Thursday, June 27, 2013

out there in left field beyondweird: Bangladeafy

Bangladeafy (U.S.): "The Briefcase"
I'm just going to attempt to illustrate what you are in for.
A drummer and bass player getting down and funky and weird and technical, with some crazy-screamed vocals and keyboard/electronica/whatchamacallit sound effects.
This is NOT for the narrow-minded at all.
Does this band sound like some people just messing around and getting loose and crazy? Yes, it does sound like two wild and crazy guys. They sound like math geniuses or physicists or... something.
Please put on your helmet. Your skull will need protection from the crazy you are about to hear.
For those readers who watch the tv show "Friends" and who want an image to go with, here's one:
Do you remember that episode in which Ross plays his "music" for his friends and the people at the cafe? Do you remember when he was making all those sounds on his keyboard and people were, like, "what the heck was that?!" OK, this is like this, except that Bangladeafy is very serious. Ross would be proud. Geddy Lee from Rush might be proud of the bass on here. It is some loud, in-your-face bass!

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