Monday, June 22, 2015


Bone Gnawer: Cannibal Crematorium (Pulverised Records)
Bone Gnawer is old-school 80s-type horror-movie/sick-humor death metal that features the growls of Kam Lee, known for his time in Mantas/Death and Massacre. Bone Gnawer is all about keeping the death metal simple: downtuned chugging/grooves, roaring growling, and rocking out. The music is meant to be fun, perfect for summertime metal barbecue parties or just hanging out and chilling. Kam Lee and friends stick to what is true for them: straightforward, primitive death metal, the kind that the Pantera and Slayer public might like if they gave it a chance because it is direct, to-the-point metal music, with a rock and roll mentality. Keep it heavy and make it simple, and give the listener some grooves. It’s hot-dogs-and-beer summer death metal.

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