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doom metallers HELEVORN (Spain) post new lyric video

Below you can check out the new lyric video by the Spanish doom band Helevorn. Who they are, what they have done and what the new album holds is available at the official information below.
Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music
release: 23 January 2019
Exhibiting their elegant and gloomy music around the world, Palma, Spain's melancholic doom outfit HELEVORN have posted their new lyric video "A Sail To Sanity" in support of their fourth album “Aamamata” due out on January 23rd via Solitude Productions / Bad Moon Music. “Aamamata” follows their 2014 album “Compassion Forlorn”, 2009's “Forthcoming Displeasures” and 2005 debut full length "Fragments, which have anchored HELEVORN’s place in the global doom scene. With more and more fans craving the somber tones and dreary vocals, HELEVORN has brought their dramatic intensity to many European festivals including Dutch Doom Days, Gothoom Open Air, Wave Gotik Treffen, and Madrid is the Dark Fest. They are also bringing their gloom to Canadian cities this coming May for their first cross country tour with Solitude Productions label mates Mexico's Majestic Downfall.
Melancholic doom outfit Helevorn started in 1999 in Palma, Spain, and has been exhibiting their elegant and gloomy music around the world ever since. They began their journey with a demo in 2000, “Prelude” that featured female vocals and followed the gothic doom formula. They were quickly accoladed by the press and they dove into writing, gigging and recording. In 2005 the first full length “Fragments” was released. Touring extensively allowed them to bring dark and forlorn music all over Europe, and they were asked to contribute to the 2006 Katatonia tribute “December Songs”. The second studio album 2009’s “Forthcoming Displeasures” saw their musical style evolve into a more intense and heavy sound, more forceful and deep, and was acknowledged as the second best doom metal album of the year by Metalstorm.net.
“Compassion Forlorn” was released in 2014; eight tracks full of human decay from deepest sentiments, and continued evolution in the compositions and the band’s sound. The accompaniment of the “Burden Me” video release firmly anchored Helevorn’s place in the global doom scene. With more and more fans craving the somber tones and dreary vocals, Helevorn brought their dramatic intensity to many European festivals including Dutch Doom Days, Gothoom Open Air, Wave Gotik Treffen, and Madrid is the Dark Fest. The current lineup, consisting of Samuel Morales (guitars), Josep Brunet (vocals), Xavi Gil (drums), Enrique Sierra (keyboards), Sandro Vizcaino (guitars) and Guillem Morey (bass) are primed to release the fourth album “Aamamata” on January 23, 2019. “We know that we are not discovering something new, but it’s how it sounds the 90’s goth-doom metal in the present times. It should be received like a piece to reborn the scene and to relate music and the decadence of Humankind through the drama of the refugees, that constantly are dying trying to escape from the hell that Western Countries put to them. We think that fans will love the new album.”
HELEVORN - A Sail to Sanity (Lyric Video)

Dawn of Winter

Dawn of Winter: Pray for Doom
I Hate Records; 7. Dec. 2018
The vocalist Gerrit P. Mutz is known for his screaming expertise in the heavy-metal-to-the-marrow-of-the-bones-forever band Sacred Steel, a true metal fan's dream. Mr. Mutz also does vocals for the epic heavy metal band Battleroar, who have the habit of making wonderful, practically perfect albums. Come to find out that Mr. Mutz can not only scream, but can also croon very well, too, and he employs the crooning techniques for Dawn of Winter, a doom band. Dawn of Winter hits the doom and gloom hard, it is all-downhill-from-here-life-will-only-get-worse mood metal. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, and even the tunnel is weeping and crumbling down because the tunnel understands that it is all over.
So, are there any happy moments on this album, then? How many ways do you want me to tell you "no"? Here and there, a few places, there is a hint of an uptempo pace, but it's just a tease. Soon it all goes downtempo again and we are right back in the crumbling tunnel of no light. "The Orchestra Bizarre" is the one song that does pick up the pace a bit, just to show you that they can play whatever they want, but doom is the law of this forsaken land. So, the album sounds pretty bad, right? How many ways do you want me to tell you "no"? If you love doom (it’s hard to imagine a casual fan understanding this album) and you love lots of doom, and you love doom with crooning vocals and the doom grooves, then you are not going to go wrong here. It is made with depressive love and downtempo dedication just for you, and just enough melancholy-melody to keep you hopeful.
It is made with total professionalism and passion. The sound is great. Doom zealots will need to make sure that they don't forget to wallow in the despair of Dawn of Winter. Bring your sorrows to them and they will multiply them beyond your wildest dreams. Fun stuff!

