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Steel Raiser

Steel Raiser (Italy): Unstoppable (Iron Shield Records)
Steel Raiser’s album is strong traditional heavy metal in the style of big time, prime time Judas Priest-Primal Fear pounding heavy metal with window-shattering vocals, from Italy to the nations of the world. The band represents total loyalty and devotion to heavy metal, as the gods first created it and as it is documented in the book of heavy metal written in iron pages. Steel Raiser is band of crusaders of heavy metal that is true as steel and keeps it true to the heart. The record company also adheres to the curmudgeon philosophy when they say: “IRON SHIELD Records is a Label for loyal oldschool metal fans. Mostly for real Heavy/ Speed & Thrash Metal, no modern or trendy stuff!”
You see?! They are on the same page.
The knights of the temple of steel are:
Gianluca Rossi – atomic guitar mastery
Alfonso Giordano – multiple voices of steel
Giuseppe Seminara – apocalyptic guitar rays
Salvo Pizzimento – the bass of iron and iron
Antonio Portale – the drums of forever magma
I have had to listen to this album a bunch of times to confirm what I am hearing. I thought that maybe the album sounded great because I was in a good mood. Maybe only the first few songs sound awesome and I need to listen to the complete recording? Perhaps the slow songs and the ballads will be bad?
There are no slow songs and there are no ballads. Ok, well, that solves that problem!
There are three main speeds: fast heavy metal that is akin to speed/thrash metal. There are uptempo songs that make it impossible not to bang your head, whether you are on the bus, at the grocery store, at the gym, or when you are marching in the streets against capitalism, or marching for capitalism or just marching because marching in the streets is cool (or whatever it is). There also some midtempo moments when the band brings on a bit more melody.
They have a song called “Dreaming of You” and it is not a ballad. The most melodic song is called “The Last Tears” and it is also not a ballad. They just like to rock out and play fast and play faster and bang their heads.
The vocals are traditional, but there are various little shades of singing. Personally, I have tried to find out if this is all the same singer and I have not found anything that says that it is not the same person. There clearly are various different tones that you can hear and it makes for an interesting listen. They do have a song with some guest vocals, but that’s easy to hear and that’s easily confirmed by looking it up on Metal Archives, too.
You love true heavy metal. You keep it true. You want the original and authentic heavy metal, but you say that you do not know Steel Raiser. Well, Steel Raiser actually knows you very well. Steel Raiser is you. Steel Raiser is heavy metal.

A Flourishing Scourge: metal from the state of Washington. U.S.

A Flourishing Scourge: As Beauty Fades Away
Recently I have been following a bit of the developments around this band A Flourishing Scourge, a group from the Seattle/Snohomish County region. They played a show in Arlington some weeks ago and it looks like they have been busy lining up some more concerts. In addition, they have done something very exciting: they now have their debut EP for a September 2015 release.
Now, thanks to the band sending in a copy of the EP “As Beauty Fades Away,” there’s more to report about the band. I sort of had an idea what the music was going to sound like, having heard the band on ReverbNation previously, but it’s a different experience when you pop in the cd in the car and give it a few spins. I did not realize how ambitious this music would be. In my opinion, A Flourishing Scourge is fundamentally an early-Opethian metal band in spirit. Prog is the basis, and black and death metal are the pillars of A Flourishing Scourge.
The music has its own niche going because prog bands usually do not embrace black metal and death metal this fully, and death and black bands tend to shy away from the melody and mellow aspects of prog. That is why I point to early Opeth as a reference, the Opeth of the first two albums “Orchid” and “Morningrise” when the band sounded like it was in its own little world, before the commercial pressures. In a similar way, A Flourishing Scourge makes the effort to have good transitions between the mellow moments and the heavier ones, so that the music can flow, and not sound like a quick salad of riffs in a traffic jam.
Of course, this band can play music fast, slowly or melodically, but that’s not the point. The music does require several listens before it can really make sense to the audience. At first the songs are a landscape of sound waves, riffs and aural segments joined together by time, will and imagination. The sensation that the band seeks is that the listener recognize that it has taken a while for the compositions to form, and gratification for the listener will not be instant, but it does arrive with a few more spins. Is the band trying to separate the wheat from shaft, the casual listener from the ones that will become loyalists? Perhaps. Maybe there is no overall strategy besides just making the music they want and letting the music find the audience.
If listeners give this music the proper time, and are up for whatever new adventures might come around, this band would be a good choice. This is a wonderful start for the band. If this is only the beginning, supporters of the band have every right to be proud, and can look forward to some interesting and unexpected things to happen in the future. The band’s constant contrast of heaviness and melody, prog and extreme metal, beauty and beast, puts them in an advantageous position for the future.
Can you believe that this band is from Snohomish County? It is my understanding that at least some of the members are from the general Everett/Snohomish area. That’s very good news indeed. Let’s have more metal in the Everett/Snohomish/Lake Stevens/ Marysville/Arlington/etc. area.
The band is:
Tye Jones: the grit and the crunch
Josh Keifer: the cannons
Kevin Carbrey: the thunder
Andrew Dennis: the lead crunch
for tickets or booking information, please contact

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Devils of Loudun

The Devils of Loudun: Entering Oblivion
The Devils of Loudun have been getting out their name in the Seattle region. In 2015 things are becoming clearer. The band is now ready to show the world who they are with a brand new EP in 2015 called “Entering Oblivion.” The band plays a hybrid of neoclassical symphonic melodic black/death/power metal, with early Children of Bodom and also Kalmah as general reference points, if you want to know the musical parameters at work. The Devils of Loudun underline something important about metal music in 2015 in the Seattle area: metal bands are doing a wide variety of sounds, going in different directions. On ReverbNation the band has the following bio, which helps to illustrate the convergence of sounds:
“From Seattle, located in the heart of the rain drenched, frozen wastes of the Pacific Northwest, comes The Devils of Loudun. A six-man melodic death metal outfit named from a tale of religious fanaticism and demonic possession in 17th century France. Formed in the Summer of 2009, the band quickly gained ground in the non-existent Washington underground metal scene by destroying (and barfing at) every possible show that has been thrown at them. Drawing from influences which spread across a wide musical spectrum The Devils of Loudun's ever-evolving sound could be considered a combination of Scandinavian melodic death metal, symphonic power metal and American death metal topped with hearty serving of classical and video game influenced melodies. With the band recently finished up recording and releasing their first official EP titled “Entering Oblivion,” you can be sure to see them live, playing at local broken-down metal venues for pitchers of beer and on their upcoming West Coast tour in the Summer of 2015.”
This new EP “Entering Oblivion” is some 18 minutes of music that pulls the curtain completely and we now hear in full display where the band is going: they want to make great metal music, and they do not care if they break a few rules in the process. They stubbornly refuse to limit themselves to a genre or a style.
The band is:
Scott Hermanns – fire guitar wizardry
Drew Tuel – nuclear guitar enchantment
José Gutiérrez – drummering thunder exclaim
Ben Velozo – keyboardian altercations ways
Vance Bratcher – voices of the never end
Billy Keller – bass frequencies palpitations
Listen to the new music at Bandcamp.

