Thursday, July 9, 2020

[In Mute]

Here a couple of recent videos by [In Mute]. One is a live video and the other one a vocal playthrough video. Check out their biography for more information about their history.
Biography: This combo born in Valencia in mid-2003 is characterized by being one of the most extreme and powerful proposals with a female singer in Spain. [IN MUTE] are characterized not only by their musical quality but also by a strong stage presence led by Vanja Plavsic, new vocalist at the head of the band.
In 2006 the band recorded "Aeternum", their first LP. After some changes [IN MUTE] she achieved a stable line gradually starting an ascent within the metal scene in Spain. The "One in a Million Tour" took them throughout Spain and Europe marking a milestone in the 2014 Wacken Open Air Edition, where they won the first prize in the Wacken Metal Battle against 29 other countries. That led to her presence in the most important festivals in Spain, such as Resurrection Fest, Legends of Rock and Viñarock among others.
In 2016 they went back to the studio to form “GEA” (Art Gates Records), the band's first full length, since with the first formation “Aeternum” (New Label - 2009) was released. This work, pre-produced by Davish G. Álvarez and recorded at Millenia Estudios, took them back to tour around the country and part of Europe, visiting countries like Malta or Portugal. It is at this time that Mike on guitar joins his ranks, covering the entire "Gea Spanish Tour" and his dates abroad.
At the beginning of 2019 the band's previous vocalist Steffi leaves the band, and Vanja Plavsic (Ex-MartYrium) takes his place, with which they will immediately work on creating new material that will take shape in “Chaos Breeder” (Art Gates Records) in November 2019. Frantic months devoted to the composition and recording of this LP will result in 8 forceful cuts, with a more refined and modern sound, thanks to the invaluable production by Davish G. Álvarez. Mike happens to be in charge of the melodic voices and the style of the band evolves until reaching more progressive and varied tones, without sacrificing the own brand sound of the house. Mixed and mastered by Groka Dresbaj at The Room BCN, it is recorded between New Level Studios, Elefante Estudio and Fireworks Studios.
They are currently immersed in the "Chaos Will Rise Tour", mostly postponed due to the international health crisis. In short, we will be able to see them again on the tables, to fully understand the motto of this new era of reinvention and overcoming.
[IN MUTE] - Depth of Suffering
[IN MUTE] - Unhallowed Divination - Official Vocal Playthrough | Art Gates Records 2019

Anna Pest

Check out the metal of Anna Pest from Canada. This is the 2019 EP The Ocean Calls Me Home, but there's a lot more on Bandcamp.
ABOUT: An eclectic one-girl metal project based in Montreal, Canada. I handle all of the instrumentation, vocals, composition, recording, and production myself unless otherwise noted.
I make the music I want to hear, and I like to listen to many different things. I like to experiment. Most of all, I like to have fun.
With each new release I put out, I like to try to dip my feet into a new style in an effort to expand my musical horizons. I enjoy the challenge of working within the framework of a different genre, simultaneously embracing its conventions and limitations, subverting them, and adding my own personal touch.
I work meticulously, and I put all my love and energy into everything I create. Sometimes, it comes out beautiful. Sometimes, it comes out ugly. Sometimes, it comes out as a glorious garbage fire. But no matter what, at the end of the day, it’s mine, and I’ll own it.
I do this for myself, and no one else. Like what you hear? Then welcome, and thank you for letting me share my heart with you.
The Ocean Calls Me Home by Anna Pest

Dehydrated drum playthrough video for "Werewolf"

Recently the Russian brutal death metal band Dehydrated published a drum playthrough video for the song "Werewolf." Here is another video by the band, and their 2019 EP Piranha or Whale?
Biography: Fatally ripping open the chest of the prominent and promising local band KOMITET was the dawn of nova. In 2008 musicians remained, including Irina Sidenko and Evgeniy Zimin, joined forces with ex-APOKEFALE Evgen Tsibulin and thus was formed the main idea of project titled as DEHYDRATED. With Alexey Ablaev support first three-song demo “Suffering From Mummification” was recorded.
After EP was done the band focused on live performances. DEHYDRATED blasted tons of Siberian gigs, which led to headlining in Irkutsk 3-days long METAL HAIL FEST side by side with guys from EXVENTER, APOKEFALE, WELICORUSS. In October 2009 first birthday was celebrated by going on promotional tour SCREAM of TERROR tour 2009. Thus supporting EP they visited European Russia, most of cities were visited side by side with French grind maestros PULMONARY FIBROSIS и BAPTIZED IN VAGINAL LIQUID. Tour was crowned with utterly successful show at PETROGRIND – 6(St. Peterburg) that action also entwined INHUMATE, TORSOFUCK, GRIND CRUSHER, TREMOR, SEPTYCOPIEMIA and others.
In mart 2010 Dehydrated entered local MUZ-ONLINE fest; their performance was marked as best HARD-line band. November 2010 was a significant one, the band signed to MORE HATE Productions and thus the first full-length album Duality of Existence was released. First part of support tour took place in Siberia while second phase DEHYDRATED visited Ukraine and southern part of Russia. During tour they played gig at METAL HEAD' s MISSION 2011. Evgen Tsibulin became endorser of Lepsky Guitars on arrival home. October 2011 the band bestowed fans with first music video Alive Underground, two months later they issued second EP Mind Extract that included 5 songs. Next tour was finished with playing at ‘Jeleznie Devi’
Summer 2012 was dedicated to recording second full-length album ZONE beneath the SKIN that was released under HEADXPLODE Record in 29th September. Halved support tour included visiting Russian Far East, Siberia, European Russia and Ukraine. Early January of 2013 DEHYDRATED granted fans second music video WEREWOLF.
2013 for the band became even more successful in live performances. Spring constant performances at concert halls in the northern part of Russia. In the summer of 2013 Dehydrated participate at 4 festivals in different countries. This: METAL HAIL FEST (Siberia) as headliners, Metal Head's Mission (Ukraine) together with bands like DYING FETUS, ARTILLERY, MORHGOTH and many others, METAL CROWD (Belarus); and Cieszanów Rock Festiwal (Poland), along with bands such as VADER, HATE, MADBALL and many others.
In the autumn of 2013 the group celebrates it’s first small holiday - 5 years. In October the band went on the anniversary tour called '5 years Anniversary Tour', which took place in cities of Russia and ended up in his native city of Tomsk.
Winter 2013 takes another significant event in the band's first tour of Europe. Which was timed to the anniversary as well and was named Anniversary winter tour 2013. Road includes 17 cities, 8 countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. In addition to the active tour activity DEHYDRATED just had time to remove his third video, for the song from the second album - THIRST OF DOSE. The presentation, which took place in the spring of 2014!
In the summer of 2014 DEHYDRATED sent to it’s biggest tour in the history of the band, 'GANGSTERS of the ROADS euro tour 2014', consisting of 25 dates. Border trails are expanding and it includes countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia. 7 of these concerts, open air festivals, such as: OBSCENE EXTREME fest (Czech republic), DEATH FEAST (Germany), Aggressive music fest (Czech republic), FLASH party (Slovakia) and others. Dehydrated participate in festivals, along with such groups as: IMMOLATION, MISERY INDEX, MORGOTH, VADER, KATALEPSY and many others.
At the moment the band is preparing to record the third full-length album!
DEHYDRATED - WEREWOLF (Drum Playthrough)
Piranha or Whale​?​ by DEHYDRATED

