Saturday, June 20, 2015


Vulcano (Brazil): Bloody Vengeance (Greyhaze Records)
Greyhaze Records is reissuing a 1986 classic of extreme metal from Brazil. If you do not have this album, I will quickly tell you a few reasons why the album seems to be universally loved. First, the album sounds primal, like a mix of thrash, death and black metal all in one and the songs have a great energy to them. Second, the viciousness of the album no doubt has had a great, lasting effect on metalheads in South America and beyond. Third, this album is part of the early period of extreme metal in Brazil and has a charm that is undeniable. Fourth, the songs are actually memorable; it is not just fast and loud, which it is, of course. Fifth, whether this album is a masterpiece or not is for you to decide, but there is no question that this is a very good album, regardless. Sixth, this is a personal reason: I listen to this album regularly. It is the type of album that I heard one time and I knew that I would be coming back for more. I could list more reasons, but just understand that this is Vulcano in 1986 rocking out as hard as they could and they succeeded big, big time. This is a wonderful album any way you look it. If you love extreme metal, and you have never given Vulcano a chance, I tell you, you should do it and see if you feel the fire and brimstone raging in these songs.
Go here to listen to the album right now.
Vulcano is still an active band. Check it out.

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