metal music show is ON right now Friday night: Excuse All the Blood

Listen here:
Excuse All the Blood is a metal music show every Friday night at 11pm Pacific Time [Seattle time], United States. To find out more about the show, go to

Grave Digger versus Manowar: who has catchier songs?, part 3

Which band has catchier songs: Grave Digger or Manowar?
Metal Bulletin Zine is submitting its top ten Manowar catchiest songs and Excuse All the Blood is submitting its top ten Grave Digger catchiest songs.
Excuse All the Blood is a metal music show every Friday night at 11pm Pacific Time [Seattle time], United States. To find out more about the show, go to
Below is the Manowar top 8 song and the Grave Digger top 8 song.
Manowar (Call To Arms)
Grave Digger - We Wanna Rock You
Below is the Manowar top 9 song and the Grave Digger top 9 song.
Manowar number 9
Manowar - Kill With Power
Grave Digger - Lionheart
Metal Bulletin Zine submitted Manowar's top 10 song below: "Black Wind, Fire and Steel" and Excuse All the Blood has responded with Grave Digger's "Giants."
This is Grave Digger.
Grave Digger - Giants
Now, listen to this one. This is Manowar.
Black Wind, Fire And Steel

QUEENSRYCHE in Monroe, Washington state this Monday

Monday Aug 31
Evergreen State Fair
Monroe, WA


Dehydrated (Russia)
Dehydrated, which began in 2008, is “brutal death metal” from Tomsk, in the land of extreme harsh winters, Siberia. This band is for metalheads that love it all, chug it all ultra death metal and are never satisfied and always want more brutal, more slam, more heavy, more groove, more sick, more blurghh!
Their Facebook info says that the band is:
Ira - vox
Evgen – guitars
Evgenii - bass
The band has been active for a while now and has a good story so far, one that hopefully is just beginning. The following information is from the band’s bio:
“ … In October 2009 first birthday was celebrated by going on promotional tour SCREAM of TERROR tour 2009. Thus supporting EP they visited European Russia …Tour was crowned with utterly successful show at PETROGRIND – 6 (St. Peterburg) ...
October 2011 the band bestowed fans with first music video Alive Underground, two months later they issued second EP Mind Extract that included 5 songs. Next tour was finished with playing at ‘Jeleznie Devi’
Summer 2012 was dedicated to recording second full-length album ZONE beneath the SKIN that was released under HEADXPLODE Record in 29th September. Halved support tour included visiting Russian Far East, Siberia, European Russia and Ukraine. Early January of 2013 DEHYDRATED granted fans second music video WEREWOLF … 2013 for the band became even more successful in live performances…
Winter 2013 takes another significant event in the band's first tour of Europe. Which was timed to the anniversary as well and was named Anniversary winter tour 2013. Road includes 17 cities, 8 countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia … In the summer of 2014 DEHYDRATED sent to it’s biggest tour in the history of the band, 'GANGSTERS of the ROADS euro tour 2014', consisting of 25 dates. Border trails are expanding and it includes countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia. 7 of these concerts, open air festivals, such as: OBSCENE EXTREME fest (Czech republic), DEATH FEAST (Germany), Aggressive music fest (Czech republic), FLASH party (Slovakia) and others…”
Metal Archives lists the discography as:
Suffering from Mummification demo 2010
Duality of Existence Full-length 2011
PureFilth / Dehydrated / Grace Disgraced / Redrvm Split 2011 Mind Extract EP 2011
Zone Beneath the Skin Full-length 2012
Scar Inside Single 2014
You can listen to the music at the Bandcamp.

Fallen Angels: thrash from the Seattle area

Fallen Angels: World in Decay (Cyberdyne Records)
Fallen Angels preach the gospel of traditional thrash metal and they practice what they preach. At this congregation of thrash they impress upon you the importance of playing your instruments well and showing that you have the chops to play thrash. These Fallen Angels have a new album in 2015 and there are quite a few positives to notice. On one hand, the band kidnapped or blackmailed Michael Rosen to produce the album. Rosen is a name that thrashers will recognize due to his work with Death Angel/The Organization, Bonded by Blood, Flotsam and Jetsam, Sadus, Lääz Rockit, Forbidden, Testament, Vio-lence, Vicious Rumors and other bands.
The album is carefully aimed at the thrash audience, the people that demand that the guitar players have riffs, hooks and solos. This band will drop guitar work at your feet at any given time of the day because that is what they do. The solo may be a shred piece or it may have a bit of melody. Regardless, it is made with love, love of metal and love of guitar. For instance, the song “Mortis Ex Machina” makes it obvious that they have spent time thinking about how to make the solos work, as it is an example of the catchy songs that the band writes.
Fallen Angels sounds as excited about these songs as they would like the audience to be. In other words, their enthusiasm is contagious. You can hear the 80s influence, but the album sounds like thrash in 2015, traditional thrash. The band has every reason to feel great about this album. They even have done something that very few metal bands, and something that almost no thrash bands know how to do: the bass guitar is very audible on the album. You might react like this: “Oh, so, that’s what the bass actually sounds like in a metal album, eh?!” That’s a very nice touch on the part of the band and I assume that they asked Michael Rosen to help them out on this matter and Mr. Rosen did help them and you can hear the difference.
This is Fallen Angels in 2015. The band began in 2002. Metal Archives says that the band had a demo in 2004 and another one in 2005, and the first album “Rise from the Ashes” is from 2008. The second album “Engines of Oppression” is from 2010. It looks like the band perhaps hit a few snags along the way to the third album, but the band is back. You have to give credit to the band for the perseverance and for the new album. I’m sure it has not been easy going five years between albums, but what a great come back. Let’s hope that metal people in the Seattle and Washington and Pacific Northwest area respond to the band’s calling for thrash. If you are loyal to thrash, and you would like to hear a Seattle area band that plays thrash in 2015, this band will gladly show you what they do.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Grave Digger versus Manowar: who has catchier songs?, part 2

Which band has catchier songs: Grave Digger or Manowar?
Metal Bulletin Zine is submitting its top ten Manowar catchiest songs and Excuse All the Blood is submitting its top ten Grave Digger catchiest songs.
Excuse All the Blood is a metal music show every Friday night at 11pm Pacific Time [Seattle time], United States. To find out more about the show, go to
Below is the Manowar top 9 song and the Grave Digger top 9 song.
Manowar number 9
Manowar - Kill With Power
Grave Digger - Lionheart
Metal Bulletin Zine submitted Manowar's top 10 song below: "Black Wind, Fire and Steel" and Excuse All the Blood has responded with Grave Digger's "Giants."
This is Grave Digger.
Grave Digger - Giants
Now, listen to this one. This is Manowar.
Black Wind, Fire And Steel

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rhine: extreme/prog gamblers from the state of Washington, U.S.