Namea personnel changes

Washington state band Namea announces some changes in the line-up. Below is their statement.
Hey all,
It's with heavy hearts that we announce Ben will no longer be providing vocals with Namea. Ben has been crushing the mic since the beginning, and he's leaving us with some mighty big boots to fill! We wish him all the best with everything life has in store for him.
That said, we would love for everyone to welcome Lief Larson to the band as our new guitarist. Lief's got some fast fingers and a good ear, so get hyped for his upcoming contributions! We were hoping to have introduced him in a show by this point, but it may be a minute until we get to play live for everyone again.
When WA gets to a safer point in lockdown, we plan to get try-outs going for vocals. Until then, we're at work writing new demos and getting some rad new merch put together, and we can't wait to share both with everyone!
See you in the pit!
Namea by NAMEA

GOLGOTA: upcoming new collection by the Christian black metal band from Ecuador

Christian black metal band Golgota (Ecuador) will have a new compilation in August. Vision of God Records announces: "GOLGOTA The Chronicles Pre order on Bandcamp and get 4 instant tracks! Rare Demo, Live & Studio EP! A through the years compilation!"
Biography: Golgota started in the year 2000, with the idea of fighting against the enemy of humanity, this is satan, it is a Black Metal band that proclaims in the shadows, announcing the victory of the Eternal Emperor in a continuous ceremony of black hymns. Glory to Jesus Christ.
The Chronicles by Golgota

review: New Dilemma

New Dilemma
Is Your Story Over
Pavement Entertainment
26 June 2020
Here is an answer to the question: What happens if metal and electronica are combined? If the music is any indication, New Dilemma believes that electronic music lacks heaviness and crunch, and that metal is lacking catchy beats, big, huge beats. Metal may have loudness, but it cannot make people dance. Now you can bang your head or dance, or both. The midrange singing seems in the same general area as the lower male voice of baritone (Frank Sinatra/Depeche Mode/the lower voice of John Legend, etc.); the voice changes to a higher, more melodic tone for certain parts of songs like choruses. In a few spots, there are some semi-growl/scream parts. The choruses are emphasized a lot. As a result, it is heavy rock with a whole lot more bounce and pep in the step. New Dilemma takes groove metal, keeps it nice, comfortable midtempo/uptempo, adds catchy poppy choruses, brings in background sounds in order to have a bouncy groovy danceable type of heavy rock. They keep things heavy enough for rock people while making it way catchier than “pure rock” would be in terms of big beats. They may not be metal enough for some, and not techno-pop-electronica enough for some others, but audiences not so concerned with turf/tribal/genre loyalty might enjoy the music more than expected.
NEW DILEMMA - Is Your Story Over (Official Music Video)

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

SINTAX (Israel) two new official music videos

From Israel's capital city of Jerusalem, comes the groove thrash of Sintax. The band seemed silent for some years, but are now back with some new songs: "OK guys single number two from our upcoming album nano 3000 is here Ready to get your head ripped."
Check out the two new videos by them.
Sintax - Reefers Sting And Honey
Sintax - Lunchtime Funeral video