doom band Maestus release new lyric video

Maestus brings elegance to the genre of death doom. The band has a new album is that is coming up. Hear for yourself the direction of the album and find out more about it with the official information below.
Maestus is "forlorn and despondent blackdoom from the Pacific Northwest": SP (Pillorian, ex-Arkhum); KRP (Grst, Gash); SB (ex-Ninth Level); CL (Lodge of the Empty Bed; NK (Grst, Banewreaker).
Doom band MAESTUS have just released a lyric video for the title track from their upcoming album Deliquesce. The album will be released on Feb 8th via code666. The recording is described as a 50-minute slab of charred and filigreed granite channeling frustration, anxiety, and estrangement into a blackdoom cauldron in the vein of Pallbearer, Ahab, Shape of Despair and Evoken. In further news the band has announced some shows to coincide with the album's release date. All dates can be found below:
Portland OR
Maestus, Ninth Moon Black, The Swan Thief
Tonic Lounge
Olympia, WA
Maestus, Ninth Moon Black, Entrail
Eugene, OR
Conan, Maestus, and Sixes
Old Nick's Pub
MAESTUS "Deliquesce"

Monday, January 21, 2019

interview: The Outcast Webzine

interview with Mike from The Outcast Webzine
Always an interesting conversation, Mike is one of the most unpretentious people that you will ever meet, and is generous to a fault. He’s also a living library of metal music. Present and witness to the worldwide spread of death metal in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mike has been to countless shows, big and small. He began doing zines during the rise of death metal and black metal in the mid 1990s. He has been in a band, has interviewed many and has photographed even more. Mike is a joker and a deep thinker in one, and will talk to people from all walks of life, regardless of political and religious views. The young Mike of the 1980s loved heavy metal music and that has not changed today. The King-Diamond-fanatic teenager Mike was no big believer in God, but some experiences a bit later in life convinced him to follow Jesus Christ ever since. This interview will cover many topics. Let’s find out where the conversation takes us.
Mike, what types of struggles that you have gone through as a Christian parent and a metalhead?
Well, my biggest struggle I guess with being a follower of Christ (not religion) in the Metal scene, is the fact that the majority of Metal heads are either atheists or self-proclaimed Satanists and they do not understand how someone who believes in Christ can listen to Metal that is not Christian related. At times, when my fb followers see this fact or read this fact, some tend to block me or unfollow me on The Outcast fb page, which is sad that someone’s personal beliefs affects them to that point, you know? It’s called RESPECT.
My values do not affect my life as a Metal head unless it’s Satanic music. I CHOOSE not to listen to anything Satanic, regardless of the style of music. Although I may interview Satanic bands for the zine in order to UNDERSTAND where they are coming from, or question what they believe in, it does not mean I follow their path, you know?
I actually had a band from France I interviewed for The Outcast in the 90’s that had a pentagram in their logo remove it from their logo after my interview and my questions (noticed it on later releases). I guess they decided not to have it in their logo anymore after my thought provoking questions. A lot of bands and people in the Metal scene (me included when I was a kid), tend to follow this self-proclaimed Satanic belief system only because their favorite bands preach this and they think it’s cool. Guess what? Satan is not cool and neither is Hell.
As far as my kids go, they know daddy doesn’t listen to Satanic music even though they do not like Metal. They will not let me listen to Metal in the car, so we listen to Christian pop. Hahaha! I actually took them to Mass Destruction Festival last year in Atlanta because I did not have a baby sitter. I really wanted to see The Chasm, Terrorizer and AVULSION, so we went. They said they never wanted to go with dad again!! Hahaha!!
Do you listen to metal music in your car with the kids?
No, no Metal at home or in the car, only Christian pop. I only listen to Metal when I am with friends or alone.
Many bands in their music promote blasphemy, sin, violence and are against the Ten Commandments. How did you react to these values when you became a Christian?
Like I mentioned up above, I CHOOSE not to listen to that style of lyrics in music anymore. Doesn’t mean I do not like it, just do not feel comfortable putting that into my head anymore, ya know? It seems to me that the best bands are “Satanic,” unfortunately.
You are a grown man. The shock rock values that attract teenagers is not there anymore. Would you wear a Cannibal Corpse shirt and stuff?
No, I would not wear anything of the sort. I might wear something brutal like my Bolt Thrower War-Master shirt, or my Ministry Rio Grande Blood shirt, but that is as extreme as I get. No explicit gore, etc., anymore.
You used to love King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. King Diamond is one of the earliest in metal to call himself a Satanist. Did you stop listening to KD/MF? If so, when did that happen? How did you arrive at such a decision?
Yes, I stopped listening to him when I became a follower of Christ, so in my 20’s. I kinda worshiped the guy, don’t ya know? When one becomes a follower of Christ, believe it or not, one will be made aware of what hurts one’s relationship with God. One can choose to continue to “do as though wilt” or choose to let go of the things that may be considered negative in ones walk with God. I arrived at this decision to show God I was serious about my relationship with him and to show him King D. was no longer my King, hahahaha!
Have you made similar decisions for bands like Dissection, Slayer, Deicide, so on and so forth. Do you miss listening to that music?
