Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Venom (U.K.): From the Very Depths (Spinefarm Records)
“From the Very Depths” is Venom's fourteenth studio album.
When we heard Venom had a new album it brightened our day with anticipation. Needless to say we enjoy the hell out this release, it’s a good one.
First, a word from our "fugly guy" : If you’re still waiting for the old Venom sound & line-up move along. Those days are gone and if you can’t move pass that, then go fly a kite and quit your bitching! Yes, we know you are a true, elite metalhead.
We're back, as we were saying this album delivers. The production is top notch, the speed and heaviness is there. Cronos still sounds good. Their sound is a bit more progressive with blaring guitar solos coming in and out like a drone dropping bombs on a locked target.
Some would dismiss this as not being a Venom trait. You would be right. If you play long enough you will actually become pretty good at your craft. Yes, Rage (guitars) is showing off his skills and some will hate that. Cronos bass sounds filthy and Dante’s thundering drums sound great. We like this trait better than sounding old and lame. It's 2015, people, let’s move forward; the 80s are long gone and in the rear view mirror fading fast.
Tracks that stand out: From the Very Depths, Smoke, Long Haired Punks, Evil Law, Grinding Teeth, Wings of Valkyrie.
Truth be told we like it all. Support Venom.
Venom - Long Haired Punks
Venom - Grinding Teeth
Venom - Smoke (Lyric Video)
review by Jojo from www.fuglymaniacs.com

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