24-7 Spyz

The long-running act of "heavy metal soul" 24-7 Spyz (U.S.) had cancelled their tour, but their plan is to do the tour later, as announced on Facebook: "Hey, what’s up everyone? Just wanted to keep you all in the loop with our rescheduling of dates. It looks like we’re going to try and do a handful of US dates in October with everything else being pushed into early in the new year. It’s not what we wanted to do, believe me. It’s what we felt like we needed to do based on the circumstances. As the reschedule dates begin to roll out, we will most certainly post them up and keep you in the loop as we get closer. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again. It’s been a long time but this tour IS HAPPENING! Just a little later than we had originally planned. Peace and love!"
Check their Facebook page for more updated information. Below is the history of the band as posted on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia: 24-7 Spyz (pronounced "twenty-four-seven spies") are an American band from the South Bronx, New York, United States, formed in 1986, originally consisting of Jimi Hazel (born Wayne K. Richardson) (guitar), Rick Skatore (born Kenneth D. Lucas) (bass), Kindu Phibes (drums), and P. Fluid (born Peter Forrest) (vocals). The band is best known for mixing R&B, soul, funk and reggae with heavy metal and hardcore punk. The fact that they are African Americans playing variations of heavy metal led critics to compare them to bands such as Living Colour and Bad Brains. Though they were pioneers in the fusion of these particular music styles, influencing many bands, they have never achieved substantial commercial success. After several lineup changes, the band broke up in 1998, but reformed in 2003 before releasing their first new album of original material in over a decade in 2006. As of January 2020, the lineup of the band includes Hazel, Skatore, and drummer Tony Lewis.
Upon their formation in 1986, the band, consisting of Jimi Hazel, Rick Skatore, Kindu Phibes, and P. Fluid, quickly earned a dedicated following in New York City due to the eclectic mix of their music. The band would switch gears from Motown and soul sounds with lush vocal harmonies to violent heavy metal and hardcore punk with ease, sometimes several times within the course of one song. Phibes left the band in 1987.
In 1988, In-Effect Records, a subsidiary of Relativity, signed the band which now included Anthony Johnson, formerly of the three-piece New York ska band, A-Kings, replacing Phibes on drums. The band released their debut album, the genre-hopping Harder Than You, produced by Bob Musso and Jimi Hazel, in December 1988. The first single was a cover of the Kool & the Gang song "Jungle Boogie." Critics and fans took notice of the band's left-wing political stance and the unique sound of their tight-knit, high-energy music. The album sold just under 300,000 units due to non-stop touring worldwide and became an underground hit. It remains a pioneering classic in the rock/funk/hip hop genre made popular in later years by such bands as 311, Limp Bizkit, and Kid Rock. The video for "Jungle Boogie" was the first single video on MTV to air on all of the following specialty shows: 120 Minutes, Yo! MTV Raps, Hard 60, and Headbanger's Ball.
The band's second album, 1990's Gumbo Millennium, produced by Jimi Hazel and Tom Soares, was once again released through In-Effect Records. The album was much softer than the previous effort, focusing mostly on clean guitar and lush R&B harmonies and grooves although it still contained elements of thrash metal and punk. The first single, "Don't Break My Heart!," while commercially viable, failed to receive radio airplay. Regardless, the album sold over 300,000 units once again due to massive amounts of touring and proved to be an underground success. It soon brought the attention of several major labels. The band were soon opening for Jane's Addiction on their 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' tour. The tour brought the band to a new audience but their growing success could not halt the sudden departure of Anthony Johnson and P. Fluid. Fluid made the announcement of his departure during the band's live performance on the final date of the Jane's Addiction tour. Allegedly, he had not made it known to his bandmates beforehand. Johnson followed suit and, as a result of the departures, the band dropped out of a planned co-headlining tour with Suicidal Tendencies. Fluid soon made it known that he intended to start a new band named The P. Fluid Foundation.
Despite the loss of two of the band's four members, Rick Skatore and Jimi Hazel decided to continue on. Jeff Brodnax was brought in as the new vocalist along with former Cro-Mags and Bad Brains drummer, Mackie Jayson. Jayson only rehearsed with the band for a short time before leaving, to be replaced by Joel Maitoza. The new lineup received rave reviews and the band was soon signed to East West Records America, a division of Atlantic Records headed by label president, Sylvia Rhone. The company tested the marketability of the new band by releasing a five-song EP titled This is...24-7 Spyz!, produced by Jimi Hazel and Bruce Calder in 1991.
In 1992, the band received their largest commercial exposure to date by appearing in a Budweiser television commercial that aired for the first five months of the year. Soon after, the hour-long Strength In Numbers album, produced by Terry Date and Jimi Hazel, was released and proved to be the band's most critically acclaimed release to date. The album saw the band depart from its New York hardcore roots to concentrate more on heavy metal and soul. Unfortunately, by that time, popular music had begun shifting away from musical dexterity and in favor of the simplicity of grunge. The album's single, "Break The Chains," received minor radio airplay and MTV exposure but Sylvia Rhone pulled the label's support before dropping the band altogether. To the band's dismay, the label only pressed 18,000 pieces and allotted 2,000 for press purposes, thus making the disc widely unavailable almost immediately.
Disgusted by their dealings with East West and Sylvia Rhone, the band members began working on other musical projects. Hazel and Skatore looked to form a new band, Black Angus, with Follow for Now drummer Bernard "Enrique" Coley. The Black Angus sessions were eventually recorded with drummer and longtime friend Carlton Smith of the Royal Crescent Mob. Maitoza formed Shockhead with vocalist Joseph McCraw and Nixons bassist Ricky Wolking, recording one disc, titled Television, which was produced by Jimi Hazel. Brodnax concentrated on his band, Egypt.