Yes, I do not listen to anything Satanic or blasphemous, but again, that does not mean I do not like it. It seems like all the best Metal bands in my opinion in all the Metal genres express one of the two types of Satanists that exist within their lyrics. Although not proud of it, I can and could still sing you the first Deicide album by heart. And yes, I miss the music but not the lyrics.
Some bands have satanist imagery as a selling point and others are satanist. Do you make any distinction? Is there any difference between Venom and Gorgoroth, or is it the same result in the end: the road to Satan?
I feel most Metal bands use Satan and evil as a gimmick and to me that is sad, especially if you do not believe in it. Why “pollute” the listeners with garbage that you are just using to sell records? I do believe there is a distinction between the two, but as you say, they both lead down the same path; Satanism.
How did having children, and being an example for them, affect you in the sense of what bands you listen to?
The only thing that has changed with me having them as far as music goes is not listening to Metal with them or around them because they hate it. Hahaha! So I have to respect that, you know? But I like the same music they like so it works out in the end when we are all in the car. And as far as the way I live now with kids is that they helped me stop using hard drugs and living that life style, especially with bad relationships and women.
You say that you follow Christ, and not religion. Do you ever go to church? Are all churches bad? Do you associate with other Christians and pray together and do other things like that?
Yes, my kids and I go to Church every Sunday. If I have to work my mom takes them for me. We go to a non-denominational church that follows Biblical truth and not religious legalistic opinions on what one must do in order to be saved by following religious manmade rules. Christ is freedom from religion in my book. Who crucified Christ? The politicians and the religious people did. Not all churches are bad, not at all. Only those whom use God in order to gain what is in one’s evil and selfish heart along with those whom preach legalism or that they are the ONLY Christian religion going to Heaven because “fill in blank.” And let us not forget the most evil religion on the planet, Catholicism. This religion has put pedophiles and their religion before the victims and pay out millions of dollars to keep things, or try too anyway, as drama free as possible. But one cannot blame God for some people’s bad choices or “Christian” religions that exist that push people away from God, instead of towards Him. We are all human and we all have our faults and weaknesses, but WE ALL KNOW right from wrong, regardless of one’s beliefs. Unfortunately, some have used this “religion”, this faith, in order to do bad things or use people, but what better way to destroy the good in something by evil disguising itself within it, in order to destroy it, or give something good a bad name or reputation? And yes, I pray with other Christians and by myself.
Do you feel like churchgoing Christians judge you because you are a lifelong metal music fan? Do you read the Bible on a regular basis?
I have issues reading in general because I am a writer more than a reader, if that makes any sense? But yes, I read my Bible, but not on a regular basis. I pray and talk to God more than I read the Bible. And yes, I am an outcast among outcasts when it comes to my preferred style of music and my faith from both sides. I get crap from Metal heads at times and even blocked on fb for my faith and beliefs on The Outcast fb page when I write my stories and experiences with my faith. Are you really that weak-minded that you can’t handle other people’s views? And then I get crap from Christians because they think ALL Metal is Satanic and they think I am not Christian enough for listening to Metal. These Christians are being legalistic with their thoughts when they speak and are confused. People who do not like Metal, or fear it, are those whom do not understand it and think it is all the same because of how it sounds to their untrained ears. Some people think Christian Metal is a contradiction because they think that the style of music (metal in general) is all evil and Satanic and Satan’s music. Ummm…. Main stream music (rap and pop), is way more influential and way more negative in my book as far as subject matter and being influential on kids. I think and feel if Metal haters read some of the lyrics by Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Terrorizer, etc., I think they would be surprised what they sing about, you know? Not all Metal Heads listen to Cannibal C. lyrics, ya know? Not all Metal bands write stupid lyrics, some are actually really intelligent!!
I’m sure that this is annoying, but would you mind explaining the following. To you, how is Jesus real? How did you experience God in your life as a real thing, not just something in a book? What type of experiences have you had that you knew that God is real?
Not annoying at all!! It is a Christian’s duty to witness to others, so it shouldn’t be annoying to the believer at all. Truth be told, it usually annoys the unbeliever!! Hahaha!!
Historically speaking there is physical evidence and even museums with artifacts that have been found that back up the Bible and what is written in the scriptures. Some say Christ was never crucified because there are no records of his crucifixion as there were others. A) How do we know they kept records of ALL people crucified? And B), All over the New Testament the religious folks and the politicians tried to stop His movement and his teachings in various ways, which ultimately ended up costing him his life. Would they not do the same about his crucifixion if they were trying to “kill” his movement? Of course they would!!
