

up and coming melodic/growl metal band from Spain: CAELUS

CAELUS is a new band from Valencia, Spain. The music is somewhere between power, gothic and thrashy metal.
Toni Nieto Bass
Sergio Pinar Drums
Aarón Hidalgo Guitars
Carlos Sinisterra Guitars, Vocals (guttural)
Dalma Neder Vocals
1. Into Despair 04:17
2. Game of Thrones 02:53 instrumental
3. Rust 04:36
4. Rising Flames 04:42
TOTAL 16:28

Friday, May 23, 2014

the power metal of LAST BASTION (Washington state)

Last Bastion is a power metal band (Washington state) that recently completed the album called "The Road to Redemption," which was released in April.
The band is:
Larry Barnard Bass, Vocals (backing)
Matt Carter Drums, Percussion
Matt Lahr Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Matt Bethman Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Joe Lovatt Vocals (lead), Guitars (lead)
The album is:
1. I Know When I'm Home 04:45
2. Ancient Lands 07:46
3. Plataea 06:45
4. Northern Kingdom 04:23
5. Angel's Tyranny 06:40
6. Road to Redemption 08:03
7. The Way of Kings Pt I: Cursed by Fate 03:58
8. The Way of Kings Pt II: Stormblessed 03:24
9. Liberation 04:15
10. Forevermore 06:35
TOTAL: 56:34

power metal from Washington state: Last Bastion-I Know When I'm Home-Official Lyric Video

power metallers Last Bastion live in Seattle: Last Bastion- live @ El Corazon 2-12-13

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Destroying Texas Fest footage

Fuglymaniacs has video footage of Destroying Texas Fest in Houston, TX. First up is the masters of miserable moods from Laredo, Texas known as NETHERMOST. You are doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!!!!!

doomsters Pilgrim announce headline tour with support from Age of Taurus

Rhode Island's Pilgrim are returning to the road in June with Age of Taurus! The east coast/Midwest tour begins on June 14th in New Bedford, MA and wraps up in Brooklyn on June 25th at the Acheron. The entire list of confirmed dates are available below, as well as on

Flotsam and Jetsam announce west coast tour with Exmortus

Flotsam and Jetsam announce west coast tour with Exmortus
Legendary thrash metal act, Flotsam and Jetsam, are set to return to the road this summer with thrash newcomers, Exmortus, along with be San Francisco's Hatchet as the opening act. "No Place On Tour 2014" will begin on July 9th in Hollywood, CA at the world famous Whisky a Go Go and wraps up at Club Red in Mesa, AZ on July 19th.

The Drip (Richland, Washington state): A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (Relapse Records)

The Drip (Richland, Washington state): A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (Relapse Records)
There’s more to Washington than certain bands that are famous for spitting on each other on stage, in far, far away places like Brazil. You know what they say, go to Brazil to spit on each other and become in-famous; and in-famous is when you are more than famous, as the Three Amigos like to say.
As a Washington band, The Drip deserves more coverage because in addition to not being famous for assaulting each other, The Drip is also not famous for committing suicide. In fact, of the four people in The Drip, not one of them has ever committed suicide successfully.
Now, listen kids, this grandma has a little story to tell you about The Drip. These blokes are bastards. That’s why they play grind. They have dreadlocks and they wear flannel. They have to wear flannel because over here in Washington we are all loggers and hobos; and we like grind. Even this little old grandma likes grind.
Watch out, whippersnappers, The Drip’s EP is the bees knees of grind. The only thing that has this grandma angry is the fact that the EP is 6 songs. Like, seriously, The Drip, what the heck is it with you guys? Why are you so stingy? Now get back in the studio and rampage! Argh…rampage, rampage, I say!
My husband died a long time ago and my children don’t call me anymore. They think that the elderly don’t have important things in life. You see, I did not raise them to be jerks, but that’s what they are. Don’t be like them, don’t be an ageist jerk.
That’s ok, though. I won’t get mad. I got rock and roll to save me from the cold, as that in-famous bastard Lemmy keeps saying. Whether you are in Richland or in northern Tokyo or in southern Tokyo, and you are mad, mad, mad into Nasum, Insect Warfare or the local grind band in your town, and you want more grind, then The Drip is for you. OK, kids, I have to jet now. I have to go find out about the other two EPs that this band has. This is their third, actually, so I’ve got some work to do today.

