Thursday, January 30, 2014

FREE 15-minute to-the-point crusty metal: Plague Dogs (U.S.)

FREE 15-minute to-the-point crusty metal: Plague Dogs (U.S.)
Like Motorhead and Discharge, basically. It's heavy enough for death metal, fast enough for thrash and nasty enough for punk.Put it all together and you get Plague Dogs. A rock n roll gutter punk crust thrash growl metal exercise in music.

FREE 45-minute recording of raw, DIY, unpolished, atmospheric black metal: Downfall of Nur (Argentina)

FREE 45-minute recording of raw, DIY, unpolished, atmospheric black metal: Downfall of Nur (Argentina)
The weekend is almost here and if you want a longer recording of quirky black metal to occupy some of your time, then Downfall of Nur will take up about 45 minutes of your downtime. It's both raw and atmospheric and very old-style, too, not too digital and whatnot. You will love it or hate it. Or think it's ok.

Fuglymaniacs has posted the new issue, number 40, of Metal Bulletin Zine.

Fuglymaniacs has posted the new issue, number 40, of Metal
Bulletin Zine. Go here to read the PDF of the zine:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Metal Bulletin Zine on Facebook

Metal Bulletin Zine on Facebook

new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine

new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine

FREE 14-minute of humble DIY heavy metal from Brazil: Black Century

FREE 14-minute of humble DIY heavy metal from Brazil: Black Century
If you would to hear a band playing traditional heavy metal, then listen to this Black Century recording.

FREE 50-minute album of good quality growl/melodic metal: Framework (U.S.)

FREE 50-minute album of good quality growl/melodic metal: Framework (U.S.)
1. Descent 00:50
2. Essence of Greed 05:02
3. The Delusionist 04:01
4. Beyond Earth's Shadow 05:55
5. Without Wings 05:33
6. Deadheart of Winter 06:27
7. Wade Through Flames 05:56
8. The Code 04:29
9. The Stains of Time 04:58
10. Eternal 07:34

straight outta Sweden: FREE 27 minutes of self-produced black metal: Blotum (Sweden)

straight outta Sweden: FREE 27 minutes of self-produced black metal: Blotum (Sweden)
This band claims to be ugly. Well, it's difficult to argue against that. Hear for yourself and decide.

FREE 31 minutes of instrumental melodic metal: Aephanemer (France)

FREE 31 minutes of instrumental melodic metal: Aephanemer (France)
Finall! Someone decided to make some cool tunes without some fool screaming and barking to annoy you! Just listen to the music and don't worry about stupid vocals ruining the thing.
Finally!!!!! You can listen to your music in peace!!! Not a bad idea, eh?

FREE EP of 80s-obsessed crossover thrash: Acid Age (U.K.)

FREE EP of 80s-obsessed crossover thrash: Acid Age (U.K.)
Do you miss the 80s?
Did you miss the 80s?
Either way, Acid Age is about to take you back to a time of thrash.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FREE EP of modern melodic metal: Frozen in Time (Denmark)

FREE EP of modern melodic metal: Frozen in Time (Denmark)
Here and there, a few aggro screams are heard, but overall, though, Frozen in Time is a melodic metal band. The guitar work is catchy and the singing is real. Therefore, if you like guitar solos and melodic singing and would like to hear a new band strut its stuff, then Frozen in Time should interest you.
1. So Lost 04:16
2. Bedtime Stories 04:41
3. My Judgment 02:00
4. My Demon 03:23
5. Bane of Time 04:51
TOTAL 19:11

Monday, January 27, 2014

FREE Ep of modern thrashing mongers: Deception (Sweden)

FREE Ep of modern thrashing mongers: Deception (Sweden)
"Break the Silence" is the name of the EP of modern aggro-thrash.
1. Break the Silence 03:56
2. Bury the Sinners 03:24
3. Fragile 04:03
4. Make a Deal with the Reaper 03:29
TOTAL 14:52

FREE EP of 17 minutes of grind: Le Mars (Brazil)

FREE EP of 17 minutes of grind: Le Mars (Brazil)
Le Mars would not want to waste your time with lots of fluff. This is how to get to the point and finish the job right. Mostly grind, with a bit of death metal and brutality/hardcore in there, Le Mars loves to play fast and it shows. Grind listeners, this is for you.

FREE album of thrash: Thrashgression (Spain)

FREE album of thrash: Thrashgression (Spain)
Thrashing riffs, songs about thrash, obsession with the 80s, gang-shouted vocals, moshing...ah, and just look at the name of the band. You can judge this book by the cover because what you see is what you get!

FREE EP of blasting death metal: Corps-sans-Organes (Colombia)

FREE EP of blasting death metal: Corps-sans-Organes (Colombia)
For a free fix of daily death metal dose check out this FREE Ep by these blasting Colombians.

FREE album....of DOOM!! : Landskap (U.K)

FREE album....of DOOM!! : Landskap (U.K)
Has this band channeled the spirit of Pink Floyd into their doom?! This is a good-sounding recording, with clarity, and heaviness, and some trippiness, too. If you like doom, this is a free album that awaits your free-loader ways! Check this out, doomsters! I like it, I think you will, too.

FREE 50-minute album of black metal: Theogony (U.S.)

FREE 50-minute album of black metal: Theogony (U.S.)
Is this a one-person project or band? Not sure, but here you can download for free the complete album of black metal. I find that the guitar work is the thing that stands out the most. This sounds like a serious effort and the sound quality is also pretty good, within a black metal context.

Friday, January 24, 2014

FREE MUSIC: bringing the grind from Alabama to the world: Phylum

FREE MUSIC: bringing the grind from Alabama to the world: Phylum
Who needs coffee to wake up when you have Phylum to shake you out of the slumber. This recording lasts less than 9 minutes because if it were longer then everything would burst.

FREE album: Disowned (Chile) wants you to have its album "Descent" for free

FREE album: Disowned (Chile) wants you to have its album "Descent" for free
The "melodic death metal" band Disowned for some reason is crazy enough to post all the songs from the album on ReverbNation. This is not some garage recording, either!

Fuglymaniacs has live footage of Texas thrashers Hel-Razor

Fuglymaniacs has live footage of Texas thrashers Hel-Razor
Recently the thrashers Hel-Razor played a show in Houston, TX and Fuglymaniacs was there to capture footage of the wild beast in its natural habitat.
Check it out:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

GREAT NEWS!: hear right now the complete album by Tragødia (Italy): “Mythmaker”

GREAT NEWS: hear now the complete album by Tragødia (Italy): “Mythmaker”
Recently I told you about how good this album is. Well, here's a place where you can hear the complete album and see what you think. Listeners into catchy prog/dark/gothic/melancholic will mostly likely smile a lot, such as the Evergrey supporters.
OK, enough said, go here:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TOUR NEWS: INTER ARMA: American Tour With Russian Circles & KEN Mode Begins In Two Weeks; European Dates With Indian & Windhand Just Confirmed