When Hazel and Skatore discovered how popular the first two albums remained in Europe, they reunited with Anthony Johnson and P. Fluid, now performing as Forrest (his real last name) to release Temporarily Disconnected, produced by Jimi Hazel. The album was released exclusively in Europe by Enemy Records, and was followed by a quick tour of the continent before Johnson and Fluid left the band once again.
In March 1996, 6, produced by Jimi Hazel, was released exclusively in Europe through the Enemy label. The album contained covers of The Association's "Along Comes Mary" and Love's "7 and 7 Is." The album was titled 6 due to it being the sixth release by the band. In September 1996, What Are Records released Heavy Metal Soul by the Pound, the American version of 6. The track listing would remain almost identical to 6 with the exception of the removal of "Along Comes Mary" and "7 and 7 Is" and the additions of "Earth And Sky" and "Save The World" as replacements.
Both versions of the album saw the band returning as a trio with Jimi Hazel on guitar and lead vocals, Rick Skatore on bass and Joel Maitoza returning to the drums for the first time in four years. Two tracks recorded before Maitoza's return featured guest drummer Carlton Smith of Royal Crescent Mob. Additional vocals were contributed by Doug Pinnick of King's X for the songs "Love And Peace" and "Yeah X 3".
The next release was the If I Could EP, available exclusively through their fan club and featuring remixes and live performances of several songs. In 1998, a disagreement between Hazel and Skatore led to the dissolution of 24-7 Spyz.
In 2000, Hazel co-wrote several songs for a band named Crime, who were using the material to shop for labels. Skatore re-emerged in 2001, playing bass in a band named Blockk-16 alongside Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery. The band's first release, Too Brutal For Radio also featured appearances by Andrew Freeman, Ray Freeman Jr, Mosh Ben-Ari, Ronen Barak and Spread Eagle vocalist, Ray West. After the release of the album, Skatore suffered from a collapsed lung. Despite their prior disagreement, Hazel came to the aid of his friend by performing together as 24-7 Spyz for a benefit concert at New York City's CBGB's. Proceeds from the show went towards Skatore's medical bills.
In 2002, Hazel released his first solo CD, 21stCenturySouthBronxRockStar on his own label, The Gumbo Recording Company. It was followed by the formation of Maitoza's new band, Crown 10, in May 2003. 2003 also saw Hazel and Skatore reunite for a second CBGB's performance with Tony Lewis on drums. Later that year, Hazel and Skatore would announce the official re-formation of 24-7 Spyz. In 2005, the band released a limited edition DVD titled HMS4L: The Many Lives of Walter Rattamus through their website. The DVD tells the history of the band through the various incarnations and also includes commentary from Jimi Hazel and Rick Skatore.
In 2006, the band released Face the Day, with new drummer Tobias Ralph, through The Gumbo Recording Company label. The disc was produced by Jimi Hazel and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and was the first 24-7-Spyz studio album in a decade. Shortly thereafter, the band released a live performance from 1998 as a digital download and CD titled Can You Hear the Sound?.
In 2009, Hazel and Skatore began focusing their attention on a new side project called A.N.M. (Anti Nigger Machine). Other members of the band included Doug Pinnick (vocals), Greg Fulton (guitar and vocals), Spacey T (guitar and vocals) plus Philip "Fish" Fisher (drums and percussion). Later that year, they released a four-song demo via their MySpace page. In 2010, the band began soliciting donations to fund the recording of their first album.
On August 6, 2011, 24-7 Spyz performed at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The show saw former members Jeff Brodnax and Joel Maitoza return for a reunion of the Strength in Numbers era lineup. In November 2011, the band announced that the lineup would continue performing together with the Strength In Numbers Twentieth Anniversary Tour beginning with a string of European dates from late February through March, 2012. In September 2012, it was announced that the band had officially parted ways with Brodnax and Maitoza once again. It was also stated that Maitoza, Ralph and Lewis would all take part in recording drum tracks for a planned upcoming album. In November 2012, the band announced that Sekou Lumumba of Bedouin Soundclash had officially joined the band on drums. Guitarist Ronny Drayton would join the band soon after. On April 27, 2014, an image posted by the band on their official Facebook page stated that the band was on hiatus. In October 2014, the band announced via their official Facebook page that Phillip "Fish" Fisher, a founding member of Fishbone, had taken the position as drummer for the band. In January 2015, it was officially announced that the band had emerged from their self-imposed hiatus with plans to not only perform select dates in Europe but also to release a single and a new EP later in the year. The digital single, "Jungle (for Jef)" was credited as 24-7 Spyz & Family and featured a core lineup of Hazel and Drayton alongside drummer Lenny White and bassist Chico Huff, with additional instrumentation performed by Jesse Johnson, Eddie Martinez, Vernon Reid and Skatore. The song was a tribute to Jef Lee Johnson, a friend and fellow musician who had died in 2013 at age 54 due to complications from pneumonia and diabetes, and was released via iTunes and Soundcloud. The band's next release came in April 2016 in the form of CD and digital single for a song titled "Anthem" that would also be featured on their upcoming album. It was announced in 2017 that The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy was expected to be released in 2018. In April 2018, the band started accepting pledges through to fund the release of the album although a release date has yet to be announced. At Fishbone's August 24, 2018 Brooklyn, New York show, a three-piece version of the band consisting of Hazel, Skatore and Fish performed a short, unannounced opening set. On January 28, 2019, The Soundtrack to the Innermost Galaxy, their eighth studio album, was released.
In January 2020, a three-piece version of the band, once again including Hazel, Skatore and the returning Tony Lewis, announced their "Sex, Juice & Heavy Metal Soul" tour which was scheduled to from April through October 2020. However, the tour was postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On February 7, 2020, Ronnie Drayton died of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 67.
24-7 Spyz - Break the Chains, Live in New York 2013
24-7 Spyz - Break The Chains
24-7 Spyz - Don't Break My Heart
24-7 Spyz - Jungle Boogie (official video)

