Sunday, June 2, 2013

weird experimental: Shining (Norway): One One One

Shining (Norway): “One One One”
Shining celebrates a carnival of clashing traditions of sounds and rocks out with their weird out: funky, danceable, industrial jazz saxophone mosh scream electronica paranormal heavy techno pizza pop dumpster hipster freaky postmosquito gravity boots vacuum cleaner rock.
Shining hovers-un/covers their art with highly annoying, teeth gnashing, nails-on-chalkboard idiot savant majestic beauty brain snaps for the mentally rearranged puzzles in an epidemic maze of purposeful confusion mis/re/un/directed at mindcluster eccentricity podababblerabble (un)found(ed) inside the outside in(>‘).
This makes all orthodox listeners reach for clean diapers. Or tomatoes. That’s right, come and get it.
Brain melt function mode on.
Grab a paper bag.

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