Tuesday, June 23, 2015


by MMB
Elvenstorm (France): Soulreaper (Infernö Records)
Elvenstorm is one of the most exciting power metal bands right now, in my opinion. Their previous album, "Blood Leads to Glory," received a very positive review from me because I thought that the album has everything going for it. I also did an interview with Elvenstorm to find out more. Elvenstorm has a great admiration for classic Running Wild and early Helloween, and Elvenstorm proudly plays "Teutonic heavy metal," as they call it: fast, speed-metal heavy metal with hooks and melodies with traditional, melodic metal singing. It is fast, it is very memorable, with a lot of talent, and tightly executed. Now, the band has a new four-song EP (two new ones; two covers), which is a great way to remind us that they are working, and work this EP does. The band sounds as vibrant as ever, as exciting as always. The new songs keep the "Teutonic metal" flag flying high, and it is such a wonderful thing to hear a young band continue the mighty tradition of “Teutonic metal.” The two new songs rock big time! The third song “Tyrants” is a cover from German power/heavy deities Heavens Gate’s 1989 album “In Control.” [Always remember “Livin’ in Hysteria” from 1991, too!]. The fourth song is “Black Magic” (with a bit of “Hell Awaits” at the end) by Slayer. (Nice choice, too, the heavy/speed/thrash/black/NWOBHM-style metal Slayer of 1983-1985, before the dumbing-down/narrowing/commercialism took place in 1986 and after).
In short, get ready for more Elvenstorm because they are back!
This is a bit of the new music:
Metal Bulletin Zine interview with Elvenstorm www.metalbulletin.blogspot.com/2014/11/interview-with-elvenstorm-traditional.html

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