Watch out for the outlaws of extreme metal: Rhine. They will steal your horse and steal your wagon. Prepare yourself by learning how to prevent this theft by listening to the Rhine album “Duality” (2014) on Bandcamp. These mavericks of prog/extreme metal started in Seattle in 2011. On the album, apparently, the gambler Gabriel Tachell does everything, making the album a project of a lone ranger, but which now is a group of high sierra bandidos.
Facebook says that this is the band:
the gambler Gabriel Tachell - guitar/vocals
the dealer Alex Smolin - guitar
the joker Carlos Delgado - drums
the smoker James Porter - bass
The music sounds, more or less, like extreme metal with prog elements, or if you will, a prog band of an extreme metal heritage. Whether it’s death metal or black metal that you hear, it’s tempered with prog guitar or prog structures. The music is a bit overwhelming at first. Here and there, the music is turned upside down with segments and pieces of experimental sounds. Rhine is kind of making up its own rules on this album, pushing for idiosyncrasies in the sound. They don’t sound really, really absurdly strange now, just loud, abrasive and somewhat experimental. They sound like extreme metal, but their followers could be in for a shock next album because this band will likely increase the maverick factor by ten, and we are all going to be dazed, confused or dazed and confused, which is surely what this band wants. Once a band starts down the misty mountain high sierra hop, there’s usually no going back to “regular” or “normal” metal. This game of cards could get wild. Keep your eyes on the dealer. You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them.

To the Pain (U.S.): 7 (Self-Released)

Props to this band To the Pain for continuing and making this, their second album, on their own. It is very probable that they have had to sacrifice quite a bit and be stubborn a lot in order to make this album happen.
To the Pain, a groove/thrash band with traditional singing, represents that blue-collar metal music that is made by musicians determined to show their work to the metal world. The band has a muscular, chubby guitar tone and the drumming is not about speed: it's about rhythm and heaviness.
The band is from New York, U.S. and they are probably too traditional for that cesspool of trends and fashions that is New York, which probably explains a lot about why this band is on its own, swimming against the stream.
To me, there is an early-90s Pantera energy about the band and perhaps a lot of thrash, too, but To the Pain has its own shindig going and you can tell that this is not some garage demo. The recording has a rather clear sound and it actually sounds considerably different from the super computerized metal of today. The sound is kind of chunky, kind chuggy, but with real guitar solos. The band does use melody, too, to balance out the pounding metal. The vocals are mostly melodic, although here and there, some rougher parts are used.
I would say that if you love the early-90s Pantera sound, if you like old thrash, and if you like to find out about bands that are ignored because they are not trendy, the kind of band that exists in a hostile world, then find out more about To the Pain. This band is so stubborn and untrendy that they do not even wear jumpsuits, they don't have dreadlocks, they don't wear makeup (any kind of makeup), they don't show off their tattoos, they don't wear tough guy baseball cap backwards hats, and they do not even wear masks. C'mon, To the Pain, how are you ever going to make it if y'all insist on not acting like a bunch of gimmicky idiots?!
To The Pain is:
Steve Shaver - Lead Guitar, vocals
John Intagliata - Lead Vocals
Craig Piano -Guitar
Jimmy Klimatas - Drums
Jeremy Lustig - Bass

Bell Witch: funeral doom from Washington state, U.S.

Bell Witch
Bell Witch is a doom band with two people:
Dylan Desmond: bass/vocals
Adrian Guerra: drums/vocals
Metal Archives says that the band started in 2010 and gives three works as the discography, starting with the “Bell Witch” demo from 2011, a four-song recording of about 37 minutes. In 2012 the first album, “Longing,” was released, a work that lasts about one hour and seven minutes. This album is six tracks and you can hear the complete recording at Bandcamp. This album is recommended to listeners that are really into funeral death doom. For instance, the first song “Balls (of Flesh”) is over 21 minutes. It is best that you settle down, or let the music settle you down, calm your body down and let it take you on the journey, in slow motion. t’s heavy, slow and atmosphere is of the highest importance, an exploration of slow sounds.
In 2015 they have a new album called “Four Phantoms” on Profound Lore Records. The new album is another monument of about one hour and six minutes, divided into four parts. These doomsters have begun to hit pay dirt as Bell Witch and the new album is the evidence of that. Forget the fast life of the city for a while and take it slow, away from school, work, stress and traffic.
Bell Witch at The Slidebar, Fullerton. 8-18-14 (Full set)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mechanical God Creation

Mechanical God Creation is death metal from Italy. The band started in 2006. Below you will find information about the band and links to hear the music.
The band is:
Lucy - Vocals
Dave- Bass
Deimos - Guitar
Mirko - Guitar
Carlo - Drums
This is the band's bio:
"Mechanical God Creation was born in October, 2006. The original core of the band sees the light thanks to a forum where Lucy, the former singer of Art of Mutilation who was at that time playing in an English band together with two members of Hecate Enthroned, finds Simo (guitar / vocals) and, the two decide to complete the line-up to form a death metal band. Simo contacts Jambra to play drums, Runza joines as second guitarist till Andrea completes the line-up on bass guitar. The band walks into the Larsen Forge Recording Studios in Milan in March 2007 to record their first demo entitled "… And the Battle becomes War" featuring 3 tracks and an instrumental intro. The demo is released in May 2007 and is reviewed very positively by magazines and webzines in Italy as well as Europe. In June 2007, the band is selected and voted to play on the 2nd stage of Gods of Metal, playing with sacred monsters like Ozzy Osbourne, Korn and Megadeth. In 2008, the band starts playing live out of Italy, in Austria and at the Metalcamp Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia where they play with groups like Meshuggah,Iced Earth,Behemoth… In July 2008 the band begins to plan recording of their first full length album and, at the same time, signs a contract with Carlo Bellotti. In November, the West Link Studios in Pisa see the band recording the tracks of bass and drums, then it is the Alpha Omega studios in Como where they complete the recording and mixing of guitars and voices helped by the expert Alex Azzali. The mastering will then be done at Finnvox Studio in Finland. … Cell XII finds its final shape in Autumn 2009 …nine tracks of pure aggression During those months, the line-up had several changes: Jambra, Runza and Simo decided to leave the project for personal reasons and Mgc was busy searching for new members. The search resulted in Ale, Manuel and Davide joining the band and a second album “Artifact Of Annihilation” was recorded at Math Lab and Alpha Omega studio and mixing/mastering at Garage Studio in Canada from Chris Donaldson of Criptopsy . After a hard time and several problems within the band, Lucy decides to totally reform it and channel her passionate inspiration through new musicians. Fra and Mirko on guitars, Dave on bass and Carlo as drummer. And the guys are now busy writing new stuff. In May 10th 2014 Mechanical God Creation supported Behemoth in Saint Petersburg."
Listen to the music below.
Mechanical God Creation - Terror In The Air (Official Video)
Mechanical God Creation - Full Set - (St.Petersburg, Russia, 10.05.2014)...