Acts 5:34 reads; A Pharisee named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, who was honored by all the people, stood up in the Sanhedrin and ordered that the men be put outside for a little while. 35 Then he addressed the Sanhedrin: “Men of Israel, consider carefully what you intend to do to these men. 36 Some time ago Theudas appeared, claiming to be somebody, and about four hundred men rallied to him. He was killed, all his followers were dispersed, and it all came to nothing. 37 After him, Judas the Galilean appeared in the days of the census and led a band of people in revolt. He too was killed, and all his followers were scattered. 38 Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. 39 But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”
And what happened? Historically speaking once again, if this book was a lie, if these things did not happen like Gamaliel said in the Bible, wouldn’t this faith, his teachings, EVERYTHING about this Christ, would it have not died along with him when he was crucified if it were a lie? Why would scholars translate a book that was a lie? Would a lie have lasted the test of time in such bold ways? And by this I mean all of the Christ followers whom are still being killed in China and in Africa in our present time and in other parts of the world where Christianity is pretty much against the law to practice. Again, if this faith were a lie, why would so many believers in this present day, and in biblical times, die because of their faith? If this faith were a lie, why would so many people’s lives that have accepted this faith change in such dramatic ways (look at me)? Us believers are either “nuts” for dying for what we believe in, or we have experienced a TRUTH like no other that we will die for because of what we have experienced, you know? Not because we are crazy or hallucinating, but because we have experienced something that is not of this world, a LOVE like no other.
After his death and resurrection, scripture states there were MANY witnesses of his resurrection and ascension. If this truly did not happen like scripture states, again, would this faith have lasted the test of time? Would all of these people from different cultures, Jews and the gentiles, etc., do you really think that they would have joined together in the name of Christ to lie about what had happened if it were not true? Of course not!
But I would be lying and so would any other believer if they told you that they understand it all or how God works, because we don’t. Why would God “allow” this child to die and another one to live? And by this I mean my little brother who died from SIDS more than on one occasion, but who is still alive. God, through a dream, sent my mom a dream that her son was dead, which woke her up. When she saw him and checked on him and noticed he was blue and not breathing, she immediately gave him CPR and brought him back. A few days later my mom and I were upstairs with my brother and we put him down to sleep. We go downstairs and shortly after going downstairs my older sister comes up and says to my mom that we need to go check on my little brother because he was dead. After my mom and her argued for a second, we went upstairs and sure thing, he was dead. After this miracle my mom decided and the doctors decided to put my brother on a heart monitor. He died probably 10 more times after this other time, but the heart monitor woke us all up this time around until he reached a year old. Thankfully my little brother is still with us. But to think that this thought that was put into my sister’s head was a coincidence is something I will never believe. God put that thought in my sister’s head and I thank Him for sparing my little brothers life.
Now the other second miracle I witnessed at a young age involved my younger sister. She was born with an inoperable tumor on her back. Of course, my mom and my grandma being who they are, they went and prayed over it at a holy place in Mexico and as the months went by the tumor started shrinking until it disappeared altogether. The doctors did not know why it just disappeared, but we all knew why.
These experiences were pretty cool and all, but that did not stop me from questioning my upbringing or what I was taught to believe in and I thank Heavy Metal and King Diamond for helping me with that. Like so many other young kids, my “beliefs” during the El Pecado days and my hatred for God I feel was a reflection of accepting my favorite bands lyrics and beliefs at that time. King D., Possessed, Venom, Burzum, Mayhem, etc., but it was also much deeper than that. A childhood rage if you will due to being raped as a child and for having crappy parents also helped this rage inside I was not aware of yet. God did not allow me to see my childhood until I was 29 if you will. If it would have happened sooner, blood would have been shed. I’m telling you the truth, if God would not have been a part of my life back then (even without me knowing), there would have been a lot of dead people if I would have known this part of my life in my teens. I can honestly say He was with me even when I was not with Him.
If you read “Finding Mikey” in The Outcast, you might recall that my experience with that hitchhiker was the tipping point if you will in me accepting and having my proof that God was real. Doesn’t mean I am perfect or have made all the right choices since I became a believer, but I do know I would either be dead or in prison if he wasn’t a part of my life all these years. I am a walking miracle in itself to be honest, with my life and with the outcome to all of my bad choices in life. Not sure why He has my back, but He does, even when I did not want it. He even told me to go outside once when I wanted to find out if my ex-wife was cheating on me or not after I prayed for Him to show me if she was or not. I even argued with Him and almost did not listen to Him due to it being 11:30 at night. Within 5 minutes of me going outside and waiting for my answer, my ex-wife comes outside with her soon to be ex-husband from his apartment that was 5 feet away from ours. Prayers do get answered; some just choose to ignore them or not believe they came from God.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