TOUR NEWS: INTER ARMA: American Tour With Russian Circles & KEN Mode Begins In Two Weeks; European Dates With Indian & Windhand Just Confirmed
FROM PRESS RELEASE: In another brand new tour update, Richmond, Virginia's tour-incessant tonal decimation crew, INTER ARMA, announces the confirmation of their maiden European trek, now set to take place just after their already looming US tour with Russian Circles and KEN Mode, which is less than two weeks from embarking.
At the beginning of February, INTER ARMA will hit the American highways once again to supply their organic, blackened, doom-ridden metal to more than two-dozen cities across the eastern two-thirds of the country, touring alongside Russian Circles and KEN Mode with a pair of headlining shows on either side of the run.
2/02/2014 The Blue Nile - Harrisonburg, VA w/ No Tomorrow, Earthling
2/03/2014 Double Happiness - Columbus, OH
2/04/2014 Gabe's Oasis - Iowa City, IA w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/05/2014 The Firebird - St Louis, MO w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/06/2014 Vino's Pizza Pub Brewery - Little Rock, AR w/ KEN Mode
2/07/2014 Red 7 - Austin, TX w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/08/2014 Club Dada - Dallas, TX w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/09/2014 Fitzgerald's Upstairs - Houston, TX w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/10/2014 The Parish @ House of Blues - New Orleans, LA w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/11/2014 Rehab - Tallahassee, FL w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/12/2014 Will's Pub - Orlando, FL w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/13/2014 The Orpheum - Tampa, FL w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/14/2014 WorkPlay Theatre - Birmingham, AL w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/15/2014 The Earl - Atlanta, GA w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/17/2014 Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/18/2014 The Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, DC w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/19/2014 Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/20/2014 Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/21/2014 The Middle East (Downstairs) - Cambridge, MA w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/22/2014 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/23/2014 Altar Bar - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/24/2014 Grog Shop - Cleveland Heights, OH w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/25/2014 Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/26/2014 Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
2/27/2014 Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
2/28/2014 The Waiting Room - Omaha, NE w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
3/01/2014 Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode
3/02/2014 The Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
3/03/2014 Neurolux - Boise, ID
INTER ARMA European Tour Dates:
4/04/2014 Kavka - Antwerp, Belgium w/ Indian
4/05/2014 Iduna - Drachten, Netherlands w/ Indian
4/06/2014 Luftschlossfabrik - Flensburg, Germany w/ Indian
4/09/2014 KB18 - Copenhagen, Denmark w/ -16-, Grime
4/10/2014 Doom Over Leipzig - Leipzig, Germany w/ Windhand, Indian
4/11/2014 AJZ - Bielefeld, Germany w/ Windhand, Indian
4/12/2014 Roadburn Festival - Tilburg, Netherlands w/ Windhand, True Widow, -(16)-, Indian, ASG, Locrian and Lord Dying
4/13/2014 Scruffy Murphys - Birmingham, UK w/ Windhand
4/14/2014 Bannermans - Edinburgh, UK w/ Windhand
4/15/2014 Roadhouse - Manchester, UK w/ Windhand
4/16/2014 O2 Academy 2 Islington - London, UK w/ Windhand
4/18/2014 Doomed Gatherings @ Glazart - Paris, France w/ Windhand
4/19/2014 Lo-Fi - Milan, Italy w/ Windhand
4/20/2014 Arena - Vienna, Austria w/ Windhand
4/21/2014 Kapu - Linz, Austria w/ Windhand
4/22/2014 Hirscheneck - Basel, Switzerland w/ Windhand
4/23/2014 Usine - Genevia, Switzerland w/ Windhand
4/24/2014 Gebäude 9 - Cologne, Germany w/ Windhand
4/26/2014 Willemeen - Arnhem, Netherlands

TOUR NEWS: PENTAGRAM Announce West Coast Tour with Radio Moscow and Kings Destroy

TOUR NEWS: PENTAGRAM Announce West Coast Tour with Radio Moscow and Kings Destroy
FROM PRESS RELEASE: Longtime guitarist Victor Griffin rejoins the band for tour and next studio album!
It's with expected elation that Victor Griffin returns to PENTAGRAM for live shows and new studio album. After taking a break from PENTAGRAM to bring Victor Griffin's IN-GRAVED around the world, the doom metal guitar god returns to his main fold. The realigned lineup featuring the Liebling/Griffin duo backed by Greg Turley on bass and Sean Saley on drums will embark on a long awaited tour of the West Coast area in February and March. When not touring the world, the band will be working hard on a new album for release in 2014.
PENTAGRAM w/ Radio Moscow and Kings Destroy
02/22 Seattle, WA El Corazon Tickets
02/23 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater Tickets
02/25 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge Tickets
02/27 Albuquerque, NM Sister Bar Tickets
02/28 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall Tickets
03/01 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue Tickets

Master of Persia (Iran/Armenia): “Older Than History”

Master of Persia (Iran/Armenia): “Older Than History”
It looks like Master of Persia soon will be making a comeback. As it turns out, the complete album from 2011 is available for free for download at ReverbNation. It’s the kind of album that metal explorers will want to download immediately because of the quality of the music, and the vibe is probably something new to most listeners. Cultures and sounds converge on Master of Persia, a bundle of sounds, native musical influences join death and thrash metal, heaviness and grooves. It’s not a new album, but it’s new to me and probably new to you, too, while we wait for the new album reportedly called “Dark Heads.”

horrendous cave black metal: Mortem Spiritz (Mexico)

horrendous cave black metal: Mortem Spiritz (Mexico)
Mortem Spiritz (Mexico)
Primal fugly cave black metallers Mortem Spiritz have a demo from 2006 and another from 2008. Now they have a new seven-song recording called “Take Your Sword and Fight with Us.” The music sounds exactly as you would imagine with that title. If you like lo fi barebones black metal (yes, “bad production”), then make your way to Mortem Spiritz. The drums sound like hyper soda cans, the vocals like an angry goblin, the guitar is all about the tremolo. This is fugly black metal and Mortem Spiritz knows how to do it correctly. This complete recording of horrendous speed is available for free at SoundCloud.

Why do the angry men live in Texas? What's the deal?: AGR

Why do the angry men live in Texas? What's the deal?: AGR
AGR has a song called "Caveman Angry" and it's a vulgar one, so, listen to this if you want your music to insult you. "Care for a Rat in the Face?" is another tune. See? Avoid this if you do not like angry rock music that insults you and tell you what to do.
Who's angrier? Pantera? or AGR?

NEWS: FLOTSAM AND JETSAM re-records full album "No Place For Disgrace"

NEWS: FLOTSAM AND JETSAM re-records full album "No Place For Disgrace"
Oh, boy, this is going to stir up the old thrashers and get them all angry again!!
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM to release 'No Place For Disgrace – 2014' through Metal Blade Records!
FROM PRESS RELEASE: Legendary classical thrash/speed metal act, Flotsam and Jetsam, have announced their new album – No Place For Disgrace – 2014! No Place For Disgrace – 2014 will be released on February 14th in Europe, 17th in UK, and digitally 18th in North America. The physical CD will be available in North America on March 4th. Fans can listen to "P.A.A.B" watch videos, and pre-order No Place For Disgrace – 2014 at
Flotsam and Jetsam comments: "We have re-recorded 'No Place For Disgrace' because we have had a lot of requests to remix this record. The master tapes have been very difficult to obtain so we decided to re-record the album and use some of today's technologies to recreate it. The aim was not really to change but to enhance it with the opportunity with the use of new tools. We have the time available as well and it just seemed like a no brainer. A lot of the die hards are really nervous about it but I think after the final result they will embrace it. The sound quality is 100% better and more refined!"

Monday, January 20, 2014

THE KENNEDY VEIL: Full Album From California Death Metal Assassins Now Streaming At This Is Not A Scene; Band Announces Decimating The West Spring Tour

THE KENNEDY VEIL: Full Album From California Death Metal Assassins Now Streaming At This Is Not A Scene; Band Announces Decimating The West Spring Tour
FROM PRESS RELEASE In celebration of its official unveiling tomorrow and following previous track premieres with Revolver and Stereokiller, today This Is Not A Scene is streaming Trinity Of Falsehood, the forthcoming new full-length from Sacramento death metal assassins, THE KENNEDY VEIL, in its entirety!

