Friday, June 12, 2015


SoulHealer (Finland): Bear the Cross (Pure Legend Records)
This album happens to be one that has been getting many repeated listens, for many good reasons. SoulHealer is a band that is very good at melodic metal; they write songs that sound like hits; they have a sound that will appeal to people into rocking music with memorable chorus and catchy hooks. Plus, it just sounds like the band has a lot of fun interpreting its version of traditional rocking melodic metal music. To me, if you like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Edguy, Saxon, U.D.O., Doro, and you enjoy those bands that emphasize big-time choruses that seek to get the listener’s attention with one listen, SoulHealer is made for you.
The first thing that I noticed about SoulHealer was the good singing. The singing is very, very appealing because it is that style that walks perfectly the line between natural talent and acrobatics; the singing is melodic, pleasing to the ear, and I find no possible problems that could turn some people off, like, with some bands, such as high screams, nasal singing, weird voice traits or unusual quirks. In fact, if rock radio played SoulHealer, I suspect that many non-metal listeners into rock in general would absolutely love the music because even though SoulHealer is a metal band, the music is also big rock, anthem rock and sing-along hard rock, and the Van Halen or Journey crowds would understand the spirit of SoulHealer, which is traditional to the bone. This is music played by adults, not insecure/unscrupulous people trying to get your attention with funny haircuts, masks or jumpsuits. These guys are probably parents and could be teachers, social workers, mechanics, so on and so forth. This is music for men and women, and of course, young people, but it exudes confidence and the love of traditional metal and rock. It is “parent metal” or “middle-age metal.” Call it whatever, it is just SoulHealer.
The main concern for SoulHealer is the quality of the music, and the quality is very good, like I have been telling you. Things like, “Is this fast enough? Is this heavy enough? Will it sound like ‘modern metal’? Would be it ‘cool’?” and those silly questions are irrelevant here. Of course, I think it is very cool, but I know that here in the U.S. the metal media doesn’t give this form of metal much attention because, well, it’s the U.S., and chug-rock is considered “metal” and thug-core is considered “metal.”
However, in the U.S. there are people who appreciate this music. We just have to get it to them. If you find that you really enjoy metal that has singing, and metal that concentrates on writing songs that you can remember for days and days, you cannot go wrong with SoulHealer. Give this band a listen. You will know immediately if this is for you because there is no mystery here: SoulHealer is melodic metal and the name of the game is quality and big-time songs.
Is it possible that SoulHealer will be your new favorite band? Can you imagine a band that writes hit and hit of melodic metal? Does the idea interest you?
I cannot recommend this album highly enough. I can’t stop talking about it, but I have to. Ok, it’s your turn now. Let’s see what you think!
SoulHealer - Dead Man Walking
SoulHealer - The Journey Goes On (Official video)

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