Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Gruesome (U.S.): Savage Land (Relapse Records)
Many people already know that Matt Harvey from death metallers Exhumed loves Carcass, but now we are learning that he loves Death’s album “Leprosy” (1988) a lot, too. Matt and other old timers got together to pay tribute to Death by making an album that is meant to be a sibling album to “Leprosy.” In a parallel universe separated by decades apart, Gruesome beams up those unique vocals by Chuck Schuldiner and those riffs into 2015. Of course, these senior citizens in 2015 know how to make the songs sound like 1988 Death. Do you, the listener, want late 80s Death-like metal or not? If you do, if you really do, then this is a very good clone transported from the 80s to 2015. The old kids have gone back in time to the music that turned them on to death metal, and have shown that they have learned well from the teachers.
Gruesome - 02 - Trapped in Hell (+lyrics)

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