Thursday, June 27, 2013

heavy, doom-ish growl "hardcore": Reproacher (U.S.): "Nothing to Save"

Today I posted about a bunch of punk/hardcore/grind/whatever bands. A lot of interesting things are happening. But I forgot to include Reproacher in that section!
Reproacher (U.S.): "Nothing to Save"
Consider Reproacher a tons-heavy growled hardcore band with doom passages, in a "brutal" way, with a bunch of other tidbits, such as grinding parts, and crust, filthy segments and an energetic, intense, rumbling production.
In metal, people talk about heaviness and "brutality," but often those terms are not used for "hardcore," only for death metal or doom.
This music is heavy. Heavy as it gets and "brutal," too, but the difference it doesn't have all the macho, homophobic posturing about "killing" this or "murdering" that or glorifying violence or stuff about zombies and whatnot.
It's a different type of energy, without that whole "manliness" thing.
And don't forget that this sounds "human," and not all robotic, perfect with studio "magic."

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