Monday, June 29, 2015


Kingcrow (Italy): Eidos (Sensory Records)
Melodic progsters Kingcrow began in 1996. The band’s 2013 “In Crescendo” album was interesting because they sounded in tune with the idea that most listeners want songs. Most of us are not musicians and we listen to music to find something enjoyable. Kingcrow is rather radio- and ear-friendly; the music is not “in-your-face” loud and I imagine that this band does not care about genres. “Light prog metal,” anyone? Anyway, lots of people like this new album and you will find no shortage of accolades for Kingcrow. If anything, I will just my add my two cents here about why the band sounds so ear-friendly. It could be that the singing is pleasant, melodic, tuneful and not too extreme, not too loud, not obnoxious, not weird. The music “sounds” proggy, but “simple,” if that makes sense; I connect with the songs quickly. It could be that Kingcrow values emotion in the music, in the way that a band like Evergrey does (Evergrey is heavier, more soulful; Kingcrow writes bigger, more immediate hits that could be big with lots of non-metal and non-prog people). I recommend Kingcrow to listeners who are confident, those that don’t care about the genre and don’t get into big arguments with their friends about “true prog” and all those things. If you are able to relax and just listen, then give Kingcrow a chance. This is their new album, their sixth one.
Kingcrow - The Moth [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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