Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Ancillotti (Italy): The Chain Goes on (Pure Steel Records)
by MMB
Ancillotti is a legendary name when we are talking about heavy metal in Italy. The singer, Daniele “Bud” Ancillotti is the vocalist for the highly-regarded heavy metal band Strana Officina, whose origins date back to 1977. Since 1982 Bud Ancillotti is the voice of Strana Officina.
Now, Ancillotti is another band in which Bud sings, a band with his brother Bid (bass) and Bud’s son Brian (drums). The guitar is taken care of by Luciano Toscani.
Therefore, when you consider the people that are involved in this music, you know that the music will be a monument to heavy metal, and it sounds like it was crafted by experts of heavy metal. What this means is that the music aims to please. The uptempo bangers and the midpace rockers, the sing-along choruses, the air guitar moments, the shred segments, it’s all here.
Ancillotti, to me, will please people into U.D.O./Accept because the singing style used by Bud is a rough, tough rocking singing that oozes rocking metal all the way. By the way, for those people that also like 70s and 80s AC/DC, maybe the album “Back in Black” and that whole vibe in the guitars and the singing of that album, you will like the spirit of Ancillotti because this music a bit like a more “metal version of AC/DC.”
Bud is one of the most distinguishing marks about this traditional heavy metal. Mr. Ancillotti has a voice that is rough around the edges, he’s so good at what he does that he twists and turns the vocal chords for a sound all of his own. Mr. Ancillotti does this semi-growl, but it’s not like death metal, it’s melodic, a gritty rock and roll growl. Then, he also does melodic singing, and changes the tone of his voice. It’s all very U.D.O.-Saxon-AC/DC in spirit, and it’s very appealing, and pleasing to the ear, if you like those singing styles.
In addition, of course, the band knows very well how to make an album that will be fun and headbanging. Anyway, as you can probably tell, Ancillotti is about heavy metal songs for rocking out, the band seeks to write metal songs that will hit the target and that please the listener into this style of metal. I can’t imagine that if you like Saxon, U.D.O./Accept, AC/DC, that you would not enjoy this music by this very recognizable and known name in the history of heavy metal in Italy. For those about to headbang, Ancillotti salutes you with heavy metal. This band knows how to rock. Come and get it.
Ancillotti - Warrior
Ancillotti - I Don't Wanna Know

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