Wednesday, June 26, 2013

traditional, old school heavy metal: Night Demon; Sinister Realm; Circle of Silence; Twins Crew

All these bands have something in common: traditional heavy metal: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Accept, U.D.O., Scorpions, Angel Witch, Raven, Blitzkrieg, Armored Saint, Savatage, Omen, Primal Fear, and lots of other upfront, rocking heavy metal. The bands reviewed here have listened to classic heavy metal and decided to take matters into their own hands and make their very own heavy metal.
Night Demon (U.S.): "Night Demon"
Oh, wow, Night Demon is so dedicated that they sound like their favorite heavy metal is the 1979-1981 New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Angel Witch and Blitzkrieg would be two examples of the sound they approach: energy, enthusiasm and rocking heavy metal. It sounds like do-it-yourself, street heavy metal. The singing is not super high and not polished, and it's a street-punky singing.
Enthusiasts of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal will be so very pleasantly surprised to hear a band from today playing it so genuinely.
I know you probably don't believe it, just as I did not believe it at first. Oh, but how wrong you are, as I was wrong.
One rocking riff right after another, and next thing you know, it's over and it's time to hear it again.
Sinister Realm (U.S.): "World of Evil"
Sinister Realms sports a sound in which the bass guitar is very audible, and their traditional heavy metal balances the rocking with quality guitar work. The production makes it easy to like Sinister Realm, the instruments can be clearly heard and the songs speak to the listener in a way that is instant.
Shades of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are present throughout the album, but Sinister Realm is a bit more "battle heavy metal" in its sound and focus. The singer is a midrange vocalist, and not a super high screamer. Sinister Realm, here and there, pays tribute to the foundational legends, but they sound like they have made much headway in finding their sound.
Fans of old-school heavy metal and bands that are not well known will want to hear this Pennsylvannia band, as they defend traditional heavy metal with gusto. They just need more people to check them out.
Circle of Silence (Germany): "The Rise of Resistance"
Circle of Silence has upfront, punching riffs and a generally tougher form of heavy metal. The melody is there in measured amounts, while the energy and intensity are kept high, again in the Priest, Primal Fear direct-heavy-metal way.
The singer has a bit of grit and it's a bit "macho" or "tough guy" in the performance. Circle of Silence works their sound so that the music puts the listener in a better mood rapidly. This music you can take to the gym to work out to it because is a solid level of energy throughout. "Wimpy" heavy metal is not something that Circle of Silence wants people to think about this music. That is the reason why they sound so professional.
Before this album I had never heard of this band, but after this title, I won't be forgetting them.
Recommended for those into Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Primal Fear, and Brainstorm.
Twins Crew (Sweden): "The Northern Crusade"
Twins Crew is nothing, if not catchy power metal. Listeners who love power metal in a big way are going to be banging their heads into oblivion with Twins Crew. Harmony guitar parts, galloping play-on riffs, high singing and quick drumming.
Twins Crew uses the word "steel" and has a song called "Loud and Proud," so they are quite the loyalists to "true metal." They flash the metal horns any chance they get, and the two guitarists, David and Dennis J., are twins. "Twins Crew," get it? Nice, eh? Hopefully Twins Crew will get more attention because with this album they have done very, very well for themselves.
Here's an opportunity to check out a band that is not a household name, but that may be if they keep it up. There is a tradition that Twins Crew has in mind in their music. They are not yet legendary-status, highest-level power metal, but this is a strong step in the right direction. Good album, indeed.
Recommended for people into HammerFall, Stratovarius, Helloween and upbeat heavy/power metal that the listener understands on the first listen.

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