review: Vestal Claret

Vestal Claret
Vestal Claret
June 23rd, 2020
VC is 1970s-loving band, including the cousin-of-Ozzy vocals. People who have heard the previous 2014 album know that there is that 70s presence, but it’s not exactly a full-on retro sound. It doesn’t sound like 1980s Priest/Maiden heavy metal per se, but the heaviness is more 80s than 70s. This new album, on the other hand, is much closer to the 1970s. The music is mellower and lighter, and more bluesy. It is more melancholic, too. There is a sense that life has been getting harder as they have gotten older, and the vocalist is way more in his feelings. The singing sounds frailer than ever before, and this band’s singing has always sounded frail. The faithful should not be very surprised (only a little) with the new direction, and the doom/1970s die-hards will be interested in how things are sounding now with VC. However, it is doubtful that those that prefer the more metallic and rocking side of the band will be pleased with the band launching into full-blown 70s/hippy worship.
Vestal Claret by Vestal Claret

review: Saints of Death

Saints of Death
Ascend to the Throne
July 10th, 2020
Head Rattle Productions INC
In the Bible there are tales of mighty giants dwelling in faraway lands a long time ago, but there are giants amongst us today. We found a real-life giant in charge of the vocals of this Canadian band. The internet says that he is 6 feet and 8 inches tall and he growls like it. SOD is a wise band in extreme metal: if more people hear it, the group will gain more fans due to their efficient songwriting. They manage to make it accessible while keeping the music heavy and brutal. It is death, groove, melodeath, aggro, thrash, and they might convince fans of Pantera, Slipknot, Death and Metallica to gather together joyfully violently in a mosh pit. Nobody will need a PhD from the University of Dream Theater to understand SOD. The songs are big on the beat, and the growling is remarkably intelligible. It is growling but you can understand just about every word from the vocalist giant. If you can imagine the energy of Pantera and Slipknot with a bit more of death metal and a pinch of Motörhead, you could be a new convert to the cause.

review: Alizarin

The Last Semblance
10 July 2020
They know their instruments well. The guitar melodies are smooth. The rhythm section got their groove on. The music is prog rock with some fusion rock tendencies (or something like that), meaning that the music is mellow, easy listening and chill. It is a noodly type of guitar playing that is melodic, virtuoso, with a jazz feel; not crazy jazz but smooth jazz that relaxes people. It’s more like yoga rock than anything. If you want to rock out and bang your head, this is not going to get the job done. If you are still interested, you should also be sure to check out the singing. This is by far the weakest link in the chain, if you are searching for rocking singing. It lacks horsepower, but for soft prog rock, this singing might work just fine for fans of the style.
The Last Semblance by Alizarin

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Shredhead (Israel)

Shredhead is thrash/groove from Israel. Their discography is: Human Nature (2011); Death Is Righteous (2015); Live Unholy (2019). Here are some of their videos.
Biography: Formed late 2009, Shredhead are the most hyped name in their local metal scene. Throughout 2010 and 2011 the band toured Israel extensively with Israel’s leading metal acts, their ruthless stage performances and presence earning them an impressive mass of devoted followers and press items. Their debut record titled “Human Nature” was released in Israel in August 2011 to much local and even some international critical acclaim. Produced independently throughout 2011, this record is a rare thrash-metal hell-raiser maintaining the traditional thrash-metal aesthetics of the 80′s combined with modern and relentless sound.
Throughout 2011-2013 Shredhead played shows in Israel and abroad in order to grow their Audience including that In 2012 Shredhead won the Israeli Metal Battle and went on to represent Israel in the Wacken festival Metal Battle in Germany . After coming back from Wacken they did various headline shows in Israel, meanwhile their audience kept growing rapidly. Following their new found exposure They have also done many web and radio interviews in Israel and abroad. Along with all of the above Shredhead started to write and work on a new album, marking a change in the musical direction and an exploration of new musical territories.
During 2014 Shredhead finished their new album “Death Is Righteous” mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, The Haunted, Aborted, Sick of It All), supported Biohazard and relocated to Berlin to take the band and the new album to a new level.
Their album “Death Is Righteous” redefines their musical style, making it more mature, more melodic, more groovy, and subsequently much heavier than anything they’ve done before, which throughout 41 intense minutes blasts away such brute forces that no listener remains unmoved. Ranging from songs that are brutal and fast to laid back and groovy songs all enhanced by lyrics that hit close to home. The name of the album describes the concept, which is that death comes to us all in the end just as it should. These 11 tracks depict the way to self destruction, in all of its aspects and forms in a life that needs to end. In this album they bring what’s true and honest, relentless energy that shows exactly who they are in reality, from the first note to the last word.
Death Is Righteous' Was released through the Danish Label Target \ Mighty Music on Jan. 2015. That year was marked as the time Shredhead started gaining international recognition. 'Death is righteous' got reviewed all around the globe, from Asia to Europe to America and Australia. After the release of 'Death Is Righteous' Shredhead signed with The Flaming Arts agency and began touring Europe with big names such as Vader, Overkill, Crowbar, Hate and Ektomorf, gaining more and more attention from the European scene. Shredhead is currently working on their 3rd album.


Swedish power metal band Veonity have released a video for the song ‘Graced Or Damned’, taken from their new album ‘Sorrows’, out on August 21, 2020 on Scarlet Records.
This is how the band commented: “The video pictures how different choices in life lead to different paths. Only at the end of the path is possible to see which choice led you there. When the choices you’ve made have taken you down a path of destruction, life will be filled with regrets.”
‘Sorrows’ was recorded and mixed by Ronny Milianowicz (Shadowquest, ex Dionysus) at Studio Seven and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Recording (Powerwolf, Dragonforce). The cover art design was made by Thomas Holmstrand, whom the band has worked with on the previous two albums. As a special bonus ‘Sorrows’ includes the featuring of the lead singer from Dragonland, Jonas Heidgert, on the track ‘Where Our Memories Used To Grow’.
VEONITY - Graced or Damned (Official Video)

Вольная Стая (Volnaya Staya)

This is Вольная Стая (Volnaya Staya) from Russia. Metal Archives shows the following discography: Стая (2007); Джекпот (2019). Check out their music that is posted on YouTube.
Вольная стая - Джекпот (Female Fronted Heavy Metal) Full Album 2019

OSYRON Video 'The Ones Below' (A Song For Lost Loved Ones)