CULTED: Oblique To All Paths Streaming In Full At Cvlt Nation

CULTED: Oblique To All Paths Streaming In Full At Cvlt Nation
FROM PRESS RELEASE: With its official North American release now less than twenty-four hours away, today the henchmen at Cvlt Nation bring you Oblique To All Paths -- the latest full length from blackened doom conjurors, CULTED -- in its entirety!

the time for prog metal is upon us: Lalu; Prospekt; Tragødia

Lalu (France): “Atomic Ark” (Sensory Records)
Prospekt (U.K.): “The Colourless Sunrise” (Sensory Rec.)
Tragødia (Italy): “Mythmaker” (Kolony Records)
Today I have three albums by three bands that contrast from each in several ways, yet all three albums have strong qualities to which progsters will be attracted.
Lalu features particularly strong, upfront singing and variety in the songwriting that makes them stand out. Besides, of course, being a “prog metal” entity, Lalu has plenty of “adult contemporary metal” and prog rock elements. On one side of the equation, Lalu ends the album with “Revelations,” which is over 19 minutes. Lalu appears relatively oblivious to commercial pressure because this song is mellow and perhaps a bit spacey for some 8 minutes, and then it gets a bit heavier in places, but it never gets into the rocking mode. This song is one that only the true proghead will love: patience is a must.
“Greed,” “War on Animals,” and “Slaughtered” are examples of the rocking elements in Lalu, while “Dee Blue” “Tatonka,” and “Momento” require more effort from the listener, and are not particularly metal songs, although the metal is present.
The instrumentation is easy to hear, such as the riffing and the bass guitar, while the drums sound very clean (too clean and plastic, but this is the “normal” state of drumming in so much metal, including on the other bands’ albums reviewed in this little section.).
While Lalu is less metal, and more prog/adult contemporary metal/rock, Prospekt proves to be 100% total modern prog metal. The singing sounds very inspired by classic 70s Rush and traditional, melodic metal: notes that go for the high register, often and a lot.
Prospekt has lots of the tempo found in thrash/power/speed metal, but here and there, they show different glimpses of other tempos, although they are conscious to keep things uptempo and/or fast. Prospekt tends to alternate between longer and shorter songs, aware of pacing the mood of the album in a balanced way, to keep the sound metal. The instrumentation puts focus on guitar solos, shredding and riffs, and the guitar work is one of the major highlights of the album, the other being the singing.
The youthful energy of Prospekt contrasts with the more “middle age metal” of the previous band Lalu, and the proggy adult contemporary metal of the next band, Tragødia.
Tragødia wants to have the cake and eat it, too; and after you hear the album, you just might think so. Tragødia relies almost entirely on the power of the singing which by itself basically carries the complete album. The guitar work is a bit strange in the following sense: there’s a careful, almost minimalist approach to it and it’s odd to call them prog with such a guitar style, too: play-on, heavy riffs are the foundation, with hooks throughout, powered by the appealing singing, and a bit of keyboards atmospherics.
Tragødia is by far the catchiest, most ear-friendly and easy listening of these three bands. To me, Tragødia sports an Evergrey-ish energy that’s difficult to reject. The dark, gothic-ish proggy style is tempered by the adult contemporary, ear-candy vibes.
I would be curious to know what Evergrey supporters think of Tragødia, actually, because, to my ears, this band writes songs with a similar objective towards convincing the listener through strong vocal lines. In conclusion, all three bands work with certain specific spheres of sounds, and even though all three are “prog,” they invoke very different identities.

free anticapitalist grind: Ixpapalotl (Greece): “Corpse Republic”

Ixpapalotl (Greece): “Corpse Republic”
Ixpapalotl is concerned with the violence, greed and exploitation of capitalism. In 21 minutes they blast and rage through seven songs of anticapitalist grind. Many reasons to like Ixpapalotl. For one thing, the guys make an effort to put their money where their mouth is: this is available for free, which shows their anti-rockstar, anti-money mentality. This how they have been doings things for years. Grind supporters have no excuses for avoiding Ixpapalotl.

rude, rude punks: Alehammer (U.K/U.S.): “Barmageddon” (Selfmage God Records)

Alehammer (U.K/U.S.): “Barmageddon” (Selfmage God Records)
Alehammer does gutter punk crust in a most obnoxious method, angry with everything and everyone. According to Metal Archives, this band has members of Prophecy of Doom, Extinction of Mankind, Impulse Manslaughter and other notable names. This recording is some 20 minutes of anger about beer and people they don’t like, including other punks. Come get your gutter punk crust.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

interview: black metal band Creature (Germany)

interview: black metal band Creature (Germany)
Creature (Germany)
From the start of the album “Helioskron’”, it’s evident that black metal band Creature put a lot of effort into having a professional-sounding recording and quality songwriting. Creature presents an album worthwhile to the genre supporters that have high standards. As you will read, Creature is an experienced group that began in the 90s and has four albums.
The drummer Gregor Lasczok answers the questions. --
What do you think about how Creature should sound?
We have no certain thinking about how we should sound in 2013. Our music evolves unconsciously while rehearsing together, while listening to music or due to personal experiences. Over all the years we play now as one united black metal band, we learned to play together, to complement one another. Every member has his strengths and weaknesses, and despite that we're no professional musicians, we achieved a professional sound. Concerning the production we work with a very competent producer with whom we work perfectly. The recording sessions are always fun and pleasant. That's the most important thing. We think that our music needs a professional production to support the atmosphere and all the little details which result in homogeneous sound impression.
"Helioskron’" is ambitious, and the melody shines through the fast, intense black metal. How much of this is on purpose?
Yes, Helioskron' has melodies as every Creature album has and this time they may be more catchy than on [previous album] Feindtbild [2008]. There have never been discussions about the musical directions as we already said: the music evolves as long as the band consists in the current line-up. The production evolves in the same way our music does. In order to record Helioskron' we entered the Studio E for the second time and we think we will stay with it. Our producer Markus Stock knows our sound by now. After we recorded the first two cds "Der Ursprung" und "Kreuzlaub" in hobby recording studio and achieved an acceptable production we were blown away by the sound of Feindtbild. But after a while we recognized, that the sound, especially the drum sound was a bit too artificial. So Markus created a rather natural sound for Helioskron' which fits much better in our music.
"Feindtbild" is from 2008, so it was a while between albums. Why did it take longer than the other albums?
We played a lot of gigs after Feindtbild. We were on a tour through Germany supporting Taake. And when we began the songwriting for Helioskron' we lost the inspiration, but after a while when the first two songs were finished it worked much better and we decided to put more time in musical details. We recorded, mixed and produced Helioskron' in 10 days in November 2012. The reason for the late release in November 2013 was that we searched a new record label which took us a few months. Marco [guitars] started the band in 1997. But it went more serious when Gregor (drums) and Sebastian (guitar) joined the band. We are a live band and we already played many gigs in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Belgium. As already mentioned, we supported Taake on their tour through Germany. We'd like to play more tours, but we haven't been offered any interesting tours yet. A tour through several European countries would be nice or maybe through North America? We'll see. We all have to go for work so it's not easy for us to get a few days off in the same time. If you are interested in booking Creature, just contact In Fiction Entertainment
Does the metal press in Germany take black metal seriously? Why does it seem that Motorhead or Saxon headline a lot of the festivals?
We think the German press takes black metal seriously the problem is, that there are only few good bands in Germany which are worth to be mentioned. Nowadays there are so many bands, because every blockhead believes he can make music only because he can hold a guitar and use recording software including a drum computer. So it's difficult to find a good band among this huge wave of garbage.
It is possible for black metal bands to play Wacken, but then you have to play on little tent stages. But that all doesn't matter because Black Metal is still and should stay underground in Germany. Our goal is not to sell ourselves to the music industry only to play huge festivals in front of thousands of idiots. There are a lot of small festivals in Germany for people who truly listen to Black Metal. We don't care if Motörhead or Saxon or someone else headline mega events. This is not our world and they can stay in their own.
Creature used to have more irreligious lyrics. Now, it seems that mythology is more present, such as in "Helioskron’". Is this true? For instance, the song "Nordblut" from the album "Der Ursprung" could be interpreted in a nationalist way. Do you think of Creature as a political band in the lyrics?
Helioskron' is the first album dealing with Greek mythology. "Feindtbild" expressed our hatred on religion and mankind. And all our cds before "Feindtbild" dealt with Nordic/German mythology. So we wouldn't say that mythology is NOW more present, it always was. The lyrics of "Helioskron'" deal with the success of egoistic behaviour in the background of Greek mythology, especially the myth of Ikaros who tried and achieved to fly like a bird. We took the myth to express OUR way of behaving. Concerning your nationalistic interpretation of "Nordblut": We are not political! Nothing more to say!
Do you feel proud of the album?
You're right, we are really proud of the album and think that it is the best piece of music we've ever created. But we also think that we can do even better and WILL do so.
Do the metal press and concert promoters in Germany have a certain prejudice against black metal bands?
We don't think that we have the same issue as you have in the U.S. We have many online and print zines dealing with all kinds of metal, even bigger zines such as Rock Hard and Metal Hammer have a special Black Metal section. But when you got in touch with the nsbm scene even when you only played with a political incorrect band it may happen that you'll be boycotted by the common press. And concerts may be threatened by the antifa, an antifascist group which has a lot of power in Germany. Our first record label was known for selling fascist bands and although we always stated that we are no racists or nationalists or fascists or whatever, we had problems in the past with the antifa so that some gigs had to be cancelled. But finally people and press believe us and we haven't had any problems for a while now.
What are your plans for 2014?
We will play several festivals in Germany in 2014 and hope to get the opportunity for touring. Further we will start writing on new songs. If you are interested in Creature just watch out. --
When this zine specifically has asked Creature if they play with fascist bands, guitarist Marco Praher categorically denies it. That audience is not their objective, says Marco, who also explains that they claim to be a band not associated with fascism.
Clearly, Creature has had an image problem because of record labels. Marco, in his own words, says that Creature has never been “a nazi band,” despite the image problems and questionable associations (as mentioned in the interview).
Anyone who reads this zine knows that it supports equal rights, and is clearly against racism, sexism, ignorance and intolerance.
Readers who go to metal shows in Germany, in the Schorndorf and Baden-Württemberg region, where Creature is based, will know better than this zine about the situation on the ground there. THE END