Monday, August 17, 2015


Lumpur is ultra death metal from Indonesia. If you would like to hear a metal assault at a blasting frenzy, please check the ReverbNation link.
This is the band's bio from ReverbNation:
formed at the end of the year 1994, specifically in the city of Bandung on November 11, 1994 by the name of LUMPUR, first for full length albums with tittle ESCAPE YOUR PUNISHMENT. Which released in early February 2003. In the ninth generation in the last formations with Fadly (Vocals), Putra (Guitar), Andre (Guitar), Dicky (Bass), Ari Bejo (Drums) which is the final formation in 2003. After launching an album with title ESCAPE YOUR PUNISHMENT in 2003 and vacant again LUMPUR find the light for the return to scene Death Metal in mid 2009. Finally, after 7 years erratic, LUMPUR active crawling back to the get involved again, to Death Metal scene that has raised a LUMPUR name. The leading, Putra (Guitar). Strikes again back to the scene, with a predominantly young guns with new force is a : andri gila (Vocal), dyo (Bass), and Dawan (drums). With this a cross-generation, concept still referring to the American Taste Death Metal, LUMPUR still prioritize their themes about Suffer, Humans Moral decay , War and destruction. Concept music still bring to brutal death Currently LUMPUR writing for a new material for second album with titled is CONCERNING RETALIATORY.

Meadows End

Meadows End (Sweden) is melodic growl metal in the style of Dark Tranquillity. Below you hear the music.
The band is:
Johan "The Brute" Brandberg - Vocals ///
Robin Mattsson - Keyboard ///
Jan Dahlberg - Guitar ///
Rikard Öqvist - Guitar ///
Mats Helli - Bass ///
Daniel Tiger - Drums
Metal Archives lists the following discography:
Beyond Tranquil Dreams Demo 1998
Self-Forsaken Demo 1999
Everlasting Demo 2000
Soulslain Demo 2002
Somber Nation's Fall EP 2004
Dead Calm Rise EP 2006
Ode to Quietus Full-length 2010
Devilspeed Loathekill EP 2013
The Sufferwell Full-length 2014
Meadows End - Soulslain (2015)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grave Digger versus Manowar: who has catchier songs?!, part 1

Metal Bulletin Zine and Excuse All the Blood are waging an epic struggle to the death to determine which band has catchier songs, Grave Digger or Manowar?
(Excuse All the Blood is a metal music show every Friday night at 11pm Pacific Time [Seattle time], United States. To find out more about the show, go to
Metal Bulletin Zine will submit the top 10 Manowar songs and Excuse All the Blood will submit the top 10 Grave Digger songs. We are doing this one song at a time. Metal Bulletin Zine submitted Manowar's top 10 song below: "Black Wind, Fire and Steel" and Excuse All the Blood has responded with Grave Digger's "Giants."
Ladies and gentlemen, witness the mighty battle take place in front of your very eyes! Are you ready to rummmmmmmmmmmble?!!
Let's get it on!
Who will it be? Grave Digger or Manowar?
This is Grave Digger.
Grave Digger - Giants
Now, listen to this one. This is Manowar.
Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Next: soon Metal Bulletin Zine will answer back with its number 9 Manowar song and we'll see how Excuse All the Blood tries to top it!

Friday, August 14, 2015

new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine

Metal Bulletin Zine issue number 54 is now available. You can read the PDF online and downloaded for free. Number 54 has the following:
Leather Leone (Chastain, Sledge Leather)
bands from Washington state: Rutah, Inquinok
album reviews, news, updates: One Machine, Arcturus, My Refuge, Morbid Slaughter, Suspended, Satanika, Evil Force, Secret Sphere, Tentation, Cattle Decapitation, Mongol Metal: Tengger Cavalry / Nine Treasures / Ego Fall, DarkTribe, Goat Torment, Ogotay, Kaledon, Antropofago, Norylsk, Deathwhite, Fedra, Gutter Instinct, Soradra
free metal music
Crânula, Eldertale, Dead Conception, Hereditary
The website Fuglymaniacs has the new issue available for you. Please see:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Temple of Baal

Temple of Baal (France) is an extreme metal band that began in 1998.
the band is:
Amduscias : Vocals/Guitars
Saroth : Guitars/Backing Vocals
Arkdaemon : Bass/Backing Vocals
Skvm : Drums
Metal Archives has the following discography:
Satanas Lux Solis Demo 1999
Unholy Chants of Darkness / Faces of the Void Split 2001
Black Unholy Presence Demo 2002
Rituals of Black Plague Live album 2003
Servants of the Beast Full-length 2003
Sargeist / Temple of Baal Split 2004
Traitors to Mankind Full-length 2005
Ancestral Fog / Temple of Baal Split 2006
Temple of Baal / Aosoth Split 2007
Lightslaying Rituals Full-length 2009
The Vision of Fading Mankind Split 2011
Verses of Fire Full-length 2013
Mysterium Full-length 2015
listen here:


Volharding is a growl metal band from New Jersey. You can hear their album "Ascension" at Bandcamp below.
They are into: Unearth, All That Remains, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, Divine Heresy, Chimaira, Fear Factory, Trivium, Demon Hunter
Will Moss - Vocals
Rick Bakker - Guitar
Jay Bakker - Guitar
John Kraemer - Drums