Friday, May 16, 2014

it's back!!! LIVING FAST Episode 2 (Part 1)

a metal music show that I watch: Living Fast Episode 2
Living Fast is a heavy metal talk show created by Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste/Volture/BAT). The first episode, which debuted in February to the riotous approval from diehard metallers globally, featured John Gallagher of Raven. The second episode, divided into two parts, takes place in Europe during the Caulture Shock Tour with Cauldron and Waste's heavy metal band, Volture.
Waste elaborates, "We did all the filming and interviews on the fly giving it a different vibe from the first episode. This time around we broke it into two parts because of the multitude of footage. Part one mostly covers the UK with interviews from Jeff 'Mantas' Dunn and Tony 'Demolition Man' Dolan (Venom, Atomkraft, M:Pire Of Evil) and several other NWOBHM bands during Brofest 2 in Newcastle. We also visited a couple British heavy metal landmarks and dubbed multiple 'Headbangers Of The Month' across mainland Europe.
"While on the road sometimes a certain song becomes a tour anthem," he continues, "and surprisingly it's not always a metal tune. We became obsessed with the soundtrack from the 1987 B-movie Miami Connection that was re-released on Drafthouse Films. The intro in this episode of Living Fast is a tribute to the AOR ninja band Dragon Sound from that film. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion for the metalheads who watch the show. Enjoy Part 1 and stay tuned for a lot more tour antics in Part 2 as well as an exclusive interview with Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate."

LIVING FAST Episode 1: LIVING FAST is a heavy metal talk show created by Ryan Waste. This is the first episode featuring John Gallagher from RAVEN.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wan (Sweden): Enjoy the Filth (Carnal Records)

Wan (Sweden): Enjoy the Filth (Carnal Records)
In 2010 Wan had a grim black metal album called “Wolves of the North,” a headbanging, metal-on-metal-to-the-bone primal recording. Now they have a second title out to reaffirm their loyalty as defenders of the old metal standard. If anything, one thing is even clearer now: Wan is more in-your-face and the songs are better in the old school way. Whereas before, Wan gave the impression of early 90s black metal totalitarians, now Wan is sicker, slimier, dirtier. These roughnecks seek metalheads into classic Motorhead and Venom, Hellhammer and 80s Bathory, the punk of The Exploited and Discharge, the gutter metal of Autopsy, and of course, early 90s black metal from Norway and Sweden. Whether it’s 80s thrash or old death metal or ugly black metal, Wan searches for the audience with certain curmudgeon qualities, not necessarily the easy-going, not the go-the-flow, not the I-find-something-positive-in-every-genre attitude. Wan does not play nice. Wan does not get along with “everybody.” I am confident that if the jukebox at the bar plays In Flames or Killswitch Engage, these guys will pick up the jukebox and throw it out the window. They look like they are physically strong enough to do it, too. They make angry faces when they see people wearing Trivium shirts. Well, you get the picture. Curmudgeons.
Enjoy the filth. It’s an album title and an announcement for those that like their metal this way, rough around the edges, upfront, direct. You hear it, and you decide immediately if it’s for you. Repeated listens will not reveal more; not more “subtleties” because nothing here is subtle. There are no exotic instruments hidden underneath; no flutes, harps or trumpets will reveal themselves. Roughneck metal, or “pentagram rockers,” as the band says.
Wan’s music is incapable of leaving the gutter; it cannot, must not come to the light of respectability. Let it be mocked and dismissed. Let it be called garbage. Wan relishes all that. Wan resides in the places where the stink is so bad as to keep away those without the desire for this type of metal. Wan rumbles between slime-covered crust punk, rude cave black metal and obnoxious dumpster thrash, with a purposeful dirty 80s sound that is not far from early Venom, but definitely not as garage as the homemade Hellhammer and Death demos. Wan, unlike those old bands, knows exactly what they are doing. This is no accident. They want it like this. Do you?
When a bunch of rednecks like Wan makes metal this way, it is impossible to get enough of it. The expertise at every phase is so skilled that you can’t refuse this old metal. Just like that, the pentagram rockers are calling you.

Swedish folk metal pioneers FALCONER stream new song

NYC angry/emo hardcore group Black Anvil new song playing at Stereogum

"Black Anvil’s roots are largely in hardcore — the band’s founding members Paul Delaney, Raeph Glicken, and Gary Bennett came up as part of the LI/NYHC group Kill Your Idols. In that respect, Black Anvil have a lot in common with many other prominent metal acts and institutions in this city: Tombs frontman Mike Hill, for instance, got his start with the Boston hardcore band Anodyne; the proprietors of the city’s best metal venue, St. Vitus, made their names in late-’80s Long Island emocore bands like Mind Over Matter and Milhouse."

