Friday, June 14, 2013

archaic, necro black metal: Stonehaven (U.S.): “Concerning Old-Strife and Man-Banes”

Stonehaven(U.S.):“Concerning Old-Strife and Man-Banes”
Old, necro, archaic black metal, recorded in a cave. Stories of wars, feuds, conspiracies and treachery, all written in a special language for you. Stonehaven is a necro black metal band’s band.
Check it out, “Of the White Fall and Frozen Walls”! How good is your Viking English? Well, I don’t think that this story has a happy ending, nor does the piece called “Cutting the Necks of the Upstarts.”
Tremolo riffs summon shrieks and snarls with the appropriate drumming, Stonehaven has reached deep into the history of black metal and barbarian Europe, with such enthusiasm that it must be welcomed by the total-black-metal audience. There’s a time and place, a perspective, embodied in Stonehaven, and you will know as soon as you hear it.
In places all over the world, in metal, there are a few grumpy metalhead musicians who frown at the state of metal where they live. I get the feeling that Stonehaven is one such band.
Recommended for those into regional and local black metal bands that are not international rock stars, but that you know are actually pretty good at what they do, and just as important, they know what they are doing, and are not moved by the fickle-minded trends in metal.

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