Don't forget to catch the Swedish heavy metal titans AMON AMARTH live this January/February 2014 as the band headlines the US in support of their newly released album Deceiver of The Gods. Very special guest on the dates will be Enslaved with additional support from Skeletonwitch.
Friday, January 17 – Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
Saturday, January 18 – Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
Monday, January 20 – San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
Tuesday, January 21 – Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues
Wednesday, January 22 – Houston, TX @ House Of Blues
Friday, January 24 – Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage
Saturday, January 25 – Tampa, FL @ The Ritz
Sunday, January 26 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
Monday, January 27 – Orlando, FL @ House Of Blues (*no Skeletonwitch)
Wednesday, January 29 – Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore
Thursday, January 30 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVA
Friday, January 31 – Silver Springs, MD @ The Fillmore
Saturday, February 1 – Boston, MA @ House Of Blues
Monday, February 3 – Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
Tuesday, February 4 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Wednesday, February 5 – Huntington, NY @ Paramount
Thursday, February 6 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small's
Friday, February 7 – Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
Saturday, February 8 – Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
Sunday, February 9 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
Tuesday, February 11 – Denver, CO @ Summit Theatre
Wednesday, February 12 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Murray Theater
Friday, February 14 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency
Saturday, February 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
Sunday, February 16 – San Diego, CA @ House Of Blues (* No Enslaved)

TOUR NEWS: EYEHATEGOD Announces Last Minute California Takeover

TOUR NEWS: EYEHATEGOD Announces Last Minute California Takeover
FROM PRESS RELASE Following the unfortunate cancellation of the Australian leg of their 25 Years Of Dysfunctional Family Abuse Tour, New Orleans road hounds, EYEHATEGOD, will take over California with seven recently booked matinee and evening assaults throughout San Diego, Santa Ana, Ventura and Los Angeles. Now christened the Undermining Society's Rules Since 1988 West Coast Tour, the late additions, which will commence this evening, serve as a precursor to the band's already announced live attacks on Reno, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Denver next week.
Comments the band: "We believe these things happen for a reason and have now arranged a number of pick up gigs on the West Coast. Sincere apologies to our Australian friends and fans. We love you and are truly disappointed in what happened. We are already in talks to reschedule the tour and get back over as soon as possible."
EYEHATEGOD: Undermining Society's Rules Since 1988 West Coast Tour
1/17/2014 Bancroft Bar - San Diego, CA
1/18/2014 The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA (matinee show)
1/18/2014 Bombay - Ventura, CA (evening show)
1/19/2014 East 7th Street Warehouse - Los Angeles, CA (matinee show)
1/19/2014 5 Star Bar - Los Angeles, CA (evening show)
1/20/2014 Down And Out - Los Angeles, CA
1/21/2014 Aladdin - Pomona, CA
1/22/2014 Jub Jubs - Reno, NV
1/23/2014 Brick And Mortar - San Francisco, CA
1/24/2014 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA
1/25/2014 The Highline - Seattle, WA
1/26/2014 The Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO

TOUR NEWS: IMMORTAL BIRD: Chicagoan Blackened Death Thrashers Confirm US Tour

TOUR NEWS: IMMORTAL BIRD: Chicagoan Blackened Death Thrashers Confirm US Tour
Chicagoan blackened death thrash instigators, IMMORTAL BIRD, will be skinning the ears of the weak on a ten-city assault of US dates. The Akrasia In The East Tour 2014 will begin February 28th in Columbus, Ohio and sack various municipalities throughout Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut before coming to a ceremonial close in Cleveland, Ohio on March 9th. The band will be touring in support of their scathing Akrasia EP, released late last year via Closed Casket Recordings.
Relays vocalist/drummer Rae Amitay: "I'm really looking forward to taking IMMORTAL BIRD and Akrasia out on the road. By the time March rolls around, Akrasia will have been out for almost three months, so it seems like the perfect time to get out there and perform in some uncharted territory. We also have some new material that we can't wait to play! The Akrasia In The East Tour is hopefully the first of many treks we'll be taking together as a band."
IMMORTAL BIRD: Akrasia In The East Tour 2014:
2/28/2014 Ace Of Cups - Columbus, OH
3/01/2014 Roger's Bar - Virginia Beach, VA w/ Occultist
3/02/2014 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ Occultist
3/03/2014 The Depot - York, PA w/ Diamond Plate, East Of The Wall
3/04/2014 House Show - Baltimore, MD
3/05/2014 TBA - Brooklyn, NY w/ Mortals
3/06/2014 Ralph's - Worcester, MA w/ Obsidian Tongue
3/07/2014 Cherry St. Station - Wallingford, CT
3/08/2014 The Smiling Moose - Pittsburgh, PA
3/09/2014 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH

Mystifier (Brazil): “Wicca” (reissue of 1992 album) (Greyhaze Records)

Mystifier (Brazil): “Wicca” (reissue of 1992 album) (Greyhaze Records)
To the point as quickly as possible: If you love Sarcófago’s “INRI” and Blasphemy’s “Fallen Angel of Doom,” then make sure to seek “Wicca” because it belongs in your collection. For sure.
“Wicca” is from 1992, and it follows demos from 1989 and 1991. By this time, the earlier Brazilian bands, such as Sepultura and Sarcófago, had “cleaned up” their sound in favor of the more popular “pure” thrash, and it was other bands around the world that were picking up the torch for raw black metal, such as Mystifier, a band totally obsessed with blasphemous themes. “Wicca” has plenty of fast moments and also the atmospherics of “dark/horror/evil.” It sounds ugly and primal, just as expected.

FREE: black/death metal from Cuba: Abaddon: "Dethroning the Lies"

FREE: black/death metal from Cuba: Abaddon: "Dethroning the Lies"
I totally found out late about this black/death metal from Cuba, but it's new to me and it's probably new to you. It's a free recording of headbanging metal with no apologies to anyone.
You said you wanted to hear metal music from Cuba and now here's a start. Better late than never.
Go this link and look for:
Descargar Demo Gratis (61.39 MB)

the weirdness continues: IHSAHN Das Seelenbrechen

the weirdness continues: IHSAHN Das Seelenbrechen
Oh, my, he just does not stop getting more and more out there, taking his listeners on these trips that only he knows how they end.
Of course, avoid this at all costs if you want "METAL" and rage and blah, blah, blah.
I guess that's why people call this experimental or avantgarde or just Ihsahn getting downright strange.
He sounds like a person who loves, loves, loves to hang around his own studio and just mess with everything and see what he comes up with, like a cook who's throwing around different ingredients and just lets it go.
Enter at your own risk, but you already knew this because that's what Ihsahn is all about. I wish I could you more, but it's just too much. Too much. Really.

