Monday, June 29, 2015


Mystifier (Brazil): Göetia (Greyhaze Records)
Mystifier (founded in 1989, and active today) is a cult legendary name in international underground extreme metal and represents the Brazilian tradition of bestial black metal of the obscurantist ritualistic forms. This album is considered an excellent, classic work of black metal by many underground fanatics. Greyhaze Records is reissuing this 1993 album, the band's second one, which followed the 1992 album "Wicca," also reissued by Greyhaze. Given that this is a cult classic, I will get to the point right quick. Mystifier's sound is based on old, first-wave barbaric and evil black metal. The band plays that black metal that is all-encompassing: the music has an primitive, dark, horror atmosphere, and within that landscape the bands blasts brutally, does horror metal, invokes Lovecraftian vibes, brings mid tempo rhythms and the slow heaviness of doom, and it's all Mystifier occult black metal. This band is capable of anything on this album; they do it all in their amalgam of kingly majestic darkness. The atmosphere on this album is tremendous and the songs show Mystifier as masters of the realm of the original black metal. If you like underground extreme occult metal, this is a major gateway to Mystifier.
Mystifier - Beelzebuth
the old days

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