WOLVHAMMER: Single From Upcoming Profound Lore Album Playing At Decibel

The first track to be released from WOLVHAMMER's upcoming third LP, Clawing Into Black Sun, is now playing at Decibel Magazine, well in advance of the album's impending July release date.
The seventh of the eight passages captured on Clawing Into Black Sun, "Death Division" burns with the malicious, mid-paced drive and dread-inducing riffs WOLVHAMMER is ultimately reliable for. One of the traumatic standout tracks of the album, the tune marches harshly towards the mammoth, epic movement that overthrows the track closes down with, which becomes one of the most epic moments on Clawing Into Black Sun.
Profound Lore will release Clawing Into Black Sun on Tuesday, July 8th, WOLVHAMMER's second full-length for the label. The outfit's amalgamation of black metal and death rock surges with self-infliction, abuse, and debauchery with nearly fifty minutes of brand new material. Recorded by the nucleus of WOLVHAMMER -- vocalist Adam Clemans (Shaidar Logoth), guitarist Jeff Wilson (Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves, Doomsday, ex-Nachtmystium), and drummer Heath Rave (ex-Across Tundras) -- in March at Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis with Dan Jensen at the soundboard the band's songwriting and delivery has developed immensely, culminating in their best work to date on Clawing Into Black Sun, which bears artwork by cohort Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth, Chrome Waves, Twilight).

UFOMAMMUT: Italian Doom Masters Confirm One-Off Performance In Canada This Week

Celebrating fifteen years of ever-morphing sonic exploration, Italian psychedelic doom metal trio, UFOMAMMUT, will make their return to North America this week with a one-off show.
For their second voyage to the continent -- the first being their short West Coast US run in 2009, in conjunction with a series of art shows with their own Malleus Rock Art Labs -- UFOMAMMUT has been confirmed to take part in the international FIMAV 2014 gathering (Festival Musique Actuelle Victoriaville) in Victoriaville, Quebec this week. Slated to perform on Friday the 16th of May, this event will mark the band's very first time playing Canada.
5/16/2014 FIMAV 2014 - Victoriaville, QC

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

black metal Lysura from Indiana, U.S.

Hailing from the heart of the Midwest, Lysura crafts a strain of black metal that blends many other genres while still remaining true to its roots. Technical, melodic harmonies merge with stark, brooding, and organic undertones. Tempos vary from chaotically fast to slow and lumbering, and song structures are closer to movements than the predictable formula of verse, chorus, repeat. Songs focus on stories of loss, depression, irreverence, and paint scenes of humanity's narcissistic obsessions and hunger for self destruction.
The band premiered with the release of the EP "Malignancy" in 2012. After a small migration to Indianapolis and changes to the line-up, they released the demo "Irreverence" in 2013 and recently released a new EP titled "II" this year. "II" will be released as a cassette by Fragile Branch Records, as well as other formats directly through the band. They plan on releasing their first full length record sometime in early 2015.
Lysura is a national touring act, and have a reputation for taking audiences on an engrossing journey with their live performances. After a long string of shows through the Midwest and east coast this spring, they plan to head south later this year, and to the west coast following the release of their full-length album early next year. With a technically precise yet emotional live set, a Lysura show brings to life something that stands out from the average metal fare.

NIGHTFELL(Portland) : death doom album streaming

The Living Ever Mourn, the debut recordings from Portland-based grim metal duo, NIGHTFELL, is out now, as a combined release between Southern Lord Recordings and Parasitic Records.
Embodied by members Tim Call (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Parasitic Records) and Todd Burdette (His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, Deathreat, Severed Head Of State), the NIGHFELL collective's bruising tones and bleak perspectives on life are captured through over forty minutes of thundering epic metal bridging morose heaviness with melodic destruction on The Living Ever Mourn.
Recorded and mixed at Red Lantern Studios by Evan 'Maus' Mersky, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, The Living Ever Mourn was envisioned and executed in a period of grief, delirium and loss of life, the atmosphere and lyrics mirror the ensuing emptiness while simultaneously embracing the dichotomous power in the unwavering and eternal force of Death.
At times the album embodies the guttural, bleak essence Burdette's musical endeavors have innovated since the mid-90s, while other segments undoubtedly breathe with the murky, crushing, Northwestern oppression Call has been associated with, the entire album channeling unrest through its organic delivery, at times integrating choral mantras, noise-infused ambiance and thundering death marches.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Arcane Order: former Metal Blade recording artists records new promo, seeks new label