Would you like a mellow violin-ish break from all the screaming metal punk noise that you listen to?: Divine Circle: "Oblivion Songs"

Would you like a mellow violin-ish break from all the screaming metal punk noise that you listen to?: Divine Circle: "Oblivion Songs"
Mellow, spacey singing, violin and gray atmosphere overall.
Investigate only if you want some meditation music. Otherwise, it's not for you, you hear?

TOUR NEWS: STONEBURNER: Portland Sludge Bringers Announce US Tour Dates

TOUR NEWS: STONEBURNER: Portland Sludge Bringers Announce US Tour Dates
Portland sludge bringers and recent Neurot family additions, STONEBURNER, will bring their audio punishment to the stage later this month with three West Coast sessions of debauchery. Set to commence January 24th in Oakland, the band - guitarists Elijah Boland and Jason Depew, bassist/vocalist Damon Kelly and drummer/vocalist Jesse McKinnon - will rupture pavement alongside fellow amplifier abusers Eyehategod, Weedeater, Graves At Sea and more. STONEBURNER's short run of live abrasions serves as a precursor to the band's forthcoming new full-length, Life Drawing, slated for release via Neurot Recordings later this Spring.
States the band simply, "The grey, rainy weather has finally hit us here in Portland, and we're feeling like getting out of the house..."
1/24/2014 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA w/ Eyehategod, Graves At Sea, Lidtoker, Swamp Witch, Lycus, Augurs [info]
1/26/2014 Rotture - Portland, OR w/ Weedeater, Usnea, more [info]
1/28/2014 The Highline - Seattle, WA w/ Weedeater, Wounded Giant

Thursday, January 16, 2014

NEWS: FREE ALBUM: Discharge reinterpreted: "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"

NEWS: FREE ALBUM: Discharge reinterpreted: "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"
CVLT Nation is proud to present the first covers compilation in a series dubbed The CVLT Nation Sessions with DISCHARGE's seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. The digital release is available today, Thursday, January 16th, 2014, via for exclusive streaming and free download.

THIS JUST IN: free EP by grind band Miserable Failure (Kaotoxin Records)

THIS JUST IN: free EP by grind band Miserable Failure (Kaotoxin Records)
There's a city in France that's not the biggest one, not the healthiest one, that has nothing really particular to it besides... the insane, daily, body count. Body bags there are more common than whatever you think being typical from France and, from that stinkhole comes a bunch of miserable people playing some hateful music dubbed Grindcore, MISERABLE FAILURE and "Hope" is their new, FREE*, EP.
Go here:

Haiduk (Canada)

Haiduk (Canada)
Although it might seem generally accurate to attribute Haiduk to the death metal genre, I’m of the opinion that such a categorization is too restrictive. When I initially heard Haiduk some years ago, I noticed something about it that appealed to me, and if I were to pinpoint it, I’d say: the guitar work. Haiduk songs are efficient, having it within them to establish themselves on the listener’s attention quickly.
The guitar work functions on the basis of hooks and riffs in a particular way. I would say that each song starts with a hook or riff, and from there, Haiduk goes from riff to riff, smoothly transitioning, in marching-like fashion, to create catchy, headbanging songs. The 33-minute, 10-song recording called “Spellbook” goes by fast, and that’s a credit to Haiduk, for striking while the iron is hot, and not dragging on a song unnecessarily.
Some Haiduk riffs sound black metal, others seem thrashy, some of course are death metal, yet others have a shred album feel. The death metal atmosphere in Haiduk predominates perhaps due to the overall mass-heavy, dense vibe, which is also enhanced by the deep growling.
Haiduk is a one-person musical entity, behind which is Luka M., whose deep growl embeds itself into the songs fittingly, as part of the song. The growling is wisely limited, so that it’s not a constant barrage of growling, and at times, Haiduk makes you forget that there are vocals, due to the emphasis on the riffs, given that the growling itself is not distracting from the music.
When asked by this here publication what instruments he plays, Luka answered that he plays guitar and bass, does vocals and programs the drums. Luka does not hesitate to reveal that he’s a control freak, “I’m a perfectionist. I like programming drums in order to have them executed exactly as I want with each hit and note refined to the last detail and perfect timing.”
Luka says that he does play live in Calgary. He admits that there would be certain positives to using a real drummer for the music because, as he explains, “The advantage of a real drummer is a better sound and the drummer’s own instincts and insights. I try to improve and get better with every album, and try to change some things with every album, therefore a session drummer for the next one is a real possibility.”
I agree about using a real drummer, I think that would be a good change. Haiduk has two recordings, “Plagueswept” and “Spellbook.” The website has several songs from “Spellbook” for you to check out.

FREE: the grind of Cubo de ****** ["Bucket of ****] (Spain)

FREE: the grind of Cubo de ****** ["Bucket of ****] (Spain)
"El último aliento del planeta" ("The Last Breath of the Planet") is the name of these lunatics' recording. It's street punk grind that sounds as stinky as it appears. 18 minutes of ranting and raving about this, that, this other thing right here, and that thing you keep doing that just making them angry. They don't like the government, they don't like your music, they hate their parents. Most of all, they hate bubble gum!!
To paraphrase the gospel according to The Damned:
"I'm gonna scream and shout til my dying breath. I'm gonna smash it up til there's nothing left."
If you like sewer mud grind, then Cubo is for angry gremlin!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TOUR NEWS: SONS OF TONATIUH: Atlanta Sludge Goliaths Kick Off US Tour; Band To Take Japan Next Month

TOUR NEWS: SONS OF TONATIUH: Atlanta Sludge Goliaths Kick Off US Tour; Band To Take Japan Next Month
Atlanta sludge goliaths, SONS OF TONATIUH, kick off another road riot tonight. Set to commence on their home turf at Club 529, the four upcoming domestic shows serve as a precursor to the band's nine-date Japanese takeover next month where the band will drench six unsuspecting cities in their acerbic bottom-end sound implosions.
SONS OF TONATIUH Winter Tour 2014:
1/15/2014 529 - Atlanta, GA w/ Fistula, Order Of The Owl, Capsized
1/16/2014 Hog Wild Brew & BBQ - Jackson, TN
1/17/2014 Siberia - New Orleans, LA w/ A Hanging, Ossacrux, Mailbomber
1/18/2014 The Bottletree - Birmingham, AL w/ Capsized, Stoned Cobra, Collossus
2/21/2014 Morgana - Tokyo, JP w/ The Donor
2/22/2014 Hokage - Osaka, JP w/ The Donor
2/23/2014 Studio 246 - Nagoya, JP w/ The Donor
2/24/2014 TBA - Kanazawa, JP w/ The Donor
2/26/2014 Wildside - Tokyo, JP
2/27/2014 El Puente - Yokohama,JP w/ Cripple Bastards, Coffins
2/28/2014 TBA - Saitama, JP
3/01/2014 Wall - Tokyo, JP w/ Terror Squad
3/02/2014 Moonstep - Tokyo, JP w/ Omawarisan, Chaos Mongers

NEWS: Savage: home town gig and live album

NEWS: Savage: home town gig and live album
Mansfield heavy rockers, Savage are planning to record their first live album in their hometown. The 4-piece band are playing the Old Library Theatre on Saturday February 1st and will record the entire gig for release later in the year. The band have not played in Mansfield for many years, concentrating mostly on European gigs and played in New York in 2000. Metallica famously covered one of their tracks and often played it at early gigs in San Francisco. The Old Library gig promises to be very special, as the band will play all the tracks from their debut album ‘Loose N Lethal’ as well as some newer material. As well as preparing for this live recording, the guys are also writing a new album, which they intend to record after a short European tour in April. Both recordings will be released simultaneously later in the year under the title ‘Live n Lethal’ Chris Bradley singer and bass player says of the Mansfield gig, “ this will be a special night for us, even some of our family and friends have yet to see the band live. Also everyone who buys a ticket in advance will be sent the new album free of charge when it’s released! It will be the first time we’ve played the first album from start to finish in the UK.” The band feature Chris, Andy Dawson on guitar, Mark Nelson on drums and interestingly, Chris’s son Kristian Bradley on guitar. “ The first time Kristian saw Savage was from the stage, playing the songs!’ Tickets are available on line via the band’s website and their Facebook page