release date: October 26th, 2018
label: Einheit Produktionen
1.Aurora 04:45
2.Katharsis 06:26
3.K-37c 05:40
4.Phoenicis 06:06
5.Rad der Zeit 05:06
6.Herbstbeginn 06:45
7.Urknall 04:33
8.Des Weltenend' Melancholie 06:00
9....When Paths Separate 04:31
10.Sternenmeer 08:06
total time 57:58
I decided to dedicate time to the last half of this album. I was determined to put their feet to the fire and find out if they have the visceral fortitude to stand there with the heat only on the songs number six through ten. I asked a question: Do these five songs justify for fans to spend money on this band? Because if the good songs are put upfront in order to fool people, I'm not going to lie for your band. I don't need to hype anything and I don't need to sell anything to anyone. Forget that. If a band does not have the horses, then it does not have horses, and that’s that. End of story.
The music is European-style progressive extreme metal, thoughtful and melodic. It is not an immediate album that makes sense on the first listen, but it is meant to be very rewarding once you make the decision to commit the time to it. Repeated listens provide a clear, smooth picture of melodic songs. People like to categorize the band as pagan/black metal, but a fuller description would be that it is melodic-melancholic extreme metal with a progressive-intellectual vibe, and a nice dose of folk interspersed throughout. It's catchy, but it's not poppy; uplifting, but not sugary; progressive but it's not music-for-musicians songs. On this album you can easily tell that they have worked a lot to make the songs have detectable melodies for memorability. This characteristic alone, in and of itself, puts them in a pretty special place. It’s not about being some so-called genius, and it’s not about wowing people with what they call natural talent. No, it’s not about that. It’s about how hard you are willing to work to write a good song. How much dogged patience do you have to work on it until the song is complete? It’s about work, work and more work for the sake of your art.
I really like the band's 2012 album Omen, and I still listen to it because it is quality music. It took four years for the follow-up work to make an appearance. At this rate, you never know if this is the last album you are hearing from them. This is their third.
Earlier I said that I have put this album's second half to the test. The first half is wonderful, but what about the second half? At times, I have concentrated on the last five songs alone for long stretches. The verdict? Well, the last five songs by themselves make for a wonderful album, actually. Now put both halves together and you get a work that is excellent.
If we never hear another Ahnengrab album, it will be bad news, but what a great band they have been up until now. This album proves it very well.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