Shattered Skies

Shattered Skies is "melodic groove metal from Ireland, based in London." If you are open to modern groove sounds, check them out below.
"Shattered Skies is a progressive metal band from Ireland/UK, formed in early 2011. That same year, the band released the critically acclaimed 'Reanimation' EP, which received rave reviews in publications such as Metal Hammer, Classic Rock Prog, and many more. Since then the band has gone on to perform at numerous festivals around Europe, including ProgPower in Holland, Bloodstock in the UK, 2 UK Techfests, and 3 visits to Euroblast in Germany. The band has played alongside names such as Machine Head, Dimmu Borgir, Alice Cooper, TesseracT, Scar Symmetry, SikTh, Animals as Leaders, Twelve Foot Ninja, The Algorithm, After the Burial and many more.
Their debut full-length album 'The World We Used to Know' is due for release on January 12th 2015 via HoldTight!"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tripping the Mechanism

Tripping the Mechanism is doom/sludge metal band from South Carolina. U.S. The band says that "Tripping The Mechanism was brought into this realm after three music junkies got together and decided they wanted to start a religion, a family, a sanctuary from all the madness called life. Starting in 2006 and still currently raging up and down the east coast TTM is just as strong now as they were then and getting stronger still."
Listen and support here:

FIRE STRIKE - Night Fever (Official Video)

This is Fire Strike, heavy metal from Brazil.
"The band FIRE STRIKE was formed under the name HOLE OF HELL, in 2004, always with the purpose of playing the purest traditional metal, with roots in the style icons in the 80s. Always playing covers and influenced by bands like Grim Reaper, Angel Witch, Saxon, Iron Maiden, among other big names of this line of traditional heavy metal.
With the name HOLE OF HELL, the band performed a few times and also released a demo auto-intitule, but had a simple production and served as a first step to learning work on studio.
In 2005 there is a change in the line-up and with this change, the band is now called FIRE STRIKE, with line-up that had faith Kuro (Current Living Heart), Helyad Amaro and Felipe (G), Bruno Trevigno (B) and Jean Praelii (D), record the first demo of Fire Strike, the band becomes several shows, but over time other line-up changes, delay the plans to launches official debut of the material. In 2010 another change occurs that alters and elevates the songwriting of the band, with the entry of the singer Aline Nunes, moves the 'footprint' of songs bringing more technical, but the traditional ideology remains intact.
With the formation of Aline Nunes ( V ) , Helyad Amaro , Henrique Schuindt (G ) , Edivan Diamond ( B ) and Jean Praelii ( D ) the band released their first official record The Ep 'Lion And Tiger'.
'Lion And Tiger' was recorded and produced by the band independently, the recordings were made at the home of guitarist Helywild, who handled the production with the help of fellow guitarist Henrique Shuindt, the result was much higher than expected by the band and received excellent critical in specialized media from various parts of the world, such as note 10/10 on the site Die Fight.
The cover art was done by the great artist Celso Mathias, who has worked with other bands on the national scene and has a very successful career working for multinationals with their illustrations.
The CD release occurred via Thirteen Records label owned by Tor vocalist, the band Zumbis do Espaço, the EP has 5 songs themselves: “Nightfever”,”Streets of Fire”,”True as a Dream”,” Master of the seas” and the title track “Lion and Tiger“.'
The Ep in less than 2 months of release the copies had been sold in Japan and Europe being sold to countries like USA, France, Ireland, Italy and Russia. The band already has the experience of sharing the stage with big names from the national and international metal as Harppia, Hellish War, Salário mínimo,Antharez, Comando Nuclear,Skull Fist, among others, is with great pretensions to the disclosure of this Tour his first official record.
In 2014 there was a further change in the formation of the band, Jean Praelii leaves the band and his was the replacement Alan Hunter, an excellent drummer who already was part of the bands FINAL SCREAM (cover of Grim Reaper and authorial), Shockbreaker (traditional heavy metal, authorial) Tiger (traditional heavy metal band with female vocal) still belongs. Alan enters the Fire Strike already writing the first full length which is slated for 2015.
Influences: All the great traditional heavy metal bands in the world, mainly: SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST, PRETTY MAIDS, GRIM REAPER, IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, TWISTED SISTER, ACCEPT, KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE."

free album of deathcore: HYPERION

HYPERION is deathcore from the U.K. They say that they are "For fans of - Aegaeon, Aversions Crown, Impending Doom, Nexilva, Make Them Suffer, Signal The Firing Squad and Lorna Shore." Below you will find the link to the free/name-your-price album.
The band says:
"Hyperion is comprised of not only the remaining members of "Condemned" but also Matt and Courtney, two of the original members from "Bound By Exile" who joined the band in late 2013.
Gage, whom was the original vocalist has moved to the position of guitarist, and Dom has moved from guitar to bass. These changes have proved vital in the progression of the band in conjunction with the addition of the new members.
Matt and Courtney bring a new edge to the band with their signature styles and varied influences. Both of which are talented and experienced musicians that have spent many years touring and recording during their time spent in "Bound By Exile" and all their previous endeavors.
As before in "Condemned", Hyperion also utilizes three guitarists; all of which use 8-string guitars, and they use them to their advantage to create a monstrous assault in both their live shows and recordings alike."
On Facebook these are the members:
Courtney Rice - Vocals
Gage Conway - Guitar
Tom Martin - Guitar
Kev Florence - Guitar
Dom Allison - Bass
Matt Marks - Drums
Recently the band posted the following: "August 2 at 3:31pm
Unfortunately Hyperion from now on will not be performing as a live band, this has been a hard decision to make and has been a while coming, the bulk of this band (who formerly were condemned) have been playing live for about 7 years now, and all the struggles has taken it's tole on a lot of us for a while now, and with that the love of the band and doing live shows declining within members. We didn't want to replace anyone as we've felt we've had to do this a lot already even as a new band,so with the decision of the majority wanting to leave and stop playing live music we've decided to carry on Hyperion as an internet project with the remaining members, so u can still expect new material from us in the future and look forward to new live projects"
Hear/download the free album here.

Hate Storm Annihilation

Hate Storm Annihilation is a death metal band from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. They are a relatively new band, formed in 2012, according to Metal Archives. The band has an album called "Storm of Flames" (2014), which is the following.
1. From Slave to Serpent 04:23
2. Scorcher of the Holy 03:15
3. From the Inside Out 02:33
4. Lucifer Rising 04:10
5. Blinded Followers 04:22
6. Destroyer of Worlds 04:06
7. The Cleansing of Humanity by the Blackened Sun That Shadows 05:41
8. Crucify 06:28
9. Thy Flesh, My Crop 05:12
10. The Storm of Flames 05:54
total time 46:04
Listen to the music here.