18.04. K17, Berlin (DE)
19.04. From Hell, Erfurt (DE)
20.04. Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)
21.04. Underworld, London (UK)
22.04. Glazart, Paris (FR)
23.04. Connexion, Tolouse (FR)
24.04. Mini-Z7, Pratteln (CH)
25.04. Rock It, Aalen (DE)
26.04. Ragnarök, Lichtenfels (DE)
27.04. Rock'n'Roll Arena, Romagnano Sesia (IT)
28.04. Backstage, München (DE)
29.04. Escape Metalcorner, Wien (AT)
30.04. New Evil Music Festival, Darmstadt (DE)
01.05. Große Freiheit, Hamburg (DE)
02.05. B52 Music Club, Eernegem (BE)
03.05. Helvete, Oberhausen (DE)

TOUR NEWS: Eyehategod cancels shows for Australia

TOUR NEWS: Eyehategod cancels shows for Australia
EYEHATEGOD: Australian Leg Of The 25 Years Of Dysfunctional Family Abuse Tour Cancelled
EYEHATEGOD's recently announced 25 Years Of Dysfunctional Family Abuse Tour 2014, which included five Australian dates, was derailed today when the band was left stranded at the airport.
Comments the band in an official statement: "Due to poor planning by the Australian booking agent, EYEHATEGOD are sorry to say our Australian tour is now cancelled. We were left at the airport without our flights booked and then were expected to pay for them out of pocket an hour before boarding time. We were literally left standing with passports in hand but no way to travel. Many, many apologies to our Australian friends and fans. We will be back as soon as we can. Please understand this is not our fault. EYEHATEGOD loves Australia and were super excited to come back over."
The band is currently looking to book some last minute US shows in place of these cancelled dates. Previously announced performances in Reno, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Denver later this month are unaffected by the unfortunate news.
EYEHATEGOD: 25 Years Of Dysfunctional Family Abuse Tour 2014 [remaining dates]:
1/22/2014 Jub Jubs - Reno, NV
1/23/2014 Brick And Mortar - San Francisco, CA
1/24/2014 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA
1/25/2014 The Highline - Seattle, WA
1/26/2014 The Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO

TOUR NEWS: The Ocean; Scale the Summit

TOUR NEWS: The Ocean; Scale the Summit
THE OCEAN will be returning to North America in 2014 for a co-headline run with Prosthetic Recording artist Scale the Summit and special guests The Atlas Mothand Silver Snakes presented by Metal Sucks. The tour kicks off on Wednesday, March 5 in Seattle Washington and wraps up on Sunday, March 30 in Cambridge Mass., including two dates scheduled in Austin, TX for SXSW.
THE OCEAN & Scale The Summit w/ The Atlas Moth, and Silver Snakes
03/05 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
03/06 Portland, OR Branx
03/07 San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill
03/08 Los Angeles, CA The Lyric
03/09 San Diego, CA Soda Bar
03/10 Tempe, AZ Yucca Taproom
03/11 El Paso, TX The Spot
03/13 Austin, TX SXSW
03/14 Grand Prairie, TX QuickTrip Ball Park
03/15 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
03/16 Metairie, LA Cypress
03/17 Tampa, FL Crowbar
03/18 Pembroke Pines, FL The Talent Farm
03/19 Orlando, FL Backbooth
03/21 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
03/22 Louisville, KY The Diamond Pub
03/23 Chicago, IL Subterranean
03/24 Pontiac, MI The Pike Room at Crofoot
03/25 Cleveland Heights, OH Grog Shop
03/26 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
03/27 Washington, DC DC9
03/28 Philadelphia, PA TBA
03/29 New York, NY The Studio At Webster Hall
03/30 Cambridge, MA The Sinclair

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the wonderdoom of Vale of Amonition (Uganda): "Those of Metal Afar"

the wonderdoom of Vale of Amonition (Uganda): "Those of Metal Afar"
Vale of Amonition is a trip.
What a bunch of doom metal adventurous chant spacey jam hippy blues weirdos.
If you can wait for a song to randomly and mysteriously reveal itself over the course of 8-10 minutes, then consider this band and its most recent album “Those of Metal Afar,” and welcome to the wacky, heavy and strange world of doom as travelled by Vale of Amonition.
First, I’ll just tell you what happened to me. I was listening, making the aural pilgrimage, and soon it dawned on me: the mood of something unusual and I began wondering, “What exactly is going on here?” or “Where is this song actually going?” The music sounds somewhat disjointed, like the vocals and the drumming don’t quite operate in the same realms, like they are in the studio just singing away about ancient history topics and drumming away, but each one on its own cloud.
These space doom hippies have demos, singles, EPs and whatnot starting in 2010, but this album brings on the whole kit and kaboodle of a total spectrum of spheres and dimensions of Vale of Amonition. The band keeps the instrumentation to a minimum: singing, drums, bass and guitar; one hears the different instruments as if one is in the room during the jam session. Some keyboards seem present here and there, but overall it’s the base instruments and an Alice-in-Wonderland singing vibe. It’s an hour of trippy doom, possibly making you say, “What did I just listen to?”
One thing is sure: This is a unique form of doom, and I’m still figuring it out. If you’re still reading these lines, maybe you’re the target audience. Listen with patience, tolerance for this wonderdoom. Support!!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Denver blackened sludge squad, PRIMITIVE MAN, are plotting another round of roadside takeovers. Set to begin March 5th in Lawrence, Kansas, the band will drag their audio antagonism through a dozen cities, including several appearances at this year's edition of SXSW.
Featuring current and former members of Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death of Self and Reproacher, PRIMITIVE MAN continues to tour in support of latest long player, Scorn.
3/05/2014 The Jackpot - Lawrence, KS
3/06/2014 The Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK
3/07/2014 The Door - Dallas, TX
3/08/2014 Vino's Brew Pub - Little rock, AR
3/09/2014 Triple Six Klubhaus - New Orleans, LA
3/10/2014 White Swan - Houston, TX
3/11/2014 SXSW - Austin, TX [details TBA]
3/12/2014 SXSW - Austin, TX [details TBA]
3/13/2014 Tofu House - San Antonio, TX
3/14/2014 Sandboxxx - El Paso, TX
3/15/2014 Cat House - Albuquerque, NM

TOUR NEWS: BEHEMOTH Metal Alliance Tour 1349, Goatwhore, Inquisition, Black Crown Initiate

BEHEMOTH to headline Metal Alliance Tour 2014
Metal Alliance Tour
1349, Goatwhore, Inquisition, Black Crown Initiate
04/04 Tempe, AZ Club Red
04/05 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
04/06 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom
04/08 Denver, CO Gothic Theater
04/11 Dallas, TX House of Blues
04/12 Austin, TX Emo's East
04/13 Houston, TX House of Blues
04/15 Orlando, FL Beacham Theater
04/16 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall
04/17 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
04/18 Worcester, MA Palladium
04/19 New York, NY Irving Plaza
04/22 Montreal, QC Club Soda
04/23 Toronto, ON Opera House
04/24 Cleveland, OH Agora Theater
04/25 Chicago, IL House of Blues
04/26 Minneapolis, MN Skyway Theater Studio B
04/27 Winnipeg, MB Garrick Center
04/29 Calgary, AB Macewan Hall
04/30 Edmonton, AB Union Hall
05/02 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theater
05/03 Seattle, WA Studio 7

Sunday, January 12, 2014

the grooove to make the body mooove: Sawthis (Italy)

the grooove to make the body mooove: Sawthis (Italy)
Sawthis (Italy): "Youniverse” (Bakerteam Records)
I would think that Sawthis (formerly Sothis [2000-2009], and before that, Anestesia [997-200]) will be much bigger in the future because they have the major elements to be successful as a modern mainstream metal band. The songs are catchy, with the dual scream/sing vocals, groove-heavy guitar work and a good vibe overall. This music is along the lines of Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed, all rolled into the Sawthis sound. Chugging guitar work, a bit of melody, uptempo songs with mass appeal for metal and rock listeners. In a way, Sawthis offers a bit of everything, from radio-friendly uptempo scream rock anthems to the more headbanging tunes of groove metal/rock. Sawthis also sounds very experienced at what they do, like a hit-writing machine. Certainly look into this band if you like the scream/sing style of metal because Sawthis are veterans of it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

TOUR NEWS: RAMMING SPEED head out on tour, new dates added!

