Tuesday, June 18, 2013

party horror metal: Death SS (Italy): "Resurrection"

horror metal veterans: Death SS (Italy): "Resurrection"
Did you know that horror metal could sound like so much fun?!!
Like party horror metal!
Like danceable horror metal!
Death SS are experts are making horror things sound like fun.
On this album Death SS starts with heavy metal, and then the party begins: catchy keyboard melodies, little techno pop ditties and a bit of gothic rock atmosphere.
If you are not a grump, and you don't mind happy, uptempo rocking music, then Death SS will be a good thing for you.
"techno-pop-horror-gothic metal"?!
It's for headbanging.
and for dancing.
Yes, yes, all of that.
Not only that, but the first six songs are all meant for partying.
The rest of the album, keeps the party vibe going, but Death SS does add a couple of other surprises, a bit of doom and freight.
Catchy, and kind of spooky, but catchy and even poppy, a bit of "dance club metal."
Not being an expert on Death SS, I get the impression that if you could imagine Nine Inch Nails and Danzig teaming up with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson to write hit songs, maybe that describes the latest Death SS album. Maybe? I don't know for sure, I'm just throwing that out there as a reference.
You can argue with me all you want. Why not? Argue all day long. What is Death SS? A clustercluck of sounds!!
FYI, Death SS was formed in 1977. Yes, 1977, and their first EP is from 1983 called "Evil Metal."
Yes, 1977.
Goodness, when was that?
What year are we in?!
The year is Death SS.

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