Saturday, June 20, 2015


Carbonized (Sweden): For the Security (Vic Records)
This is a reissue of the 1991 Sunlight Studio/Tomas Skogsberg-produced album by Carbonized, which involved Therion boss Christofer Johnsson and bassist Lars Rosenberg, known for his time in Entombed. Carbonized had a reputation for being rather weird, wacky extreme metal, but that's later in the 90s, this is 1991, so in grind and death metal the really jazzy/looney sounds have not happened yet in a big way. In 2015 this album sounds rather normal as extreme metal, perhaps more direct and simpler than the dominant Entombed-like sound associated with growling metal from Sunlight Studio at the time. Christofer's vocals are deep/gruff growling (like early Therion, of course), while the guitar is chugging/groove-ish, so that this is not really death metal, but more punk-ish in that sense. Check out Carbonized if you have an encyclopedic love of old Swedish bands or of Christofer Johnsson-related music.
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