progressive power band S91 reveal artwork and 2019 album track list

Fans of good singing, melodies and the skills of prog power,
S91 is a band from Italy. In March they will have a work called Along the Sacred Path. In anticipation of the album, the artwork and list of songs are now available. Below you can find out more about the band. If you would like to hear some of their previous music, see the second link. The first link has the information for pre-ordering.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Italian Christian power prog metal band S91 will be unleashing their sophomore album "Along The Sacred Path" on March 22, 2019, via Rockshots Records and are excited to share with fans the release's track listing plus artwork by Gustavo Sazes. The album follows their 2016 debut full length “Behold The Mankind”, which was a concept release about the history of humanity from the point of view of Christian theology. That album was produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Wind Rose) with mastering done by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studios). Received well by critics and audiences, the debut opened doors for the band to tour across Italy and abroad, including a performance at the latest edition of “Elements Of Rock” (Switzerland), the largest Christian metal festival in Europe.
The band explains their sophomore full length: "'Along The Sacred Path' is a concept album that traces the history of Christianity, continuing the narrative from "Behold The Mankind". The story is told through the life of some key figures that are not always considered positive by everyone. The main goal is to show how the Gospel message has spread in its original form, becoming the fabric of modern Western society. Scrolling through the track listing, you will see that all the characters are of European origin."
1 - Constantine the Great (5:40)
2 - Saint Patrick (5:24)
3 - Pope Gregory I (3:38)
4 - Olaf II Haraldsson (5:02)
5 - Godfrey of Bouillon (5:02)
6 - Joan of Arc (4:42)
7 - Martin Luther (4:39)
8 - John Williams (8:18)
9 - Dietrich Bonhoeffer (10:50)
BIOGRAPHY: S91 was formed in 2006 with the intention of playing rock music with Christian lyrics. After several lineup changes and the release of some self-released albums, the band developed its's own sound influenced by progressive-metal with psychedelic and symphonic influences. In 2012, the band began to write their debut album "Behold the Mankind" in collaboration with producer Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Wind Rose). The album was released in 2016 on the label "Underground Symphony". The album's concept was about the history of humanity from the point of view of Christian theology. The audience response was well received and pushed the band to perform on great festivals such as Elements Of Rock in Switzerland (the greatest European Christian Metal festival). S91 are currently wrapping up their follow up release "Along The Sacred Path" due out March 2019 via Rockshots Records.

Speaks in Tongues

Speaks in Tongues is extreme metal from the city of Everett in the state of Washington. Check out the link below to hear their recording called Prophecies of Armageddon from 2018. The band consists of Matt Lincoln on drums and soundscapes, while Hekanos Tu Atenos dedicates his abilities to the crafts of the guitars, bass, vocals, saxophone, flute, and violin.
1.Endless the Nightmare of That Old Human Plague 04:40
2.Destroyers of the Sanctity of Life and All That Is Pure 05:30
3.Visions of Pestilent Winters to Come 03:51
4.Scapegoat, the Ageless Reflection of Human Failure 06:11
5.Wastelander’s Saga 03:00 Show lyrics
6.Endless the Nightmare of That Old Human Plague 04:28
7.Destroyers of the Sanctity of Life and All That Is Pure 05:30
8.Scapegoat, the Ageless Reflection of Human Failure 06:11
9.Wastelander’s Saga 03:00
10.Fed on Famine 05:32
total time 47:53

read online number 162 of Metal Bulletin Zine

Read online the special issue dedicated to DRACENA (est. 1994; Sweden). Number 162 of Metal Bulletin Zine brings together the various segments of an in-depth interview with Dracena from Sweden.

