Friday, June 14, 2013

the death metal institution: Sinister (Holland): "The Carnage Ending"

the death metal institution:
Sinister (Holland): "The Carnage Ending"
Better late than never in talking about this album, but I just found out yesterday that I had access to it.
True story.
Let's not waste everybody's time and let's go straight to the music.
Sinister has, by my count, 10 albums, starting in 1992 with "Cross the Styx."
Sinister is known for heavy, intense, blasting death metal. This album is no different.
To the main point. Amongst the heaviness and speed, you will find that Sinister nowadays has incorporated guitar solos that bring a slice of semi-melody and memorability. The result is success on all counts.
True, Sinister is a bulldozer of a death metal band, always has been. That's a given. That's expected. Nothing less would be acceptable.
I would fire them if they did not!
But the soloing adds a welcomed dimension to their sound, to me, anyways.
Sinister changes and does not change: the mentality is the same, but the execution shows signs of expansion. Listen to the title track, and listen to how, toward the end, the melodic guitar that will take out the song, how it builds, slowly. until it rises to the top, takes over, stays a while, then descends, going for the exit. Well done. Not too shabby at all.
That's just one example.
Another thing.
Has the band added a thrashier sound to the guitar? Is that what's going on? Who would have thought that Sinister would do that, just a bit of thrash, to spice up the sheer heaviness?
My, my, that's what they've done, and it's sounding mighty good.
Just when you think you have Sinister figured out, booyah!! No, you don't!
I like it, I like it a lot.
Sinister, you! You! You, keep'em guessing just a bit, after all.

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