Tuesday, June 30, 2015


by MMB
Sacral Rage (Greece): Illusions in Infinite Void (Cruz del Sur Music)
Sacral Rage is a rare bird of traditional heavy metal with high-scream singing of the technical-progressive type, the kind that legendary names like Watchtower exemplified in the 80s. These Greeks bring to the table intelligence, highly skilled musicianship and an outstanding work ethic. Sacral Rage swims against the stream and their music speaks to their will to stand up for the metal that they defend in the face of low standards and low intelligence. Some people think that a band like Sacral Rage is elitist, but I think that if you ask this band if they are elitists, they perhaps would reject that notion because when you work this hard on making an album, you want everyone to listen to it, but it is good to realize that Sacral Rage music requires that the modern listener adjust her or his expectations somewhat. The singer is not ashamed to do high screams that go as high as possible, very much in the style of the “air raid siren.” The drummer puts on a veritable clinic on this album. As expected, even the bass is clear and you can hear it very well. The guitars bring everything that this style needs: riffs, solos and shredding that impress. Are the songs catchy?! Again, let's tell the truth: this is not something that you can understand fully with one listen. I did not. It takes time. They are excellent musicians that have worked hard to create something unique. If you would like to hear heavy metal with high IQ and high vocals, virtuoso playing in a somewhat thrashy context, then put Sacral Rage on your must-hear list. Recommended for those that long for the classic sounds of Realm, Helstar, Toxik, and of course, Watchtower. Prepare your ears for high screams.
Sacral Rage - Waltz in Madness

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