Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Entrails (Sweden): Obliteration (Metal Blade Records)
Entrails transports old 1989-1991 Stockholm/Sunlight Studio/Tomas Skogsberg death metal from the past to 2015 in a big way. The question: Do you want, do you really want to hear a band that takes the ball (of the early Entombed sound) and runs away with it for a touchdown? It all depends on you, if you cannot get enough of that sound, then you should look into Entrails and either reminisce or discover what people mean by “Swedish death metal” because this is it, this is exactly what the term means in 2015. Of course, if you have Entombed and Dismember and all those bands in your collection, and you want more of it in 2015, this is your invitation. The past is alive.
Entrails "Beyond the Flesh" (OFFICIAL)

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