Saturday, June 1, 2013

grind/sludge/noise/whatever: Full of Hell (U.S.): “Rudiments of Mutilation”

Full of Hell (U.S.): “Rudiments of Mutilation”
It was about 2 in the afternoon on a typical tropical, sunny day in the internationally famous city of Snohomish, Washington. I think it was the 30th of February and I was stealing vegetables from my hippy neighbors’ garden. Suddenly, my beeper rang and it was Mozart calling me. I found the closest public phone, which was by the airport in Lynnwood.
“Hey, Mozart, wie geht’s?”, I said.
Mozart responded, “Yo, dog, you heard Full of Hell yet? That’s the type of grind/noise/doom I dig, man. I been telling you about them for a while now, but you such a jive turkey, you never gonna get with the program…”
“¡Ya cálmate, Mozart, está bien!”, I said, reassuring him that I would check the music out.
So, to make a short story long, I went home and I was cooking those delicious, stolen vegetables, with Full of Hell on, while I chopped, sliced and sautéed.
In case you’re wondering, yes, the vegetables were good, as free food always is.
The other thing that I have to tell you about is that Full of Hell’s music is for those into annoyingly brilliant noisy grind punk doom sludge whatever. The songs range from total grind blazing speed to very slow spacey sludge doom, with a strong tendency to make a lot of noise.
If you don’t like bands that cross boundaries, then you won’t like this. If you genuinely love noisy stuff, and you don’t get frustrated that one song sounds like grind, and another is a crawling, snail’s pace number, then this is for you.
Categories, limits and rules all mean exactly jack squat to Full of Hell. Hey, they got Mozart’s support, so maybe this also for you. Why not? It’s crazy, bipolar, dichotomous music, and since you are already crazy anyway, you would think that this band is just what the people in the white coats told you that you needed.

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