Sunday, June 28, 2015


Wombbath (Sweden): Downfall Rising (Dark Descent Records)
According to Metal Archives, death metallers Wombbath formed in 1990 and did several recordings, eventually turning into death ‘n’ roll in 1994 and calling it quits around this time. Now, after a break of few years (some 20 years), the band’s only member Håkan Stuvemark from the old days, returns with a new cast to resurrect the "old Swedish death metal.” Skilled with a thick-as-a-brick superheavy guitar tone and deep, gruff vocals and a batch of old-style songs, Wombbath strikes while the iron is hot. The album, while heavy throughout, shows quite a few moods, blasting speeds, headbanging midtempos, slower moments and some dark melodies. The band has positioned itself to take advantage of their return to action with a strong album in the style of old-sound death metal that brought so much attention to bands from Sweden in the early 90s. Wombbath has done its best on this album to give you a taste of death metal as they understand it, and has delivered a representation that sets the foundation for the band to make a permanent return to the metal world.
Old Swedish death metal continues to resurrect. Those that want to hear the genuine article and are looking for the sounds of the classics, then put this one on your list. This album comes out in August 2015 and it is for the total fanatics of the sounds of the golden age done for the present.
WOMBBATH "Underneath The Rotten Soil"

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