After 2 albums in 2006 ("The Machinery of Oblivion") and 2008 ("In the Wake of Collisions", the band has now returned with 2 brand new songs to present to the public and impatient fans as well as interested record labels

Norwegian grind maniacs BRUTAL BLUES trailer for album

GRAVES AT SEA & SOURVEIN: Caustic Split Streaming At Metal Hammer; Release To Drop Tuesday Via Seventh Rule

Just days preceding its public availability through Seventh Rule Recordings, Metal Hammer is now exclusively streaming the caustic split EP from GRAVES AT SEA and SOURVEIN. Unifying nearly a half-hour of brand new material from these two top-tier acts in the American circuit makes this joined release one of the premier doom/sludge releases of the year.
Side A of this crusher is ruled by two scathing numbers from Portland, Oregon's GRAVES AT SEA, whose contributions leave an eerie aura complete with tortured vocals, foreboding composition, and a general sense of dread. Recorded by Billy Anderson, (Melvins, Sleep, Neurosis) "Betting On Black" and "Confession" thunder with the all-consuming sludge for which the band is notorious, flooding in amongst the tortured howls and shrieks of vocalist Nathan Misterek. The resin-coated Cape Fear carnage of SOURVEIN, who've now existed for two decades of distortion, damage and total doom, overthrows the B-Side with three songs produced and recorded by Mike Dean of Corrosion Of Conformity. These odes of heavy -- "Driffter," "Equinox" and "Follow The Light" -- combine toxic riffs, grooves and just the right amount of psychedelic appeal. Both sides were mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege Engineering and will be released via Seventh Rule on 160-gram vinyl -- with both a standard black pressing as well as a mailorder-only aqua pressing limited to a mere 100 copies, both including a download card -- as well as CD, this Tuesday, May 13th.

VINTERBRIS publish video of the drawing process for Solace's artwork

Norwegian Melodic Black Metallers VINTERBRIS have published a video that features cartoonist Den Unge Herr Holm's drawing process of the artwork for Vinterbris's sophomore album "Solace" and the premiere of the first track of the album named "Dysphoria".
Kim Holm conceptualized and drew the interior art to "Solace" over a couple of hours on 17th March 2014. Each drawing was fully drawn only to the song it represents, trying to keep the rhythm and feel of the music. Nothing in this video is sped up or otherwise altered.
Vocalist and guitarist Henrik Skar comments on working with Kim: "The first time we met Kim he sat next to the stage and drew us while we were playing. We were all really amazed with the results and our minds were set on asking him to do the artwork for our upcoming record. Luckily for us, he wasn't hard to ask. Working with a man with such a unique talent has been amazing, and his ability to translate our music into pictures has been a real inspirational process for us. We feel that the artwork really describes the mood we want to capture and hope that many more will be amazed by his style as an artist."
Vinterbris' sophomore album "Solace" will be out on 16th June 2014 on Nordavind Records.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I caught a bad flu (part 3): Are you ready for something unbelievable??: FREE albums of rough "instrumental black metal" from Croatia: Vanja Gvozdanović

This flu makes me think that I am imagining things. I don't believe this stuff, I have to double check, and see what the deal is.
For instance, there is this person named Vanja Gvozdanović that seems to do these rough solo albums of "instrumental black metal," but it is the sheer volume of what Vanja has done that seems unlikely, yet this is all in Metal Archives, so it is more than just rumors, and then on Bandcamp there are free albums as evidence, too.
Can you imagine just how motivated this individual must be?! You don't just start doing this stuff because you're bored, do you?
Take a look at this:
First, the project was called Depressor.
Empty Full-length 2008
Decisions... Full-length 2009
Chernobyl NPP Disaster Part I Full-length 2009
Everlasting Search Full-length 2010
Then, it is as Vanja.
So It Begins... Full-length 2011
Fading Full-length 2012
Songs of Love and Heartbreak Full-length 2013
Waiting for the Day Full-length 2013
17022012 Full-length 2013
Gone Back Full-length 2013
Solitude Full-length 2014
You see now? Do you believe it? What do you think?
I have been listening to this and I am still processing it. If you are at all interested in one-person musical projects, then you might as well start here, too. Here are the links. Below are some pictures. As you can also see in that last picture, this man here Vanja is one very weird dude. Why would you wear that shirt and then take a picture of it and show it to the world. Oh wait, I get it, the same production values apply to his musical project, maybe?ć-Depressor-Official/117982511642673