ATARAXIE "Résignés" trailer / medley

Fans of the funeral and extreme forms of doom and doom death,
Ataraxie from France will have a new work to showcase their heaviness and misery. The album comes out in March, but the band already has a sampler medley to show a little bit where things stand. Below you can read read the official propaganda from the record company overlords and powers that be.
After the recently released studio report video, French Extreme Doom juggernauts ATARAXIE are pursuing the unveiling of new ultra-massive album "Résignés". with the unleashing of a brand new 11+ minutes-long medley.
Somewhere between the most Depressive / Suicidal parts of BETHLEHEM (of which ATARAXIE's Marquis was the singer), the Sludge of COFFINS, the evil crushing parts of INCANTATION and the ominous Doom / Death of DISEMBOWELMENT, ATARAXIE continues to carve its very own path in the Extreme Doom scene with "Résignés"; their first studio recording with brand new line-up featuring three guitarists.
"Résignés" will be out March 08, 2019 through a triumvirate of underground extremists: DEADLIGHT (CD, Europe); WEIRD TRUTH (CD, rest of the world); XENOKORP (Vinyl, Cassette & Digital, world).
ATARAXIE "Résignés" trailer / medley

Friday, January 18, 2019

concert calendar, updated January 18, 2019

Washington State concert calendar, updated January 18, 2019
January 19 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute), others at Tony V’s, Everett, WA
January 19 Cerebral Rot, Fetid, Ritual Necromancy, Cavurn at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 10 Tetrachromat, The Beautiful Freaks, Akrasia at The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA
January 24 When the Broken Burn, Prying Free, Radvocate, Autumnus, Toarn at Tony V’s, Everett, WA
January 25 Hell’s Belles (AC/DC tribute) at Knitting Factory, Spokane, WA
January 25 The Face of Loki, Massacre at the Opera, Gallows Hymm, Speaks in Tongues, Orator at Mirkwood Public House, Arlington, WA
January 26 Dark Mystic Woods, Wutthphuk, Religicide, Namea at Off the Hook, Oak Harbor, WA
January 26 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at Emerald Downs, Auburn, WA
January 28 Ruby the Hatchet, Witch Ripper, Nasty Bits at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 29 Haunt, Idle Hands, Hellfire, Weaponlord at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 29 Black Sun Moon, The Crown Remnant, Namea, Junk Science at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
January 31 Un, Body Void, Yarrow at Black Lodge, Seattle, WA
February 1 Second Sting (Scorpions tribute) at The Point Casino and Hotel, Kingston, WA
February 1 The Obsessed, Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, Weedeater at Neumos, Seattle, WA
February 1 Shizerdome, Bacon Grenade, Dilapidation at Lucky Liquor, Tukwila, WA
February 1 Thou Shall Kill, others at Tony V’s, Everett, WA
February 2 Kiss at Tacoma Dom, Tacoma, WA
February 2 ApHelion, Simulation Theory, Overwrought, Primordial Atrocity at Mirkwood Public House, Arlington, WA
February 2 Witchburn, Himsa, Heiress, others at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 2 Blood and Thunder, Nott, Gallows Hymn at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 3 Drawn and Quartered, Morbid Fascination, Noceur, Effluvia at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 4 Kiss at Spokane Arena, Spokane, WA
February 5 Orator, Speaks in Tongues, Thou Shall Kill, Opropos at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 6 Human Agony, Ulutamatu Tollent, Striations, Putrid Temple at Highline, Seattle, WA
February 8 Coven, Greyhawk, others at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 8 Witch Mountain, Summoned by Giants, others at Substation, Seattle, WA
February 10 Earth Eater, Vow of Volition, Darkness Stole the Sky, Deathbreaker, thers at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 12 Overkill at High Dive, Seattle, WA
February 12 Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Make Them Suffer at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 14 The Three Tremors, Skelator at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 14 Aethereus, The Odious Construct, Pound, Rat King, ApHelion at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
February 15 Robots of the Ancient World, Grim Earth, Skulldozer at Erebus, Kelso, WA
February 15 I Am Infamy, We Were Giants, Within Sight, No Home, Death of Dysphoria, Nevermind the Damage at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 16 Keep Metal Alive Fest IV: Xoth, Witch Ripper, Gravewitch, Vile Effigy, Nocturnal Mayhem, others at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
February 16 MOTU, Effluvia, Overwrought, Shades of Memory at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 16 Oxygen Destroyer, Disease, others at house show, Seattle, WA
February 17 CHRCH, Un, Old Iron at Substation, Seattle, WA
February 17 ApHelion, Gallows Hymn, Overwrought, Speaks in Tongues at Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA
February 19 Traitors, Angelmaker, Vctms at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 21 Traitors, Angelmaker, Vctms at The Pin, Spokane, WA
February 22 Soulfly, Unearth, Incite, Skinflint, Rutah at The Pin, Spokane, WA
February 23 Soulfly, Kataklysm, Incite, Skinflint, Odyssian at Club Sur, Seattle, WA
February 23 Toxic Reign, Oxygen Destroyer, Kömmand, Schmutzhund at The Valley, Tacoma, WA
February 23 Skelator, X Suns, Demonhammer at Screwdriver Bar, Seattle, WA
February 24 Abstracter, Hissing, Foul at Highline, Seattle, WA
February 25 Abstracter, Hissing and Isenordal at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
February 25 Werthless, Beldam, Dilapidation, Tenrai at Central Saloon, Seattle, WA
February 26 Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Necrot, Blood Incantation at Showbox, Seattle, WA
March 1 Voidthrone, Beldam, Orator, Izthmi, Noceur at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
March 2 Blood and Thunder, Dilapidation, Odyssian, Opropos at Mirkwood Public House, Arlington, WA
March 4 Steaksauce Mustache, Foes, others at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 6 Deterioration, Caustic Wound, Disease, Bummer at Black Lodge, Seattle, WA
March 8 Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin tribute) at Rocko’s, Everett, WA
March 9 Gevurah, Diabolic Oath, Blood Atonement, others at Highline, Seattle, WA
March 9 Avoid, Truth Under Attack, Osatia, others at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 12 Cradle of Filth, Wednesday 13, Raven Black at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 13 Rivers of Nihil, Entheos, Conjurer, Wolf King, others at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 16 Space Vacation, Skelator at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
March 16 Within Temptation, In Flames at Showbox, Seattle, WA
March 18 The Browning, others at The Pin, Spokane, WA
March 19 The Browning, Betraying the Martyrs, Extortionist at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 22 Y&T at Club Sur, Seattle, WA
March 29 Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart, Hollow Cry at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
March 31 Uli Jon Roth at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
April 3 Lord of War, Alukah, Discord Curse at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
April 3 Fates Warning, Queensrÿche at Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA
April 6 Splintered Throne, Sin Circus, others at Tony V’s, Everett, WA
April 12 Anvil at Tony V’s, Everett, WA
April 13 Anvil at Jazzbones, Tacoma, WA
April 13 Tetrachromat, In Rapture, Impurities, Thread the Sky, Rookie Warhead at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
April 13 Hypocrisy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aenimus, Orator, Whythre at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
April 13 Washington Deathfest IV Anniversary Show at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
April 14 Aggression, others at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
April 19 & 20 Washington Deathfest IV at Erebus, Kelso, WA
April 19 Top Knot Fest 2: The Drip, Steaksauce Mustache, others at Southgate Roller Rink, Seattle, WA
April 19 Thor, Leathürbitch, Greyhawk, Solicitor at Highline, Seattle, WA
April 20 Deathbed Confessions, Great Falls, Foes, Florida Man at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
April 26 Massive Scar Era, Siren’s Rain, others at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
April 27 Integrity, Incendiary, Funeral Chic at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
May 30-June 1 Northwest Terrorfest at Neumos/Highline/Barboza, Seattle, WA
June 7 Plaguebringer, Aethereus, Toxic Reign at The Plaid Pig, Tacoma, WA
June 9 Flotsam and Jetsam at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
June 21 Judas Priest at accesso ShoWare Center, Kent, WA
July 5 Riot at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
September 5 Iron Maiden at Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA
October 2 Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Battle Beast at Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA
October 6 Delain, Amorphis, Anneke van Giersbergen at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
October 26 D.R.I. at El Corazón, Seattle, WA

Overwrought issues a new video

The Bellingham, Washington State melodic extreme metal Overwrought today posted the news that they have a video. Watch it below. Below the video you can find the link to listen to their 2018 recording.
"Hey everyone, we have a new music video for our song 'Wander' to share with you! Our very talented friend Austen Donohoe at Circle Strafe Ltd made this and did an excellent job creating exactly what we had wanted! We absolutely recommend him if any of you need any video work done! Anyways, enjoy the video, and we hope to see you all at an upcoming show soon! Thank you!"
Overwrought- Wander music video