Amken is a thrash band from Greece. Find out more below and start a mosh pit.
"What happens when four crazy fellows join forces in the heart of the Greek metal scene? Blood-pumping, fast-paced bay area thrash combined with that notorius teutonic drive; all under the veil of their debut release, "Adrenaline Shot" EP (30.11.2014).
Winners of the first TOP OF THE ROCKS contest, AMKEN is spreading the mayhem of their breathtaking performances with numerous live shows around Greece and abroad, including support slots with SKELETONWITCH (US), PLANET OF ZEUS (GR), REACTORY (DE), BIO-CANCER (GR), SIX FEET UNDER (US) in Germany and SKULL FIST (CA) in Cyprus.
In anticipation of their full-length album the quartet is currently working vigorously for a late 2015 / early 2016 release, at the same time celebrating recognition through their feature on METAL HAMMER's CD compilation "Lessons in Violence – The New Greek Thrash Metal Breed" (issue #365) and the re-release of their debut EP as a split via Mexican label EBM Records (20.05.2015).
AMKEN was formed in September 2011 in Athens, Greece."
Amken - Adrenaline Shot Ep (2014)
This person is not Amken, but he likes Amken and he wants the whole world to know about it!

Tygers Of Pan Tang

Tygers of Pan Tang is a highlight of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, that metal music big bang in the late 70s in the U.K. Below you will the band's history, discography, links and music to hear.
This is a bit of the history of the band.
"The Tygers of Pan Tang are Robb Weir (Guitar), Jacopo Meille (Vocals), Gav Gray (Bass) who played with the band at the 1999 Wacken festival re-union, Craig Ellis (Drums) who has been with the band since 2000 and the latest recruit was local North East guitar prodigy Micky Crystal who joined in 2013.
The band was originally formed in 1978 by Robb Weir (guitar) who then recruited Brian Dick (drums), Rocky (real name Richard Laws, bass), and Jess Cox (vocals). Rapidly building a local following from relentless touring, they were first signed up by local independent label Neat Records who released the debut single Don’t Touch Me There before MCA gave them a major record deal. The Band released their debut album `Wild Cat` in 1980.
Also in 1980 John Sykes (later of Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) was added as a second guitarist to compliment the musical direction the band wanted to pursue. Jess Cox was replaced by Persian Risk vocalist Jon Deverill and this line up released the Classic LP `Spellbound` in 1981. The album was critically acclaimed and loved by the fans. Instead of promoting `Spellbound` to the full with worldwide touring the record company wanted the band to record a third album almost straight away which produced the under-rated Crazy Nights album. The frustration became apparent within the band and shortly after recording Crazy Nights and just before the start of a European tour John Sykes decided to leave. The band approached ex-Penetration guitarist Fred Purser who had to learn the set in two days before the tour began.
The bands fourth album `The Cage` (1982) was their most accomplished effort so far and the future looked promising. Unfortunately again the record company intervened and were not prepared to promote the band unless they agreed to play more cover recordings (this followed the band's worldwide hit with `Love Potion No. 9`). The band tried to break free from their contract to concentrate on their own material, but MCA's demands exceeded the willingness of any other record company to buy out the contract and the band broke up in frustration.
In 2001, Robb Weir decided to reform the band as a going concern, despite being the only original member. Robb wanted to keep the Tygers name alive, play the music he loves and to play for the fans that he had remained close to.
In 2008 the band released their real comeback album `Animal Instinct` and the reviews were spectacular. Geoff Barton from Classic Rock Magazine gave the album a 8/10 with comment that he preferred the album to both Whitesnake's `Good to be Bad` and Def Leppards `Songs from the Sparkle Lounge`. The album received fantastic worldwide reviews in almost all the major publications and websites alike.
2010 was regarded as the 30th Anniversary of NWOBHM, this saw the Tygers celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their debut release `Wildcat` and to commemorate this, the band re-recorded five tracks from the `Wildcat` album and called the release `The Wildcat Sessions` EP. In 2011 the second instalment of the Sessions EP was released `The Spellbound Sessions EP.
2012 was a special year for the band, not only were the Tygers invited to play one of the premier music festivals `Sweden Rock Festival` it also finished the writing of the new album ` Ambush`. A new record company was also on board `Rocksecter Records` and Chris Tsangarides was engaged to produce and mix the new album as was Rodney Matthews who was commissioned to produce the albums artwork. Chris was the producer for the `Wildcat` and `Spellbound` albums and who better to get that Tyger signature sound and Rodney painted the iconic `Crazy Nights` cover. The back-room team was back in action and the band really have excelled with `Ambush` which gives everything expected from the Tygers of Pan Tang.
In 2013 the Tygers hit the road to promote `Ambush` and played a number of venues around Europe, 2014 is expected to be the same.

The spirit and camaraderie within the band has never been better and this is reflecting in both the writing of new songs and the live performances. It’s exciting times for the Tygers and 2014 should be another busy year.
In the May 1979 issue of Sounds magazine the term ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’ was used to describe a second wave of heavy metal bands that emerged in the late 1970’s.
It was an era considered to be a major foundation stone for many metal genres. The pioneers of NWOBHM who have had a major influence with their musical style include Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Saxon, Diamond Head and … Tygers of Pan Tang."
Metal Archives has the following discography for the band.
Don't Touch Me There Single 1979
Rock'n'Roll Man Single 1980
Suzie Smiled Single 1980
Wild Cat Full-length 1980
Euthanasia Single 1980
BBC in Concert Live album 1981
Hellbound Single 1981
The Story So Far Single 1981
Spellbound Full-length 1981
Don't Stop By Single 1981
Love Don't Stay Single 1981
Crazy Nights Full-length 1981
Heavy Metal '82 Split 1982
Tygers of Pan Tang Compilation 1982
Do It Good Single 1982
Lonely at the Top Single 1982
Rendezvous Single 1982
Love Potion #9 Single 1982
The Cage Full-length 1982
Paris by Air Single 1982
Making Tracks Single 1982
Live & Singles + 3 Compilation 1984
The Best of Tygers of Pan Tang Compilation 1984
The Wreck-Age Full-length 1985 2
First Kill Compilation 1986
Burning in the Shade Full-length 1987
Hellbound Compilation 1989
Singles Compilation 1992
The Best of Tygers of Pan Tang: On the Prowl Compilation 1999
Mystical Full-length 2001
Live at Wacken Live album 2001
Live at Nottingham Rock City Live album 2001
Cybernation Demo 2002
Live in the Roar Live album 2003
The Second Wave Split 2003
Noises from the Cathouse Full-length 2004
Vision from the Cathouse Video 2004
Detonated Compilation 2005
Leg of the Boot: Live in Holland Live album 2005
Big Game Hunting (The Rarities) Compilation 2005
Bad Bad Kitty Compilation 2005
Back & Beyond EP 2007
Animal Instinct Full-length 2008
The Wildcat Sessions EP 2010
The Spellbound Sessions - 30th Anniversary Special Edition EP 2011
Tygers of Pan Tang ‎– The Greatest Years 1979-1983 Boxed set 2011
Ambush Full-length 2012
Tygers Sessions: The First Wave Compilation 2015
track list for Ambush (2012)
1. Keeping Me Alive 05:27
2. These Eyes 04:10
3. One of a Kind 04:14
4. Rock & Roll Dream 04:07
5. She 04:49
6. Man on Fire 04:10
7. Play to Win 04:51
8. Burning Desire 04:56
9. Hey Suzie 04:18
10. Mr. Indispensable 04:23
11. Speed 03:42
total time 49:07
Tygers of Pan Tang. 'Keeping Me Alive' (from 'Ambush'). Promo Video crea...
Tygers of pan tang - gangland
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Wild Catz
Here are the German thrashers Kreator paying tribute to Tygers of Pan Tang.
Kreator - Gangland (Tygers of Pan Tang cover)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Inquinok: metal from the state of Washington, U.S.