Calgary’s Osyron has a new album on the way, the explosive and thought-provoking “Foundations” releasing on July 10, 2020 via SAOL/The Orchard.
According to the band “Foundations” is meant to be digested as an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity, speaking on topics on the country's colonization to the mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginals to the country's participation in global warfare. Although it is not a conceptual release, it does bear a consistent theme across nearly the entirety of the record.
The band notes that this is the first album where each band member has contributed to the writing processes, which has resulted in a stronger, more refined production overall. Osyron shares their expectations for the album’s reception:
"We believe that the album will both surprise and challenge our current and new fans while still bringing back the big elements we are most known for (hooks, huge layered sections, melodies, and finger-twisting riffs, etc). We would like to think that our fans would accept this as not only the next iteration and evolution of us as a band but also as the artistic progression of the music.”
Osyron brings their next video for the second single "The Ones Below", a track that stands alone from the themes of the album as a whole and pays tribute to the loss of a loved one or friend who has left our world. This is a track everyone can pay homage to the good times and not dwell on the bad. It's an upbeat song of hope that is inspired by the cheers of frosty mugs with a gentle touch down on the table soon followed. A salute to the ones below.
For fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Wintersun; Osyron is progressive, powerful metal with a knack for engaging storytelling.
Osyron - The Ones Below (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Foundations by Osyron

Blood Etchings (Washington state, U.S.A.)

Blood Etchings is black metal in Washington state. Check out their 2018 album below.
Biography: Hailing from the decrepit metropolis of Seattle, Washington, BLOOD ETCHINGS exalts the Hand of Lucifer through their sinister songs of darkness and demise. After a Night of Unholy conjuring the project was summoned into existence in the early months of 2010, by Seraph, band founder and chief practitioner of the Dark Arts. Many nights of seclusion and rehearsal brought forth a distinctive form of Baroque Black Metal. Blending infernal tones, beats and melodies with an ornate ritual stage show, BLOOD ETCHINGS spreads the Plague of Truth throughout a world of lies…
BLOOD ETCHINGS is an assemblage of Blood, Death, and Perversion… SERAPH, a Blood Master and speaker through both tongues and strings, beckons a horde of destruction upon the unworthy… IMPERATOR, a blood thirsty demon of ill repute, plays upon the rotting sinews of his countless victims… Together as Spawns of Satan they shall destroy all…
The year of 2011 included a self titled demo drenched in blood, as well as four live rituals. Starting with the HELL ON EARTH shows in Sacramento, California and Portland, Oregon, BLOOD ETCHINGS began spreading their plague along the west coast… Returning to Seattle they next presented the BLOOD MASS IN BALLARD ritual. This show resulted in a full length DVD featuring BE, Sacrament Ov Impurity and Baal Beryth performing their black metal arts under the deathly light of the full Moon… Lastly, the gruesome SEVEN HEADS OF THE DEAD which manifested the many facets of Death and impaled the head of the lamb upon the face of the earth…
The early months of the 2014 finds BLOOD ETCHINGS deep in the pits of hell rehearsing and writing for a new series of rituals… followed by the recording of a full length album… IN BLOOD!
BLOOD ETCHINGS by Blood Etchings

Bloodgood (Washington state, U.S.A.)

Bloodgood (1984-1994, 2002-present) is Christian metal in Washington state. Check out their video "Lamb of God" and their Facebook info below.
Biography: The music and mission of BLOODGOOD has been a vital stepping stone and a driving force in the maturing process of Christian Metal since their 1986 self-titled debut release. Their platinum-selling sophomore record Detonation strengthened the band’s signature style of theatrics, power and emotion; staples that would solidify their place in rock music history.
Since 1986, BLOODGOOD's music has been released in various formats all over the world. Classic albums and DVDs include:
Metal Missionaries EP (1985)
Bloodgood (1986)
Detonation (1987)
Rock In A Hard Place (1988)
Out Of The Darkness (1989)
Alive in America CD/VHS (1990)
Shakin' the World CD/VHS (1990)
The Collection (1991)
All Stand Together (1991)
To Germany With Love (1993)
Rock Theater 2-Disc DVD (2002)
Live In Norway DVD (2007)
Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition (2010)
Bloodgood Re-Mastered (2011)
Detonation Re-Mastered (2011)
Dangerously Close (2013)
Detonation Special Edition (2019)
Oz Fox (Stryper) joined the BLOODGOOD lineup in 2007 as a full-fledged band member and songwriting collaborator alongside staple songwriters Michael Bloodgood, Les Carlsen, and Paul Jackson. In 2010, BLOODGOOD was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame for their important contributions to the music industry thus far.
BLOODGOOD "Lamb of God" (Official Music Video)

Blood Atonement (Washington state, U.S.A.)

Blood Atonement is black metal in the state of Washington (U.S.A.). Metal Archives* says the following people are the band: Margaret Pryor, John Devos and Matt Fields. Below is their 2018 Demo.
*(keep in mind that Metal Archives may not have fully accurate information.)

Liliac - We Are the Children [Official Video]

Check out the new video for the song "We Are the Children" by Liliac. Below is some information about them.
Hello, we are LILIAC!
We are a family rock/metal band, ages 12-21, who work together everyday to pursue our dream in music. We first started off performing every weekend on the Santa Monica pier for years. It gave us what needed to grow as a band, giving us confidence and exposure.
Our dad, who is our music producer and manager, started recording us professionally in the studio playing cover songs of major rock legends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Dio, Iron Maiden, etc.. We put out music videos of these songs on Youtube which recieved millions of views.
We also had a huge opportunity being on a TV Show on CBS called “The World’s Best” which was aired nationwide. Liliac was named the “First Family of Rock” from CBS for performing on the “World’s Best” stage. After the show, we released our first original songs EP “Chain of Thorns” which hit number 1 on Amazon’s Best Seller for Rock Music Charts.
It wasn’t until our cover of “Rainbow in the Dark” which went viral and gained hundreds of thousands of fans. Which lead us to our first tour around the U.S. and Canada of 40 dates. We opened up for bands like Loverboy, Queensryche, Tom Keifer, Foghat, and played 3 shows on the Kiss Kruise.
Now, we are currently working on our second full length album of all original songs called “Queen of Hearts”. We can’t wait to finish and release this new album and to ROCK THIS WORLD! Rock on & Rock hard!
Liliac - We Are the Children [Official Video]
Liliac - Nothing (Official Music Video)
LILIAC on Great Day Houston (Interview w/ Deborah Duncan)