Thursday, January 17, 2019

interview: Malphas

Malphas is melodic extreme metal from the city of Philadelphia, U.S.A. The 39th Spirit is the name of their debut full-length album on Via Nocturna (Poland). Some years ago they released an EP called The Conjuring (2015), and that’s when their name began to make the rounds more broadly. This interview takes up the music and lyrics of the most recent album. The band also reveals some plans for the future.
What has it been like for your band to get to the point of your debut album?
The 39th Spirit is a culmination of our first five years together as a band. We recorded a rough demo back in 2013 and came back in 2015 with our first professional release, The Conjuring EP. The EP served as a blueprint which we built upon to create The 39th Spirit. It’s been a long road and is still a long road ahead, but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and have great optimism going forward from here.
Eric Dunleavy plays the drums, Paul DeSanctis does vocals and guitars, and Damian DiFrancesco plays guitars. Who played bass and keyboards on the album?
We’ve had a revolving door at bass for the entirety of the band’s history. Dave Gugleilmi was our founding bassist, but he left in 2016. Dallas Lutz played with us for a year and recorded bass on the album, but quit the band right before we went on tour with Tengger Cavalry in Summer 2017. We didn’t want to lose the opportunity, so we had to run the bass through the PA with the live tracks. Jon Sutherland (Seraph in Travail) recently joined us on bass, and is a great fit for us musically. We’re excited to have him on board, along with our new violinist Thuy Nguyen. The keyboards on the album were programmed using Metropolis Ark 1.
Has Malphas been playing shows around the Philadelphia area?
We’ve played consistently around the Philadelphia area the past 5 years and have done two tours now. We’re definitely excited to get back on the road with our new album and lineup. We’ve already been playing some of the songs from the album live the past couple of years and received some great feedback on the Tengger tour. We played the album in its entirety at our CD release show December 7th.
There are some six bands named Malphas. Have you had any legal problems with the name?
There were only two bands with the name at the time we started up, one of them being inactive for more than 20 years. The other is a French band whose EP title was the same as our album, but have no clue if they’re still active or not. Our album is simply a story about Malphas who is the 39th goetic spirit. None of our music is plagiarized from their EP. Over the years we noticed more bands named Malphas surfacing, so we obtained the trademark. We now own the rights to the name; none of the other bands would have a leg to stand on in trying to sue us. We’re cool with them continuing to release music, though.
How much did you know about recording music when the band began?
It’s been a learning curve every step of the way. Our demo back in 2013 was very raw, but we came back in 2015 with a more polished product in our EP. We took another step forward with The 39th Spirit, but are setting our sights even higher with album 2, which we are soon to begin preproduction on. It will be our best sounding release yet, without a doubt.
What has happened to the band’s profile internationally now that you have a foot in Europe with Via Nocturna?
Having distribution always makes things easier. Being signed has indeed turned some heads and helped us out a bit. We’re planning to come over to Europe for a tour on this album cycle, so keep an eye out for us.
Do you have more Polish fans now?!
I guess we’ll find out when we play there ;)
Metal Archives says that your lyrics revolve around demonology. Can you tell us the story of Malphas the demon and how the story fits in the world of demonology and the occult in general?
In demonology, Malphas is the 39th of the 72 goetic spirits in the Key of Solomon. He commands 40 legions of demons, builds high towers, and brings artificers together. He will appear as a crow when summoned and speak in a hoarse voice. He will give good familiars and accept a sacrifice graciously, but then will deceive the conjuror. The Conjuring EP and The 39th Spirit are a story about a man who encounters Malphas and forms a pact to sacrifice his life to lead Malphas’ armies against the Church in the afterlife. The events in the afterlife influence the real world - which is set in a dystopian future plagued with natural disaster and economic recession.
How would you describe your interest in the occult? Does Malphas have a particular political objective?
I don’t practice the occult, but find things like demonology and astrology interesting. Demons represent the dark side of humanity; greed, envy, lust, hate, gluttony, etc. You can observe that in looking at paintings of some of them. Pretty scary stuff. Doctor Faustus was a particularly significant influence on the story - Malphas plays a role similar to Mephistopheles. This is referenced in Red Constellations when Man’s corruption by Malphas in taking his own life is lamented. Malphas has no political or religious allegiance; his simple objective is to obtain power for himself. He deceives atheists into thinking they’re fighting for a noble cause in destroying religion, but Malphas only wishes to enforce his own regime. This why at the album’s conclusion, Malphas is killed by Man; as Man understands he has been deceived. Now he must inherit the ashes and assume responsibility for what he’s destroyed. These concepts will continue to be expanded upon in album 2. Though our music is influenced by religious and political themes, our lyrics don’t have an agenda. We’re simply telling a story involving those things and hope that it can be enjoyed by everyone.
Can you tell us where people can hear the full album now? Where can people buy your merchandise?
Our album is available digitally on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes. Physical copies are available online at Via Nocturna’s website, and from us if you come to one of our shows. We don’t have a band store up yet, but will in 2019; along with lots of new merch. Keep an eye out for us – we’ll see you on the road soon!

read online number 161 of Metal Bulletin Zine

Below it is the link to read online issue number 161 of Metal Bulletin Zine USA. Number 161 features Helrunar, Artillery, Septagon, Gross Misconduct, Master and Bane.
Below is the general link for Fuglymaniacs, the friends that post the issue of Metal Bulletin Zine USA.