Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mercyful Fate, Junior: Attic: "The Invocation"

Attic (Germany): “The Invocation”
Heavy metal thunder masters Dream Evil once declared about themselves (and you should watch the video for the evidence!):
I’d sign, a contract with the devil.
I tried, for so very long.
I’d die, to become immortal.
That’s why, I sing this song!
Am I a wannabe?
Have I no dignity?
Who’d give up all my life to be...
in the Book of Heavy Metal?
In life, I have no religion,
besides, the heavy metal gods!
wear nothing, but black skin-tight leather
my skin, is clad with metal studs!
Am I a wannabe?
Have I no dignity?
I give up all my life to be...
in the Book of Heavy Metal?
in the Book of Heavy Metal!
-- Well, Attic thought that Dream Evil did not go far enough, and Attic decided to take the logic of the love of heavy metal to its final consequences.
Attic have signed a contract with the dark one, and it is a one-sentence contract, as follows (yes, I receive copies):
“Attic is hereby granted their wish to sound, as much as demonically possible, like Mercyful Fate 1981-1985, and in return they agree to surrender their soul to me [you know who] and to spend eternity in my lake of fire.”
Anyway, yes, yes, the song titles, the singing (even down to the laugh), and everything is meant as a huge tribute to Mercyful Fate.
How much do you love classic Mercyful Fate?! Well, that’s nothing. Attic loves Mercyful Fate more!
But are they good?
Yes, actually, they are.
Did I like it? Yes, because Mercyful Fate 81-85 is flawless and it is very possible that the best riffs in heavy metal ever are found in “Melissa” and “Don’t Break the Oath.” And those vocals?
King Diamond! Yes!
If you are jaded (and kind of a jerk), then, no, stay away from Attic.
Everybody else remotely interested in all things King Diamond, here’s a band to keep you entertained.

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