Montreal's YOUR LAST WISH "Exile" Drum Playthrough

With roots in classic death and thrash metal, Montreal melodic death metallers Your Last Wish are darker, heavier, and have matured in their sound. Unleashing their latest concept album “Eradicate” this past February, the full length beautifully exploits post-apocalyptic themes. It is a bilingual album with songs in both English and French along with being composed and recorded entirely by guitarist David Gagné, while all lyrics were written by vocalist Roxana Bouchard. But behind every album, there's also a monster machine creating the blast beats and the explosion of fury that engages every metalheads headbanging.
Today, the band is excited to focus on the man behind the kit, drummer extraordinaire, Blake Lemieux, and the pummeling assault of his playthrough for "Exile", a track with old school thrash influences that also introduces odd-time signatures.
Lemieux comments:
"With the talents of musicians that I work with it sure pushes me forward to become a better musician myself when I do these playthroughs. This one originally started off as a band video and then I thought why not make it a drum one too. So now there are two videos of the same song. I had as much fun making this video as I did recording it in the studio with Kevin Jardine (Uplift Productions, Slaves On Dope) along with Steve Vac, the guy who made the video and did an incredible job."
Your Last Wish - Exile - Drum Playthrough
Your Last Wish - Pursuit - Official Live Video (2020)
Eradicate by Your Last Wish

CONVULSE Launch Video for "The Summoning"

CONVULSE, one of the pioneers of the Finnish death metal scene and bright stars of the ’90's death n’ roll movement, have signed a deal with Transcending Records for the release of Deathstar, the legendary band's fifth full-length album.
Deathstar features nine tracks that transcend the boundaries of standard death metal. Of course, this is nothing new for the trio, as many fans will fondly reflect on their unheralded gem Reflections (released in 1994 on Relapse Records). which at the time was about as unusual a death metal album as they come. Deathstar takes the same genre bending approach as Reflections and modernizes it.
Transcending Records will release Deathstar on vinyl, CD and cassette formats on October 30.
The album was recorded and mixed in analog, the way music was meant to be recorded, at JJ-studio. Artwork for Deathstar was created by Jan Yrlund, based on the painting Strangled by Minna Mead. Band photo and "The Summoning" video shot by Okko Sorma.
Deathstar Track Listing:
Extreme Dark Light
The Summoning
We Sold Our Soul for Rock'n Roll
Make Humanica Great Again
Light My Day
The End
Convulse - The Summoning - New Album "Deathstar" Releasing Oct 30th, 2020 on Transcending Records

Rockshots Records Signs Italy's FROM THE DEPTH to Release New Album “Moments”

Italy’s From The Depth has just signed with Rockshots Records for the release of their second full-length album “Moments” hitting sales platforms around the world on August 28, 2020.
Punchy and aggressive, fans who have been waiting since 2014’s EP “Perseverance”, are now rewarded with this 10 track album. “Moments” is a series of personal occasions in the band member’s lives that they are reliving through their music, from hard times to the anniversary of the band forming. In the band’s own words:
“'Moments' is a way to celebrate relevant memories and episodes of everyday life while time passes by. Each aspect of the production has been taken care of with extreme attention to detail from song structure to the final master; nothing has been left to chance and we did our best to get out the most from each session during songwriting.”
After years of hard times, they are now fully operational with a killer stable lineup, and with the new partnership with Rockshots Records, From the Depth is ready to show fans what they have been working on. Starting as a power metal cover band with a distinct “melodic mindset”, From The Depth has come a long way since 2008, and the maturity and refinement really show in this new chapter.
Fans of Firewind, Kamelot, Labyrinth, stay tuned, there is a promotional tour in the works as well.
Track Listing:
1. Immortal (4:55)
2. Spread your Fire (4:55)
3. Ten Years (5:09)
4. Streets of Memory (4:20)
5. Hypnos (1:51)
6. Forget and Survive (4:48)
7. Just Ice (7:46)
8. Missed (4:51)
9. A Matter of Time (5:47)
10. Somewhere (4:22)
Album Length: 48:48
Album Details:
Recorded at Domination Studio and Angle Room Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.
Artwork by Péter Sallai
FTD logo by Jen Scarlet
Band pic by Emiliano Paola
Vocals: Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese
Bass: Santo Clemenzi
Guitars: Alessandro Cattani
Guitars: Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese (on “Streets of Memory”)
Drums: Cristiano Battini
Keyboards: Davide Castro (on “Somewhere”, “Streets of Memory”, “Spread Your Fire”, “A Matter of Time”, “Ten Years” ending theme, “Immortal” cinematic break)
Andrea De Paoli (on “Ten Years”, “Forget and Survive”, “Missed”, “A Matter of Time”)
Oreste Giacomini (on “Immortal”)
Backing vocals and choirs: Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese, Roberto Tiranti, Giacomo Voli, Ros Crash, Angelo Guidetti, Marco Spitale, Stefano Nüsperli, Santo Clemenzi, Jennifer Ferretti, Marco Olmedi.
Ending choirs vocal line on “Immortal” by Alessandro Karabelas.
FROM THE DEPTH - Spread Your Fire (Official Lyric Video)