If you have not heard this black metal entity, you’ll be surprised to find out that the recording on Bandcamp is free/name-your-price. It’s a bit surprising because it is a full-length album, Inquinok’s third, “Dimension of I.”
The discography is:
Shadows Amongst the Moonlight 2002
Entranced by Twilight's Gaze 2006
Immortal Dawn 2009
Dimension of I 2013
track list for Dimension of I:
1.Shrouded in Chaos 04:45
2.King 06:29
3.Illusion 04:57
4.Dominion 04:09
5.Dimension of I 07:59
6.Banner 05:49
7.Shattered 07:07
8.Tormented Skies 05:45
9.Engines Defined 08:12
total time: 55:12
This is the band’s bio:
“Inquinok is an epic, melodic extreme metal band out of Seattle, Washington. The band was founded in the summer of 2000 by Krelian and had it’s first full lineup in May of 2001.
Inquinok released their demo entitled “Shadows Amongst The Moonlight” in 2003 which featured four very dark and atmospheric tracks. The demo received much praise from fans of extreme metal and metal in general and was reviewed positively in several magazine/websites including Metal Maniacs. The band played many shows before going in to the studio to record their debut album, including supporting bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Incantation and Sadus.
Inquinok’s debut album entitled “Entranced By Twilight’s Gaze” was released in January of 2006. Entranced By Twilight’s Gaze featured ten songs, showcasing great songwriting and musicianship as well as excellent solo work from then new lead guitarist Mordred. The album established Inquinok as a promising new metal act and a band to look out for.
In early 2007, the new lineup was fully realized. The band's lineup became Krelian on vocals & rhythm guitars, Mordred on lead & rhythm guitar, Kythving on bass, and Tormentor on drums. Inquinok had become more aggressive and darker then ever, partly due to the addition of Tormentors fast and brutal drum style. The band showcased their new material at various shows including their headlining of the Northwest Deathfest in 2007 and supporting such bands Mayhem, Nachtmystium, Wolves In The Throne Room and Enslaved.
In 2010, Inquinok released a single 'Tormented Skies' before starting work on their 3rd album which would be called 'Dimension of I'. 'Dimension of I' which featured 9 brand new tracks was released digitally in January 2013. After taking a break after the release to work on some other projects (Shaded Enmity, Somnae) the band will be returning in full force for live shows and a 4th album.
Hear/download the music here:

Rutah: metal from the state of Washington

Rutah is an extreme metal band from Spokane, Washington state.
According to the band bio:
“Formed in the summer of 1999, Rutah was a group of friends that wanted to listen and play extreme metal, so the band was formed and has been going strong since. Over the years we have had the privilage to play with many great bands local and international and have had some great shows on tour and at home. Our goal as a band is to stay true to what we started out as, a extreme metal band that does not change to fit the popular trends of the time, but to play the music we love and the way we love to play it, HEAVY, FAST, LOUD!!”
The discography is:
Hate from Days Long Past 2005
Welcome to the End of Days 2007
A Place of Outer Darkness 2012
The band has some free downloads on ReverbNation. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.
If you would like to hear more of this Washington state metal definitely go to ReverbNation, as they have some songs on there.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Fedra (Colombia)
Fedra is traditional black metal from Colombia. In 2015 the band has a new album called “The Gates of Hell.” The band says about itself:
“In early 2006 FEDRA was born between dreams and laments emanating from the depths, inhabited by templation, lust and mundane, where men have been sentenced to eternal torture and suffering.”
The band is:
lead singer: Carolina Araque
guitarist: Janis Gutiérrez
bass and choirs: Ana María Briñez
drummer: Catherine Correa
The discography is:
The Queen of Darkness I demo 2008
The Queen of Darkness II demo 2011
The Gates of Hell full-length 2015
track list to "The Gates of Hell."
2.Engraved on a Tombstone my Name
3.Fuerza sombria
5.La muerte
6.Eternal Blasphemy
7.La ley del infierno
9.Hija de la noche
10.Voodoo Magic
11.Oda al mal
12.The Next To Die
13.Recuerdo oscuro
Go their Facebook to find out more. On Twitter the band is offering the 2011 available for free.

free EP of death metal: Hereditary

Hereditary (Germany): Angel of Decay
The band is “death metal from Bonn, Germany.” Once you listen to the free/name-your-price EP on Bandcamp, the band’s area of specialty comes into focus a bit better. The band plays that older “melodic death metal” that a band like Dark Tranquillity helped to define, but please do not confuse this band with a band like In Flames nowadays because this German band sounds like death metal, with some thrashy riffs and more memorable structures. There are no melodic vocals, just growls and snarls. The drumming has some blasting and it’s generally fast. Overall, this is a great start for this new band, formed in 2013. The band has put together a recording of which they can be proud.
The band is:
Flo (vocals)
Stefan (drums)
Jesco (guitars)
Flo (guitars)
Marcel (bass)
The EP is about 22 minutes and it is called “Angel of Decay.”
1.Angel Of Decay 03:46
2.Buried In Exploited Flesh 02:54
3.Prophecy Of Fear 03:23
4.Resurrected Persecutor 04:20
5.Flesh & Bones 02:51
6.Impurity 03:25
7.Evilution 01:13
Hear and download the full recording for free. Better yet, donate whatever you can. New bands need all the help that you can give them. Let them know that you are out there.


