Sunday, June 2, 2013

sludge/doom: Sadgiqacea (U.S.): “False Prism”

Sadgiqacea (U.S.): “False Prism”
While it is indisputable that Sadgiqacea means simple, very heavy, slow sludgy, doom that averages about 10 minutes per song in this 4-song, 40-minute album, that part (the genre) is not the most interesting thing about the music.
Yes, the music is all things heavy, of course, but beyond matters of labels and categories, what sets the band apart is something else. Namely, the ability to spice up the songs with other elements. For example, they do, in fact, have moments of uptempo rocking. Actually, “True Darkness,” has blazing black metal intensity, with hard-driving guitar and metal-on-metal pounding.
Why do I find this characteristic crucial? Well, because sludge/slow doom can sometimes run the risk of being boring, and can, for that reason, appeal to a very narrow group, as in the case of “funeral death doom,” which requires a supreme amount of patience. Sadgiqacea, thankfully, does not run the risk of sounding boring or monotonous.
Due to the various vocal shadings, uptempo moments, different drumming tempos and the peppering of the music with segments of other styles/varieties in general, I think calling this “sludge/doom” may be a disservice to the band. Focus on the music, not the label.

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