Monday, July 6, 2020

review: Ensiferum

Metal Blade Records
10 July 2020
Ensiferum continues to frustrate a particular type of fan. That means that the Finnish band is doing something right.
Here is an unproven hypothesis. Lots of people find out about Ensiferum through the YouTube videos. Those fans get excited about the video. They usually think the band is catchy. Now, given that today’s audiences, including metal fans, are conditioned to demand that musicians make all the songs similar, this band inevitably disappoints. “But I wanted all the songs like the video I watched!” screams the fan. That’s one problem. A second issue is that the band has been around a long time now. They began some 25 years ago, and their debut album is only technically still a teenager, and will soon be an adult. The band, being an old one now, has a section of fans that keeps wishing that they, like Cher, could turn back time to some so-called golden age, whatever album that may be in the nostalgic imagination of the (young, single) fan (now married with children) when they first heard the band.
To make a long sorry short, the Finnish band is on its eighth album. In 2020 they generally make fun, uptempo melodic songs with both singing and extreme vocals, and they like to spice up their albums with variety. Some songs sound like melodic extreme metal such as melodeath or “Viking” metal. Others may come across as true metal, epic heavy metal or power metal. The melodies make people bang their heads or dance like the Oompa-Loompas (“What do you get when you guzzle down sweets? Eating as much as an elephant eats.”). Some songs might be the equivalent of Finnish country, bluegrass, hillbilly, folk or “mountain bandit” music. Sometimes the band sounds like symphonic metal. Songs are fast, others uptempo, some are midtempo, some are slow. The band may make you think of a symphony or that you are at the local pub, eating pretzels and drinking too much, watching Aaron Rodgers be a baaaaaad man. Some songs seem like melodic black metal. Yikes, right?!
Of course, the band is frustrating to anyone that wants the Finns to write an album in which all the songs are of the same subgenre! The changes drive some people crazy. Imagine what’s going to happen when the band decides to make things even crazier by taking on the challenge of integrating a couple of styles within one song, and finding ways to transition from midtempo epic true metal then go into the blasting black metal? What are people going to say when one of these days the band will start a song with mountain hillbilly folk melodies and go into grandiose symphonic “Viking” metal? Just wait until they decide to write their own song to rival Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird,” all in Finnish. Anyway, for a band that angers some people, they also make lots of other people happy with their all-variety show that are their albums. On this new one they have written a tune that could close all their concerts until the day they retire. It is called “One with the Sea” and it is basically a true/power metal anthem of the anthems and it has no extreme vocals, only glorious melodic singing. Wow. Finntastic! (Yes. You too will feel an irresistible urge to demand more songs like it! This band is such a tease. But trust, friend, it is better this way. You wouldn’t want 10 songs just like it. Believe it.) Ensiferum is a roller coaster. Would you like to go on this ride? Just grab a little bag in case you start to hyperventilate. You will be ok. Promise.
Here is a challenge: Try listening to “One with the Sea” just one time, and see if you can stop yourself from listening to it on repeat for hours. You will fail. This reviewer certainly has.
Thalassic by Ensiferum

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Багира (Bagira)

Check out some videos by the groove band Bagira (Багира) from Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Their latest video is for the song "Брат на брата." Below is their discography and biography.
Танцуют пули! EP 2011
Амнезия Full-length 2011
Ультиматум Single 2013
По крови зари Full-length 2013
Гнев Single 2017
Шрамы Full-length 2017
Тень Single 2018
Основной инстинкт Single 2018
Зоопарк Single 2018
From Russia with Groove EP 2019
Брат на брата Single 2020
Biography: Bagira band was formed in 2011, united different musicians all over the city. Their main idea was based on the harmony of masterly performance and emotional saturation of the songs. Bagira united connoisseurs of classic heavy metal and musicians looking for modern styles. This combination created new perception of heavy music traditions, producing New Wave of Russian Heavy Metal. The band made their recording debut in 2011 on the Amnesia album by CD-Maximum. In mid-2013 the band finished recording of new album "Po krovi zari" (Along the dawn's blood), one track from it is released as an internet-single "The Ultimatum", which is available for downloading and audition on the band's official pages. "Po krovi zari" released on October 29, 2013 through FONO Ltd.
Bagira — Брат на брата (Official Music video) / 0+
Bagira — Guardian Angel (Official Music video)
Bagira - Whisper (Music video)

AnnaMaria (Philippines)

Check out a couple of videos by AnnaMaria (Philippines). They are a melodic death metal band. Go to their Facebook where they have some other links. It's not clear how much other music they have at this point.
Aberration - AnnaMaria
Mal herencia - AnnaMaria (live)

new Inquisition (Washington state, U.S.A.) album in the works

The black metal entity Inquisition (in Washington state, U.S.A.) has been working on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith (2016). On July 3rd, 2020 they posted the message: "Album information later this year."
Back on December 24th, 2019 guitarist/vocalist Dagon wrote: "Inquisition update. I went with a modern classic set up this time, after two albums using the Soldano SLO I was craving a bolder low end, so I finally went with my Rectifier, first album with a Rec. That Marshall JCM 900 is a mint condition 1996, SLX model fitted with 6L6 tubes adding another layer to the Rec; first album with a 900. The SSL board you see there, another first for us, we still ran everything through some vintage Neve 1073's outboards. On the drum front, we could not be happier." Dagon posted the following pictures:
Biography: The band Inquisition was formed in 1988 in Cali, Colombia by Dagon. The band started as a thrash metal act, and in 1994 evolved into raw black metal.
In 1996, Dagon left Colombia and moved back to the United States to continue Inquisition and search for a new drummer. That same year Dagon met Incubus, who joined the band on drums and the creation of their debut full length album began. This line-up has remained stable for more than fifteen years and is now seen as the classic Inquisition line-up.
INQUISITION style of black metal involves slow, deep and dark riffing combined with sudden tempo changes to faster sections based around blast beats and high-speed riffing; at times adding melodic solos. The classic Inquisition sound incorporates a combination of early era thrash metal-influenced riffing with darker and more chaotic black metal, primarily involving fast, tremolo picked minor-key guitar riffs, thus creating the trademark "Inquisition sound".
Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith by Inquisition