Soradra (Madagascar)
Soradra has a recording and below there is a link where you can hear it. The recording is a rough one, but it gives a solid idea of the thrash that they play. It is called “Ho sora-drà.”
The band is:
Bass guitar: Balita
Drums: Ando Ranady
Guitar, vocals: Faniry Ram
Guitar: Lito M
This is the band’s bio:
“SORADRA is a Thrash Metal band founded in 2006 by students of the Lycée Jules Ferry Faravohitra (Antananarivo, Madagascar) following jam sessions. Faniry Ram, Balita, Ando Ranady Rapa and are then the first members in the group. SORADRA spent the first 3 years of his life to the compositions and in the rehearsal studios to prepare well its future appearances. In September 2009, the 4 guys, supported by Tojo (Back vocals on occasion), executed their first performance at the festival 'Metal Wave at Falda Antanimena - Antananarivo, Madagascar. This was the first and last concert rapa as a member of SORADRA. He left the group because of his studies but will still be on good terms with his former comrades in arms. The group is transposed composition Trio concerts during 'Challenge's Metal' (27 December 2009 at the ECAR Isotry - Antananarivo, Madagascar) and Animation of the African Cup of Nations' (January 10, 2010 at Gymnasium Covered Mahamasina - Antananarivo, Madagascar) waiting to find a replacement for Rapa.
In 2010, Faniry contact Locki to become the new guitarist SORADRA. Upon his arrival in this fraternity, he is very motivated and began working piece by piece. That same year, the new line-up in studio (in ValiMad) to run the first recordings of Maso Mena and miaramila Miloko (to be reconstituted in 2012). After relentless repetition, as usual, Balita, Ando Ranady, Faniry Ram and Locki take the stage April 23, 2011 during the first festival 'Big Metal at Kianja Maitso of Analamahitsy - Antananarivo, Madagascar. Then, the self-produced concert entitled 'Metal Warrior' with other groups of the independent scene (SHARKS, SAKRAMETA and FAMBARA) at the Municipal Theatre Analakely - Antananarivo, Madagascar. It is not finished for 2011 because September 6, 2011, SORADRA mounts a festival entitled 'Together As Metal' (in collaboration with the group SHARKS) and gives another performance at the Municipal Theatre Isotry.
In 2012, the band entered the studio to record the first album 'Ho Sora-Dra'. The same year, after recording half the album playlist, Locki announces his departure from the group for academic reasons. He entered the Military Academy (Antsirabe) and will finish her training in 2015.
SORADRA therefore returned to the composition during the concert Trio 'Metal Absolute', 14 July 2012 (at Jed One Ankazomanga - Antananarivo, Madagascar), but also during the recording of Aizina.
During recording of Aizina, Lito (a friend of Ram Faniry during his years of college) was contacted to lend his acoustic guitar to the group (you can hear the acoustic part at the beginning and the end of the song). Resulting from this cooperation, Lito million was taken as a new guitarist SORADRA and participate in the finalization of the album (which will be delayed for financial reasons).
The season of concerts of the 2013 group is started on April 27 to mark the second edition of the festival 'Pic Fest at Itaosy Guest House - Antananarivo, Madagascar. Continuing with his new quartet formation SORADRA participates at the festival Big Metal Café 'May 20, 2013 at Akorondrano.
The year 2013 is very important to this group of Thrash Metal as it marks the release of "Ho Sora-Dra." To promote the album, the four thrashers set off to Antsirabe and participate in concert 'M'Rock Vita Bacc' the French Alliance of Antsirabe with two groups from Antananarivo and local groups on August 25 2013. After the show, they took advantage of their trip to shoot the video for "Thrash Mirevy" (3rd video of the group).
Meanwhile, the compositions and the search for new inspirations continue, as improving and strengthening the performance of each group member. On May 31, 2014, coinciding with the anniversary of Faniry Ram SORADRA is called to carry out work during the concert 'BijaMetRock at Pariss Ambatoroka - Antananarivo, Madagascar. During the same year, in response to the promotion of the first album, the group went back in the direction of self-production to establish a special concert titled Thrash Metal 'Thrash Metal in Blood'.”
track list for “Ho sora-drà”
1.Maso Mena
2.Ho soradra
3.No More Trust (Tribute to Cherokees)
4.Bala ho anlah
6.Miaramila miloko
7.Thrash Mirevy
8.So Dizzy
Listen here:

FREE: melodic, catchy folk metal from Ukraine: Eldertale

Eldertale (Ukraine)
“Melodic folk metal” is how the band describes itself. The music of the 2014 three-song EP “Land of Old” is uptempo and catchy, and the recording definitely shows that they have something a little bit special going on because it’s palpable in the quality of the songwriting. The EP is about 17 minutes long, and it creates great anticipation for what the band will do in the future.
Back in April the band reported that their rehearsal space burnt down and along with it, of course, the band’s gear. For this reason, the band is asking for your support on Bandcamp. The recording is free/name-your-price.
Regardless of the rehearsal space situation, though, the music is worthwhile for people that love folk metal. The band demonstrates a serious level of understanding of songwriting, which is why the folk metal public that has an interest in hearing new music of the genre will be pleased to hear this band.

free death metal from Poland: Dead Conception

Dead Conception (Poland)
“Rebirth Painted Death” is the name of this free recording on Bandcamp. The band impresses for its serious devotion to death metal, thick guitar tone, strong growling and a bit of melody in the guitar solos. I realize that you may have never heard of this band because they are new, but if you like serious and true death metal, I believe this free/name-your-price recording will be worthwhile for people into checking out new death metal that is upfront and no nonsense.
This is the band’s bio.
“Dead Conception is a death metal band, which was formed at the beginning of 2014 in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, at the initiative of drummer Jakub Woskowski and guitarist Kamil Jachym. After eight months, they released their first single titled "Life Crusher", which was recorded still at full strength team. After leaving the team of Marcin "Sacza" Saciński (bass) and Przemysław Walczak (guitar), the band has been suspended until the beginning of 2015 years. Working on a new demo entitled "Rebirth Painted Death" co-founders started alone, without the participation of the vocalist Przemysław Juzwa. The theme of songs are stories from the life of murderers and mentally ill people as well as misanthropy or finding strength in helplessness.”