So come out & party with RAMMING SPEED at one of the upcoming dates on their North American tour with Toxic Holocaust & Exhumed!
1/15 Columbus, OH - 15th Haus w/ No Tomorrow
1/16 Indianapolis, IN - Piss Haus 1/ Casque, Venality
1/17 St. Louis, MO - Fubar
1/18 Kansas City, MO - TBA
1/19 Lincoln, NE - Bourbon Theater w/ Relentless Approach
1/20 Boulder, CO - TBA
1/21 Boise, ID - The Shredder
1/22 Seattle, WA – The Studio #
1/23 Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore *#
1/24 Portland, OR – Branx #
1/25 Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro #
1/26 Los Angeles, CA – The Joint #
1/27 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory #
1/28 Tempe, AZ – Club Red #
1/29 Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad #
1/30 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls #
1/31 Austin, TX – Mohawk #
2/1 San Antonio, TX – The Limelight #
2/2 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s #
2/3 Dallas, TX – Three Links #
2/4 Oklahoma City, OK – Chameleon Room%
2/5 Denver, CO – Marquis %
2/6 Cheyenne, WY – Ernie November %
2/7 Salt Lake City, UT – Club Manhattan %
2/8 Sparks, NV – The Alley %
2/9 Sacramento, CA – Midtown Barfly %
2/10 Bakersfield, CA - Narducci’s Cafe
2/11 San Diego, CA - TBA
2/12 Las Vegas, NV - The Drive
2/15 Little Rock, AR - Vinos w/ Abandon The Artifice, Human Bashing
2/16 Nashville, TN - House show TBA
2/17 Charlotte, NC - TBA
2/18 Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
# with Toxic Holocaust & Exhumed & Mammoth Grinder
*with Toxic Holocaust & Mammoth Grinder
%with Toxic Holocaust & Exhumed

TOUR NEWS: ORBWEAVER: Psychedelic Death Metal Troupe Announces Winter Tour With Shroud Eater

Floridian psychedelic death metal troupe, ORBWEAVER, will embark upon a two-plus week live takeover next month. Scheduled to commence February 19th, the still-being-booked excursion will wind its way westward and back again leaving little behind but smoke, ash, broken dreams and the sound of mass confusion. The band will be joined by fellow Sunshine State sludge assassins, Shroud Eater.
ORBWEAVER will be touring in support of their brain-fraying Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon EP, released upon unsuspecting ears last Summer. Christened "twitchy, trippy tech death" by Invisible Oranges, the critically-adored five-track Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon is a multi-textured sonic expedition through modulating realities. Recorded at Miami's Pinecrust Studios with Jonathan Nunez of Torche and mixed/mastered with Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studios (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Exhumed), the band transcends leagues beyond traditional genre realms with their cosmic fusion of psychedelia, noise, and a warped interpretation of progressive death metal. Shifting between these erratic, trance-like elements, the foursome produce interplanetary pandemonium reminiscent of a Zappa-esque brand of controlled and wildly elegiac chaos.
ORBWEAVER w/ Shroud Eater - Winter Takeover 2014
2/19/2014 Will's Pub - Orlando, FL W/ Ad Nauseum, Ex Vietnam
2/20/2014 The Shark Tank - Tallahassee, FL w/ Atrocitus, Short Walk
2/21/2014 The Handlebar - Pensacola, FL
2/22/2014 Siberia - New Orleans, LA w/ Lordy Dying, Gristnam
2/23/2014 Beerland - Austin, TX
2/25/2014 Kim's Sports Bar - Riverside, CA
2/26/2014 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA
2/27/2014 Frankie Teardrops - San Luis Obispo, CA w/ Hashmouth
2/28/2014 The Complex - LA, CA w/ Lightning Swords Of Death
3/01/2014 Yucca Tap Room - Phoneix, AZ
3/02/2014 TBA - Albuquerque, NM
3/03/2014 Taqueria Pedritos - Dallas, TX
3/04/2014 Vino's Pizza And Pub - Little Rock, AK
3/05/2014 TBA - Nashville, TN
3/06/2014 TBA - Greensboro, NC
3/07/2014 TBA - Charlotte, NC
3/08/2014 TBA - Atlanta, GA
3/09/2014 Burro Bar - Jacksonville, FL w/ Porter, Atma
3/10/2014 Fubar Downtown - St. Petersburg, FL w/ Landbridge, Ulcer, Cosm

Friday, January 10, 2014

FREE: five songs of thrash from Warhammer (Greece)

FREE: five songs of thrash from Warhammer (Greece)
Actually, Warhammer has a full-length album called "Mass Burial," but they have five songs available for download. Warhammer for thrash fanatics!

FREE: traditional, old heavy metal: Powergame (Germany)

FREE: traditional, old heavy metal: Powergame (Germany)
14 minutes of "Raw Heavy Metal!" is right: they named their recording in honor of what they do. This is what they do! It's heavy metal and it's old-style and proud.
Powergame wants you to get this music for free because if you want heavy metal, you are left with no excuse now.

more thrash for free: Terebos (U.K.)

more thrash for free: Terebos (U.K.)
Terebos has a message for you: Get in the pit! Mosh! What? You can't because you are in your living room? Yes, you can, start a pit in the living room.
"Toxic Overkill" is the name of the recording and it's some 21 minutes, 5 songs of shredding, gang shouted vocals and screaming.

FREE EP of total 80s worship crossover thrash: Atomic Death Squad (Australia)

FREE EP of total 80s worship crossover thrash: Atomic Death Squad (Australia)
Atomic Death Squad is getting back to basics and back to the 80s. It's loud, fast and direct and it's thrash like the days of old.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

old midtempo black metal: Persekutor (Romania): "Power Frost” (Magic Bullet Records)

Persekutor (Romania): "Power Frost” (Magic Bullet Records)
Persekutor’s two-song recording has been in constant rotation here at Transnational Conglomerate Headquarters Offices of Metal Bulletin Zine. Charming minimalist, old melodic midtempo black metal in the grim ways: non-blasting, non-chaotic, memorable songs. Somehow both different from the black metal I have heard recently and traditional in a heavy metal style, making the music quickly comprehensible. At any rate, no word on whether a full-length album is on the way. Just this very good EP (for now?).

traditional heavy metal Midnite Hellion (U.S.): “Hour of the Wolf” (Witches Brew Records)

Midnite Hellion (U.S.): “Hour of the Wolf” (Witches Brew Records)
Traditional rocking heavy metallers Midnite Hellion are working on an album for 2014, but before that, they want to show the name and the flame for the metal seekers to find. This band requires only a few seconds in order to like the music. Traditional heavy metal is the one mission that Midnite Hellion has set for itself. Soaring, screaming singing, guitar work that shows the love of old heavy metal and songs for air guitar and air drums.

symphonic gothic Sorronia (Hungary)

symphonic gothic Sorronia (Hungary)
Sorronia (Hungary): "Words of Silence” (Bakerteam Records)
Symphonic gothic band Sorronia’s debut shows that they are as ready as ever for the crowds into Within Temptation, Nightwish and Epica. If listeners into those bands hear Sorronia, they would find the qualities to like: poppy tunes, keyboard melodies, upbeat moments, and slow moments. Sorronia has been around only a few years, since 2011, but this album shows that they are serious about their music and future.

