Thursday, June 13, 2013

brand-new!! Darkane (Sweden): The Sinister Supremacy

Darkane (Sweden): “The Sinister Supremacy”
Quality. Experience. High Standard. Perseverance. Darkane.
Keep your eyes open, because soon, in less than a month, when the new Darkane “The Sinister Supremacy” officially releases, we will find out that in 2013 Darkane is modern metal incarnate, in a positive way, that only experienced, tested veterans can be.
What doesn’t Darkane have expertise in?! There’s enough of everything for everyone here. Whether it’s huge thrashing guitar work, melodic hooks and solos, in-your-face heaviness, energetic/aggressive vocals, singing, and well-arranged songs, it doesn’t matter, they deliver a coherent, smooth impact.
Clearly, the matter of coherence is key. Darkane finds ways to unite different components in one single, unified sound.
Sometimes, Darkane goes into total thrash mode, where the pace dictates joining in, or getting out of the way. Just join in, as in “Humanity Defined,” where the thrashing, galloping tempo takes over, while allowing breathing room for a bit of melodic soloing.
This same Darkane vibe and sound, somehow manages, in places, to sound more death metal-ish on “The Decline,” yet it sounds very much like Darkane. Mainly, it is because Darkane does not stay in a box, and just cuts across different lines.
They even manage to surprise with the unexpected “Hate Repentance State,” not a full-on thrash attack, but the opposite, a mellow, melodic ditty that seems to appear out of the blue. Recommended for followers of bands that are concerned with good songs, and not so much the name of the genre. “Thrashing, melodic growl metal”?
I tell you what. Very recently, I have heard two strong albums by two veteran Swedish bands that play that ear-friendly metal: The Resistance and Amon Amarth. Those two bands I have told you about in this zine recently because I just heard them.
OK, let’s change that to three: add Darkane’s album to that list, so far. I think it’s pretty darn good! Here’s an interesting fact for the Darkane followers. Do you remember their debut 1999 album “Rusted Angel”? Or have you heard it? Lawrence Mackrory did vocals on that album and he disappeared from Darkane’s history as “that guy” from the first album.
“That guy,” surprise, surprise is “Larry Lethal” from silly thrashers Freddy Krueger’s Ünderwear (FKÜ) and now is back in Darkane.
Such is the cycle of life.

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