Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Death metal band SULPHUR AEON has a new album in 2015 and it is out now. This is their second album of what some are calling Lovecraftian death metal or Cthulhu Mythos death metal. Death metal aficionados are liking a lot what they hear from this band.
Have you heard it yet? Check it out below.
SULPHUR AEON (Germany): Gateway To The Antisphere (Ván Records / Imperium Productions)
SULPHUR AEON's demo Sulphur Psalms, was released in August 2010, followed by the Deep Deep Down They Sleep 7”, released in May of 2012. The band’s debut album, Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide, was released in December 2012 through Imperium Productions.
This is the new one:
1. ... to Drown This World
2. Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos
3. Titans
4. Calls from Below
5. Abysshex
6. Diluvial Ascension - Gateway to the Antisphere
7. He Is the Gate
8. Seventy Steps
9. Onwards... Towards Kadath!
10. Into the Courts of Azathoth
11. Conclusion ...
Sulphur Aeon - "Diluvial Ascension - Gateway To The Antisphere"
Sulphur Aeon - diluvial ascension: gateway to the antisphere (drum recor...

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