Monday, January 6, 2014

the zombies are here: Down from the Wound (Philippines): "Violence and the Macabre” (Comatose Music)

Down from the Wound (Philippines): "Violence and the Macabre” (Comatose Music)
Absorbing this intransigent repugnance leads me to believe that in the category of “top brutal death metal” albums in 2014 will be Down from the Wound, miscreants with a rather nice little resume of recorded output starting in 2005, including several splits, a full-length album, and various demos. Now they are dropping this whopping new album called “Violence and the Macabre” that drives a fugly fracas straight to the circle pit of zombies, wrangles them into a sweaty session of moshing that can only end in one of two ways: either the bloody zombies limp back to their caves or they leave on stretchers, with their fellow zombies helping them to the hospital. Have your phone handy because you will need to call the emergency room to tell them that you’ll be rolling in soon, passed out from exhaustion.
Really, only the deities of the zombie world know what possessed these pinch-harmonics obsessed deathsters to construct such a microphone-cupping, breakdown wielding, guttural gurgling, blasting monstrosity. Throughout the almost 50 minutes of “Violence and the Macabre,” Down from the Wound reaches for inhumanly fast speeds in drumming, but because they do not want for the drummer to drop dead from all the blasting, they balance the hyperactivity with the heaviest grooves and breakdowns that they could muster. In the process, the overall feeling is grotesque hideousness that will attract only the slam/blast death metal zealots-trainhoppers who long to hear bands that want to eat Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse for lunch.
I have been listening to this album for weeks now and it just gets more appalling with every listen. The guitar work builds an impenetrable fortress of chugging massiveness in which anything resembling a melody will never sneak inside. You might find a quickie guitar “solo” here and there, but that immediately gets devoured by pinch harmonics and chugging. These breakdowns are simply irresistible and you will instinctively start throwing your elbows around, or at the very least, you will do the Frank Mullen handquake.
Of course, the cynics will criticize Down from the Wound for the usual: nothing remotely “original” going on in this album. Here’s the thing about that particular matter, though: these guys could not care less about such criticism. “Song” after “song” clearly shows that the band’s priorities are elsewhere: heaviness, slamming, chugging, gurgling, cupping the microphone, and blasting. Having fun with this horrendous sound, without any pretensions that this is mindboggling artist wizardry.
Anyway, kids, now go tell your friends that the party has already started, and bring some doughnuts!

ex Angra: Almah (Brazil)

Almah (Brazil): “Unfold” (Scarlet Records)
Almah was former Angra singer Edu Falaschi’s solo project, and now that Edu’s finished with Angra, Almah has taken on a new importance. Almah does not sound like Angra. Instead, it is a much more diverse sound: part metal, part pop, part adult contemporary rock, part radio rock, part groove rock. Edu gets to show off different moods, from rockers to ballads and things in between. Given that Edu and company have all been in bands, the recording sounds as professional as expected. It’s not particularly heavy, but I don’t think that the band cares. I think Angra diehards will likely say that Almah is a step below in quality (the drums sound too light/plastic, for instance) and in songwriting (simpler songs), but Edu diehards will just as likely approve of the album.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

the mind games of Beastmilk (Finland)

Beastmilk (Finland): "Climax” (Magic Bullet Records)
Here’s the deal: if Glen Danzig joined The Cure (or Joy Division, or The Smiths) then this is what it might sound like (in my imagination, perhaps). I’ll tell you what the buzz is all about: Beastmilk has uptempo punkish/alternativish/gothish songs that are upbeat and danceable, yet the guitar notes do not sound happy; and most importantly, the singer sounds like Glen Danzing (low voices: Elvis, Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen, The Doors’ Jim Morrison, …), with that low to midrange singing style, and a bit of that emo/whiny/melancholy a la The Cure/The Smiths. The songs do actually sound poppy, which is why some people are catching on fast. Well, now that the 80s are back, these cats will be filthy, stinking rich and famous.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Izegrim (Holland): "Congress of the Insane” (Listenable Records)

Izegrim (Holland): "Congress of the Insane” (Listenable Records)
Some people go on the internet to look up something, and 1 minute later, they already clicked on about 5 other things that they originally were not searching. About 3 minutes later, that person doesn’t even know what they were looking up in the first place. Next thing you know, that person is learning that drinking straws were invented in ancient times as a way to drink mustard when the pyramids were being built in all the continents of the world. Yes, what?
Izegrim is aware of people’s inability to concentrate. They know that nowadays your metal band will get about a 10 second chance on YouTube when someone clicks on Izegrim, before people move on and start clicking on the videos of the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows to watch all the paternity and DNA tests of obnoxious people shouting and insulting each other.
Izegrim, as a modern death/thrash/groove band, has a solution for the short attention span: make songs that waste no time; songs that are under 5 minutes; with a groove that metalheads will grab on to quickly; make it for headbanging; don’t make the songs too complicated; work with energy; make the music moshable; add a bit melody through the guitar solos. Wham bam boom, done.
Eleven songs in some 43 minutes take the Izegrim work ethic to its logical conclusion. The album is paced to go fast, and 40 minutes is a good time frame for the band to show its colors. Essentially, all that’s needed is for young metalheads to hear Izegrim. Once that happens, the band has its foot in the door. In particular, for young listeners, just getting into the heavier, growling, moshing type metal, the band will be a good one to enjoy. Or, when you, young or young at heart, want a band that gets to the business of rocking quickly, that’s the time for Izegrim.

music video traditional heavy metal: Panndora (Brazil)

music video traditional heavy metal: Panndora (Brazil)
The time for heavy metal is here and Panndora brings the metal.
Panndora - Partners in Crime [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
If the link does not work, then just copy paste the title to YouTube: Panndora - Partners in Crime [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sinheresy (Italy): "Paint the World” (Bakerteam Records)

Sinheresy (Italy): "Paint the World” (Bakerteam Records)
If things go according to the band’s plan, Sinheresy is headed for the top of the rock charts. Full of pop vibes and top hit beats clothed in rock/metal songs, the album bounces with radio/tv/mainstream energies, such as you find in Lacuna Coil or Within Temptation, and perhaps Nightwish, too, given that Sinheresy started out as a Nightwish tribute. Those established bands all appear to be successful business ventures, so it stands to reason that Sinheresy’s objectives would be similar in terms of music in Europe.
The vocal style is the dual midrange singing/screaming, and the higher, more melodic singing. The songwriting is very much hit-oriented, as a younger band that is more upbeat than its older influences. They sound excited, with the desire to make it. At this point, Sinheresy is paying its dues. They have done some shows in the Baltic region, for instance.
Don’t be surprised if Sinheresy is a name that you hear more of in a commercial rock/metal setting. People into a band like Within Tempation, and similar groups, will find lots of positive aspects in the catchy tunes of Sinheresy.

former Deicide members: Amon

former Deicide members: Amon
Amon (U.S.): "Liar in Wait” (FDA Rekotz Vinyl Edition)
Whereas some bands associated with Florida death metal, such as Morbid Angel, Death and Atheist, challenge the listener by pushing the envelope, throwing in a few surprises, through creativity and some experimentation, there is another way of death metal thinking illustrated by Florida death metal bands like Diabolic, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under—and now Amon, the band of former Deicide guitarists the Hoffman brothers. These latter bands make reliable, predictable albums for headbanging; recordings that are similar to previous works. Amon’s music is like Deicide: fast, intense, heavy death metal. The mentality of The Ramones, AC/DC, Slayer, Overkill and Motorhead is at work in the death metal of Amon: give the audience precisely what it expects from two former members of Deicide. Amon is here to play death metal the way they know how: for headbanging and moshing.
In the case of Amon, the guitar work shows an effort to make fast but memorable songs. Amon mixes death metal heavy riffs with downtuned thrashy hooks that go for direct impact. It seems to me that the guitar work, including the solos, demonstrates the desire to be taken seriously, gaining the trust of the audience with an album that the band can be proud of. Naturally, followers of the work of the Hoffman brothers and Deicide should be nodding in approval. Maniacs who are huge into death metal will find the album to be to their liking, too. Lastly, the old folks into Florida death metal should be interested, also.